Solidarity Across US, Multiple Countries for Brazilian Peasants Struggle

This article has been updated with recent solidarity actions from Ecuador, Austria, Ireland, Canada, and Galicia.

By David Martinez

In response to the Brazilian state’s continuing attacks on the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) and Camp Tiago dos Santos in Rondônia, revolutionaries and supporters across multiple countries mobilized to carry out acts of solidarity to denounce the crimes against Brazilian peasants fighting for land to live and work on. In the US, Tribune of the People Support Committees led or took part in actions that were held all across the country.



On Sunday, the Tribune Support Committee (SC) in Oxnard led a solidarity effort in which various groups came together to perform teatro (street theater), telling the story of the Brazilian government’s siege and displacement of 600 Peasant families from Camp Tiago dos Santos.

Activists from Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group, and Revolutionary Student News joined the Tribune SC outside a local shopping center, while supporters distributed articles outlining the ongoing peasant struggle and their history of land seizures.

Later that afternoon, banners were held outside of City Hall, as an SC member gave a speech showing solidarity and calling for the broader working class of the United States to stand with the LCP, and against Bolsonaro’s violent attacks.

“We must not allow this to go unheard. We have to scream from the streets to the mountains and all the way to the rain forest about the League of Poor Peasants and their fight.”

Both the speech and the performance drew comparisons between the peasants of Brazil and the large farm worker population in Oxnard.

An actor planted in the audience appeared in the middle of the performance to join the peasants fight, proclaiming, “I am from Oxnard, California and have never heard of the Brazilian peasants’ struggle before, but I know we are in the same fight against the rich people who control the world. Together we will get rid of the decaying old society of capitalism and build a new economic structure, where those who work the land are not exploited by the landlord for their labor!”


On Tuesday evening, the Committee to Support the People’s Struggle in Brazil (CSPSB) issued a call to gather at the Texas state capitol in solidarity with the peasant camps in Rondônia. In attendance was the Tribune SC, and members of organizations such as Popular Women’s Movement, and the United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM), a housing struggle organization who carried a banner that read “UNDM stands with the peasants of Camp Tiago dos Santos! Down with the Criminalization of the Struggle for Land!”

Speeches were delivered in front the capitol building and afterwards the crowd marched down Congress Ave., chanting “Texas to Rondônia! The fight, the fight, it rages on!”

A Tribune SC member told the crowd to follow the news coming out of Brazil via translations and articles from Tribune’s website, and spoke of the attacks on A Nova Democracia’s headquarters in the summer. A construction worker who the SC distributed articles to following the action commented, “This is the kind of news I have been looking to read.”

On Thursday morning, Popular Women’s Movement issued a video statement in solidarity with the Camp Tiago dos Santos, stating, “As revolutionary women in an imperialist center, we too are forging ourselves in the class struggle. We are inspired by the peasants’ courage in the face of extreme cruelty and are determined to carry on our fight against our common enemy, US imperialism.”

Elsewhere in the city, a piece of street art was seen in solidarity with Camp Tiago dos Santos.


On Tuesday evening, the Charlotte Tribune SC gave a speech in front of the Spectrum Center, on the brave struggle waged by the Brazilian peasants of Tiago dos Santos camp.  Attendees agitated and distributed articles to people in front of Spectrum Center and the nearby Charlotte Transit Center. Many of the working class people present expressed solidarity with the Brazilian peasants and the violence they face from military police.

Later, a solidarity banner was seen hanging from a road overpass.


The Tribune SC delivered a statement in support of the Brazilian Peasants and created a banner that read, “Long live Camp Tiago dos Santos! Hands off the Brazilian Peasants!”


On Thursday evening, the Tribune SC in Philadelphia held a solidarity agitation in a working class neighborhood. The members held a banner reading, “Long Live Camp Tiago dos Santos! Hands Off the Brazilian Peasants!” distributed literature about the peasant struggle, and gave a speech explaining the peasants’ struggle and connecting it to the fight for Black lives, which was met with police reaction in the same neighborhood where the demonstration was held. The speech ended with a call to show true solidarity to the movement in Brazil by organizing for a revolution against the US imperialist state.


In Wheeling, West Virginia, the Tribune SC agitated with a banner in support of the LCP.


Flyers were posted up around the city in support of the League of Poor Peasants and Camp Tiago dos Santos.

St. Louis

The St. Louis Tribune SC agitated with a banner reading, “Justice for the Brazilian Peasants of the Tiago dos Santos Camp/Land for those who live and work in it!” and distributed articles to workers at bus stops.

Los Angeles

Members of the Los Angeles Tribune SC went to the front of the Brazilian consulate located in Beverly Hills and delivered a speech while holding a banner reading, “Viva La Liga de Campesinos Pobres de Brasil!” The SC also distributed articles on the peasants’ struggle.

In a video statement, the speaker pointed out the Brazilian military police dropping bullet shells on the camp was the same tactic employed by police in the US to create false justifications for murdering people.

“They’re dropping .38 caliber pistol cartridges on the peasants and justifying a massacre. We know this is a sham, we know this is fake all in the way to justify the violence against the peasants. We know here in Los Angeles that the police roam around with fake guns, knives and dime-bags to drop them on dead bodies to justify their brutality. Same here in the US, same in Brazil!”


The Houston Tribune SC made a banner in support of the League of Poor Peasants and distributed articles at a local park. Many of the young parkgoers identified with the struggle, and joined the SC for a solidarity photo.

Kansas City

Graffiti reading, “Long Live Camp Tiago dos Santos!” was seen.


The Wichita Tribune SC agitated at a street corner holding a sign reading, “Support peasants against massacre in Brazil!” and distributed news articles on the situation.


In the midst of the struggle to conquer land, the Committee of Poor Peasants of Imbabura held an action in solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants in Brazil and Camp Tiago dos Santos. A statement posted to the website of the Defense Front of the People’s Struggle reads:

“The conquest of the land has only one way: the fight; and this purpose is only possible if at the forefront of that necessary struggle there is the correct ideological leadership: the proletariat, who armed with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Gonzalo Thought, determine that every inch of land be recovered from the large landowners and the Old State; May every effort and drop of blood shed be at the service of the agrarian revolution, the New Democratic revolution, and the conquest of Power.”


Activists in Austria carried out a series of solidarity actions with the LCP throughout the month of September in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Corumbiara and the historic seizure of the last piece of the former Santa Elina farm.


The Revolutionary Student Movement  in Toronto organized an action in solidarity with the LCP and Camp Tiago dos Santos. Speeches were given by RSM as well as the Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization highlighting the criminal, anti-people actions of the Old Brazilian State as well as connecting it to the peasant struggle in the Philippines. Organizers carried a banner with the insignia of the LCP reading, “Long live the League of Poor Peasants! Reclaim the land!”


Activists from Anti Imperialist Action held an action in solidarity with the LCP in Brazil and Camp Tiago dos Santos in front of the Brazilian Embassy in Dublin. They carried banners reading, “Conquer the Land, Solidarity from Ireland,” and, “Long Live the LCP.”


In Bremen, activists held an educational event on the LCP and the repression of Camp Tiago dos Santos. The presentation reported on the current situation of the Brazilian struggle for land and included the video that the LCP published after they were locked up by the military police.


Activists in Galicia, Spanish state, documented a banner drop in solidarity with the LCP and Camp Tiago dos Santos reading, “The Brazilian State Represses the People, Galician Solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants.”


Organizers with Jeunes Revolutionaires (Revolutionary Youth) gathered in front of the Brazilian Consulate in Lyon, issuing a statement that read, “We will always stand side by side with the revolutionaries, against the reactionaries of every color! Fight against the demonization and criminalization of the struggle for the country! Long live the LCP! Brazil is at the dawn of a great revolution! Long live proletarian internationalism!”


El Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo (Current of the People Red Sun) wrote of solidarity actions carried out by democratic organizations for the Brazilian peasants that took place in Mexico, writing, “The solidarity has been given in multiple forms, including the submission of a diplomatic letter to the Brazilian embassy in Mexico City in which they demand the immediate cessation of hostilities towards the League of Poor Peasants and the rural families of Camp Tiago dos Santos.”

The Movimiento Femenino Popular (Popular Women’s Movement) of Mexico issued a video statement in support of the camp, in particular with the women and children facing the state’s repression.

“The Popular Women’s Movement stands in solidarity with the women, mothers and children of the Tiago dos Santos camp in Mutum-Paraná, district of Porto Velho…From Mexico, the Popular Women’s Movement demands the withdrawal of the military police from the camp, and we say to the Brazilian women and children in resistance, your struggle is our struggle!”

Students from Moviemiento Estudiantil Popular also issued solidarity, creating a banner that read, “From Mexico to Brazil, Long Live the Struggle for Land! Solidarity with Camp Tiago dos Santos.”


Professors and students of the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) in the state of Minas Gerais, organized by Coletivo Engaja, held an action in the main square of the city in defense of Camp Tiago dos Santos and the LCP.

Numerous other democratic and revolutionary organizations have issued statements in support of the peasants and denouncing the Brazilian state, the fascist president Jair Bolsonaro and the latifundium.

Tribune will continue to closely follow developments in the peasants’ struggle and calls for continued acts of solidarity with the peasants’ camps and the struggle of the Brazilian people against the latifundium, the old, decrepit Brazilian state, and US imperialism.





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