Austin: Tribune Support Committee Hosts Art Show for Targeted Three

By Dmitri Sans

Last weekend, the Tribune of the People Support Committee in Austin hosted its first art show as a fundraiser for the legal fees of the Targeted Three. A total of 30 artists donated their works to sell for the event, and over $3500 was received in donations. Tribune print issues were handed out in English and Spanish and Defend the Targeted 3 shirts were also sold.

The art show was heavily promoted in the weeks leading up to the event, and people came throughout the day to view and buy the artwork on display. Some of the featured works included colorful paintings on wood commemorating various revolutionary subjects such as the Communist Party of Peru, the League of Poor Peasants in Brazil, and Garrett Foster, the protester who died in July serving the people of Austin. There were also paintings on canvas, framed photograph prints, embroidery, pottery, jewelry, and other artwork, including a diorama depicting the island prison of El Fronton, one of the Peruvian prisons turned into a shining trench of combat by revolutionaries.

Speeches were given throughout the course of the show. A representative from the Support Committee addressed the crowd midway through and explained how the Targeted Three were the first protesters since the May Uprisings to be arrested under suspicion in which official police reports accused them of being members of “Antifa.”

“It’s a new red scare. We know that this government is trying to persecute people on the basis of rebellion,” the speaker said. “The more we stand up and unite, the better we are equipped to fight!”

A speaker from the legal and prisoner support organization Red Aid shared the organization’s demand to drop the charges for the over 14,000 protesters arrested since the police murder of George Floyd in May, with over 200 of those being from Austin.

“We demand that incoming District Attorney Jose Garza and incoming County Attorney Delia Garza drop the charges against all protesters in Austin when they assume office in January!” she said.

Tribune will be selling the remaining art pieces online to continue fundraising for the Targeted Three.


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