Los Angeles: ‘People’s Art Show’ Raises Funds For Protesters Facing Repression

by Serran Soledad

On Saturday, Serve The People (STP) Los Angeles hosted an art show in Lincoln Heights, to raise funds for protesters facing charges due to their participation in the fight for Black Lives. The event managed to raise $1400 for Black Unity LA and Jail Support LA, as well as Austin’s Targeted Three.

Slated as a ‘People’s Art Show,’ the event drew over 100 attendees throughout the day and also featured vendors, poetry, live musical performances, and a pig-shaped piñata. Organizers covered a nearby park fence with a dozen paintings done by community members and supporters.

Progressive and revolutionary art pieces were displayed, with some depicting anti-ICE or anti-police imagery. A large graffiti-styled piece depicted a political prisoner breaking through the bars of his cell with the words “La Rebelion Se Justifica!”

One artist vendor named Dulce Maria took to the mic to give thanks for being invited, and spoke on the importance of contributing to the fundraiser. She expressed the need for continued unity against US imperialism, citing it as the main enemy of oppressed people, including migrants who have been displaced from their homeland.

In the evening, sibling Blues-Rock duo ‘JB’ gave a soulful performance of original songs, attracting park-goers and skaters to join in on the event.

Cola Boyy, an Oxnard-based singer followed with a performance of politically charged, pro-people funk music that sparked a small dance party. Mid-performance, a child took the mic from the singer and screamed “fight the police!” over the music, garnering cheers from the audience.

Later in the evening as the event settled down, two activists shared their poetry which centered around drug-addiction, women’s oppression, and the lives lost in the fight against racist police violence.


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