Week in Struggle: October 9-15


Graffiti was documented reading, “Defend Austin’s Targeted Three!” and “Garrett Foster Lives on in the Struggle!” on the bridge over the Arapuim River that connects the municipalities of São João da Ponte and Varzelândia in the state of Minas Gerais.

Additionally, graffiti was seen on the bridge over the São Francisco River in solidarity with political prisoners in India reading, “Freedom for the Political Prisoners of India!” and “Freedom for Varavara Rao and GN Saibaba!”

Graffiti signed by the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement was seen in Porto Velho, Rondônia reading, “Down with the Precariousness and Privatization of Education! Against Distance Learning and Remote Education!”


The Defense Front of the People’s Struggle released a statement commemorating the one-year anniversary of the popular rebellion in response to the government’s attempt to end fuel subsidies as well as other austerity measures. They contrast “Red October,” the combative demonstrations that saw a massive general strike, fights with police in the streets, and the blockade of major roads and highways that paralyzed the country’s economy, with “Pink October,” the opportunist leadership of various trade union, indigenous, and peasant organizations that tried to steer the popular rebellion into participation in elections.


The Popular Student Movement (MEP) held a solidarity action with the peasant struggle for land led by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) in Brazil with banners reading, “From Mexico to Brazil, Long Live the Fight for Land, Solidarity with the Tiago dos Santos Camp” and “Stop the Aggression Against the LCP!”

The Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) also released a video in solidarity with the peasants of Tiago dos Santos Camp, including the following speech:

“The Popular Women’s Movement stands in solidarity with the women, mothers and children of the Tiago dos Santos camp in Mutum-Paraná, district of Porto Velho, who have, since the night of Saturday, October 3, been besieged by the Brazilian military police, preventing the entry of supplies and food after the lies propagated by the press and the incitement of Bolsanaro blaming peasants for the murder of a policeman without evidence, in order to recover the lands taken by the League of Poor Peasants and return them to the large landowners (latifundio). Jair Bosonaro is a fascist president, enemy of the Brazilian people, and the people of the world. From Mexico, the Popular Women’s Movement demands the withdrawal of the military police from the camp, and we say to the Brazilian women and children in resistance, your struggle is our struggle!

Military police and police forces out of Mutum-Paraná!

Long live the fight for land!
Long live!

Long live the Tiago dos Santos camp!
Long live!

Proletarian feminism* destroys the patriarchy!”

*The comrades of MFP in Mexico use the term ‘proletarian feminism’ which Tribune of the People does not endorse philosophically since Marxism-Leninism-Maoism already answers the question of the women’s struggle without relying on such terminology. However, we are in general agreement with the rest of this video.

Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo also participated in a national day of action along with other popular organizations marking the 528th anniversary of the colonization of the Americas, known in the US as Columbus Day. Actions of Sol Rojo included calls for justice for their murdered comrade Luis Armando, as well as a stop to the aggression against the EZLN in Chiapas, and the re-nationalization of the energy sector.


Various youth organizations in Bogota mobilized against police repression and in support of thousands of indigenous people marching for land owned by one of Colombia’s largest media moguls, Carlos Ardila. Posters put up by the Student Movement in Service of the People (MESP) and the Rebellious and Popular Student Movement (MERyP) reading, “Against the Hunger and Repression, it is Right to Rebel.” Graffiti in solidarity with the popular uprisings in Ecuador and the United States was also documented.


Graffiti reading, “It is Right to Rebel!” along with a hammer and sickle was documented during a protest on October 9. The photo accompanied an editorial from revolutionary newspaper El Pueblo, entitled, “Discard constitutional illusions and prepare for a protracted fight.” The editorial condemns the Old State’s counterinsurgency tactic of proposing a ‘new constitution,’ instead calling on the people to take up “The Recabarren path” of revolutionary struggle for socialism. Read the full editorial here.


Graffiti was documented in Berlin in solidarity with the fallen comrades of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML), reading, “Our Party is the Party of People’s War! Long Live the TKP/ML! Özgür is Immortal! Asmin is Immortal!”

Revolutionary German news service Dem Volke Dienen published a video from the mobilization on October 3 in Hamburg against police repression.


The Young Revolutionaries (JR) held a solidarity action in front of the Brazilian Consulate in Lyon carrying a banner reading, “Long Live the LCP!”

JR also documented a camp held during the summer in which activists participated in training, sharing of experiences, and camaraderie, among other things.

Graffiti was also documented commemorating the anniversary of the police murder of Mohamed Benmouna in the suburbs of Saint-Étienne, reading, “Justice for Mohamed.”

In Strasbourg, revolutionary Turkish organization Partizan, along with other Turkish migrant organizations, held a demonstration for the four militants and fighters in the People’s War in Turkey recently killed and mutilated in Dersim. They protested under the slogan, “Preserve the Bodies! Stop the Liquidation!”

United States

Kansas City

Graffiti in solidarity with the fallen comrades of the People’s War in Turkey were documented, with the slogans “Honor and Glory to Comrades Özgür and Asmin!” as well as “Honor and Glory to Comrades Nubar and Rosa.”

Elsewhere in the city, graffiti reading, “People’s Justice for Deja,” was seen, referencing Deja Stallings, the pregnant Black woman whose violent arrest (including police kneeling on her back) sparked anti-police protests in the city.

Several displays of election boycott graffiti were also documented, with the slogans “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution!” and “Elections No! Revolution Yes!”


Graffiti in solidarity with Indian political prisoners GN Saibaba and Varavara Rao were seen in Austin, reading, “Free Saibaba! Free Varavara Rao!”

Election boycott graffiti was also documented, reading, “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution!” in both English and Spanish.

St. Louis

Election boycott graffiti was also spotted in St. Louis, reading, “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution!” along with a hammer and sickle.

Los Angeles

Graffiti reading, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” in support of the election boycott were also documented throughout Los Angeles.


Solidarity graffiti in support of the People’s War in India as well as Indian political prisoners was documented in Philadelphia, reading, “Support the People’s War in India,” “Free GN Saibaba,” and “Free Varavara Rao.”


Posters commemorating the recent deaths of the four militants of the TKP/ML (Özgür, Asmin, Nubar, and Rosa) were seen in Oxnard with the slogan “Glory to the Fallen!”


The Tribune Support Committee in Charlotte participated in a PSL solidarity action in defense of the Six Political Prisoners in Colorado, connecting the intense repression to Austin’s Targeted Three and the countless other examples of police brutality and trumped-up charges brought against protesters in the movement for Black lives.


Election boycott graffiti was also documented in Houston, reading, “Elections No! Revolution Yes! Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution.”


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