The Lesser of Two Evils, and the General Reactionization of the Bourgeois Democratic State

By the Editorial Board

“I am voting for the lesser of two evils.”

We have all heard it. Many have even considered it to be a rational and responsible decision, suspending their disbelief and convincing themselves, in spite of their well-intended opposition, that they must now endorse evil. Should we base our political decisions on who is less evil? To tactically keep endorsing evil keeps our world on an evil trajectory, so no, we should stop endorsing evil, and fight for something good.

Imperialism, after all, understands the necessity of those who will keep endorsing their evil (as long as there appears to be two evils, even if it is but one) to legitimize themselves. The problem is even finding a lesser evil, when on some topics that which is presented as lesser, is in fact more.

Capitalism, having existed in the US for a very long time, and having outlived all of its usefulness, is not capable of producing anything or anybody else to vote for besides evil. It is time to refuse to endorse evil. Endorse good—refuse to vote, stand up and speak out for the end of capitalism. They only give you evil, a bullet in the heart or a noose around the neck—this is no choice at all! The choices in the presidential elections in 2020 are: the billionaire imperialist racist who believes Mexican and Central Americans are all rapists and criminals, or the millionaire imperialist racist who believes Black Americans are “predators.” Both of them insist that they will not even go so far as to “defund” the police and they promise you more “law and order.”

Let us translate this evil; it means they promise more Trayvon Martins, Tamir Rices, Eric Garners, Breonna Taylors, Sandra Blands, Mike Browns, Larry Jacksons, Elijah McClains, George Floyds, Mike Ramoses… we would go on but the number of names to list grows rapidly and no matter how lesser of the “two” evils, it just keeps growing. Mothers keep crying, the people keep suffering, and, most importantly, cities will keep burning.

The imperialist ruling class shows its true face in the 2020 electoral farce, aka US ‘democracy,’ by running two decrepit racists, both on a ‘law and order’ ticket, during the largest and most aggressive anti-police movement in decades. This says everything about what they think of the people’s right to choose.

“Every 4 years the ruling class chooses, No matter who wins the working class loses”

Capitalism once stood for democracy, it raised its muskets and knives and cannons against the old monarchist and feudal order. The bourgeoisie, then a middle class, wanted the ability to be rich regardless of their bloodlines and last names, and they also wanted a proletariat to exploit, and the old agricultural model was outdated anyway. The discoveries of the Americas gave special impulse to the bourgeoisie of Europe and helped them consolidate their gains against the kings and queens and dukes of old Europe. They were a sort of lesser of two evils, only they brought about real change to the world and conquered democracy. Between Trump and Biden there is no such distinction—neither represents real democracy, and neither will bring real change (positive change) to the world. Capitalism now rushes to the grave—it has nothing to offer the people.

While the democracy of the early capitalists hardly meant that the exploited and oppressed had a say in ending their exploitation and oppression, it was an affront to the old order, the old stale religious barbarism of serfdom, stagnating industry and total lack of choices. The capitalist class illuminated the world. Their method of production required improvements in education, promoted literacy, etc. all in order to make men, women and children better at working on machines, and skilled in using things like steam and electricity. At the same time, the old progressive democracy met its limits rather fast, and became backward. When the capitalists waged bloody revolution against feudalism, they were still, and always have been, a minority—the majority were those whom they meant to exploit. With their emergence, they produced a greater quality and quantity than the old order could dream of, and most of all, they produced their own grave diggers, the modern proletariat. Wage laborers, whose economic position is more or less hereditary, have nothing to sell but their ability to work—they must sell it or starve.

The near immediate degeneration of the capitalists meant their democratic progress had also turned into a mechanism of exploitation and oppression. They allow workers to legitimize them with votes, but no matter what, the capitalist candidate is sure to win—in other words, their offer of the options is a hedged bet. The electoral farce has become a media entertainment sports program, it makes money and gains viewers, most of whom already see through voting anyway. It also serves the most important purpose of all—making people think things can change through voting, and making them think revolution is impossible. They only do this because they know that revolution is possible, and long overdue.

Capitalism in the US ran out of land, and made so much money that it began exporting money, fighting in world wars for the re-division of the world among the capitalists, and it came out on top, as the world’s most brutal cops. The world’s richest plunderers and the world’s greatest misery—this is the alleged ‘beacon of democracy,’ and there is no greater evil than the US, whatever its candidates. Imperialism itself, and especially US imperialism is rotten to its very core. It is entering the deepest crisis yet, with the crisis of overproduction gripping the world, and made even worse by the coronavirus pandemic, everything has gotten unbelievably more evil, not less.

The standard keeps moving to the right. We have Democrats to the right of Reagan (like Obama, who was great at two things, ginning people up and bombing third world countries) and Republicans who shamelessly paraphrase Mussolini (like Trump, whose talents are swindling the people to think he is against the establishment that he is really the perfect embodiment of). We get more varieties of these, but they each keep getting more evil every year—there are still those who think they are somehow “reducing harm,” when voting itself is harmful to the people of the world, especially the most poor and oppressed among them.

Thankfully, the US has the lowest voter participation of any industrially developed country. Thankfully, most of us here in the belly of the beast see through voting as pointless, or detrimental because it validates what is unconscionable and invalid. More importantly, and increasingly, revolutionaries have taken up the call to transform voter abstinence into active political boycotts, a means they use to educate others, to make it clear that there is but one path out of this nightmare of capitalism and the mutated reactionary bourgeois democracy—armed struggle for socialist revolution. Going steadily backwards is no longer an option. It is time to break away from the tormentors and move forward in stride.

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