Translation: Conversations with Comrade Laura in the Bases of the Vizcatan Mountains

By Ed Dalton

Tjen Folket Media of Norway has released a detailed summary of the important interview conducted with Comrade Laura of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP). With respect to their work producing this summary, we have produced the following unofficial translation of the full interview originally only available in Spanish. Tribune of the People issues our special thanks to the comrades of Tjen Folket Media who have inspired us to take action on translating this article into English.

The interview with Comrade Laura is a remarkable example of the strength and fortitude of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, which is displayed poetically and with great mastery. The interview is invaluable to the contemporary Maoist movement across the world. It debunks several reactionary myths and deceptions about the ongoing People’s War in Peru. She tackles such subjects as the war’s continuation, refuting the myth promoted by the old Peruvian state, the CIA, and revisionism, which all claim that the People’s War has ended. She expressed revolutionary clarity when speaking about the Party’s actions in Lucanamarca, reiterating, defending, and upholding the line taken by Chairman Gonzalo in the interview of the century which was published in 1988. She lays to waste the falsehoods of the enemies of the people, revisionism, imperialism, and reaction—all of whom agree on the topic. With the utmost professionalism she exposes the plot of Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinos to fabricate peace letters with concrete proof, and she exposes the role of the Right Opportunist Line (ROL) of MOVADEF and others in their revisionist and capitulationist attempts to promote “peace accords” and “political solutions.” Of great importance to all Maoists is Comrade Laura’s staunch defense of the revolutionaries in China, whom reactionaries call the “gang of four” to delegitimatize them as Mao’s most ardent defenders. The comrade expresses the correct significance of the four great revolutionaries Jiang Qing, Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan, and Wang Hongwen, as fighters for Mao’s line.

There is a poverty of information about the People’s War in Peru in the US, and much of what exists are distortions and lies. In this interview, we hear from a lifelong combatant in the People’s War where the armed struggle continues, and the revolutionary line of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought is still in command. This interview is a luminous beacon for all genuine Communists the world over. It is a valuable weapon in the service of defending, upholding, and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism against all traitors and enemies, mainly revisionism, imperialism, and reaction.

It is with great humility, solidarity and the utmost honor and dedication to Chairman Gonzalo that we translate the interview with Comrade Laura, who displays all the best qualities of one of his finest students. We stress the importance of this remarkable interview, and encourage all our supporters and readers to really study it, to defend its contents everywhere and spread its message to their comrades far and wide. Attacks against the PCP and its Chairman Gonzalo are relentless, because the old world will do anything it can to destroy the new. We uphold this article as a sword which must be taken up in the hands of all revolutionaries, and brandished to decapitate the ROL once and for all. With it, a great blow is delivered to all of those who peddle lies generated by the CIA, in the service of US imperialism against the PCP.

We have taken the liberty to restructure the interview for readability attributing its sections to the interviewers MPP (RC) and C. Laura. We have left notes where photos of the comrades have been redacted, and include all public photos as further proof of the great validity of these inspiring and undefeated comrades.

We will now let the guerrilla speak for herself!


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