Week in Struggle: October 16-22


In a statement from the spokesman of the Special Zonal Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) of Dandakaranya, Comrade Vikalp, the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) executed 25 police collaborators, including Party cadres, proven spies, and police informants in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Those executed included 17 secret agents and 8 police informants, who were planted among the guerrillas by police. They were tried by a People’s Court that revealed anti-people activities, including receiving money from the police, plotting to murder local officials, committing atrocities against women and children to undermine morale, looting villages, arresting innocent young people and forcing them to work for the police, and collaborating with police to plant mines that ultimately killed eight guerrillas of the PLGA.


Graffiti was documented in Aparecida de Goiânia, Goiás, signed by the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement reading, “For the right to teach, study, and learn! Postpone the ENEM now!” ENEM is a standardized test for high-schoolers across Brazil.


In the midst of the struggle to conquer land, the Committee of Poor Peasants of Imbabura held an action in solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants in Brazil and Camp Tiago dos Santos. A statement posted to the website of the Defense Front of the People’s Struggle reads:

“The conquest of the land has only one way: the fight; and this purpose is only possible if at the forefront of that necessary struggle there is the correct ideological leadership: the proletariat, who armed with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Gonzalo Thought, determine that every inch of land be recovered from the large landowners and the Old State; May every effort and drop of blood shed be at the service of the agrarian revolution, the New Democratic revolution, and the conquest of Power.”


Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo held a meeting with the residents and representatives of the Northern Zone of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in which the community denounced the unjustified increases in the price of electricity as well as the imperialist megaprojects in the region that are currently underway or planned for development. Attendees resolved to strengthen their resistance against these projects and continue to forge unity with other popular organizations in the region.


Two educational events were held in Bremen last week, one covering the peasant struggle led by the LCP in Brazil, as well as the state repression against Camp Tiago dos Santos. The other presentation was held on Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey (TIKKO) Dersim Regional Commander Özgür and fighter Asmin, both killed by the fascist Turkish state in the course of the ongoing People’s War in the country.


Tjen Folket Media shared a photo of a banner drop in Bergen reading, “Long Live CPI (Maoist),” accompanied by two hammer and sickles.

In the cities of Trondheim and Stavanger, posters reading, “Stop the Extradition of Liam Campbell,” were seen around the cities in solidarity with the Irish Republican facing extradition to Lithuania


Activists with Jeunes Révolutionnaires held an action demanding the release of Georges Abdallah, Lebanese political prisoner of the French state, in front of the Palais de Justice in Saint-Étienne. Poster campaigns in solidarity with Abdallah were also carried out in Lyon and Saint-Étienne.

The activists also participated in demonstrations against racism and in defense of immigrants, carrying hammer and sickle flags and pushing for working class unity against the state.


Activists from Anti Imperialist Action held an action in solidarity with the LCP in Brazil and Camp Tiago dos Santos in front of the Brazilian embassy in Dublin. They carried banners reading, “Conquer the Land, Solidarity from Ireland,” and, “Long Live the LCP.”


Comrades in Galicia, Spanish state, documented a banner drop in solidarity with the LCP and Camp Tiago dos Santos reading, “The Brazilian State Represses the People, Galician Solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants.” Elsewhere, they documented posters reading, “Nubar, Rosa, Asmin, Özgür are Immortal!” in solidarity with the fallen fighters of the People’s War in Turkey.


Activists with Partizan in Zurich organized an event in commemoration of the martyred fighters of the TKP/ML and TIKKO. Speeches were given by various progressive and revolutionary Turkish organizations as well as a relative of one of the fallen fighters.

In the city of Basel, election boycott posters were documented reading, “Boycott the election of the bourgeoisie! Exploitation cannot be voted out!”


In Linz, revolutionary women from the Red Women’s Committee and Purple Red Collective (revolutionary Turkish women’s organization) held a panel on COVID-19’s effect on the working class, especially working women, along with representatives from Partizan and an antifascist group. Speakers emphasized the disproportionate burden on women workers, especially in the fields of child, elderly, and disabled care, and detailed the solidarity work carried out by the organizations including the distribution of school supplies and other neccessities.


The Revolutionary Student Movement  in Toronto organized an action in solidarity with the LCP and Camp Tiago dos Santos. Speeches were given by RSM as well as the Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization highlighting the criminal, anti-people actions of the Old Brazilian State as well as connecting it to the peasant struggle in the Philippines. Organizers carried a banner with the insignia of the LCP reading, “Long live the League of Poor Peasants! Reclaim the land!”

United States


Graffiti reading, “Glory to Comrades Nubar, Özgür, Rosa, Asmin” along with their pictures and a hammer and sickle were documented.

Elsewhere, graffiti was seen in solidarity with the CPI (Maoist) reading, “Long Live the People’s War in India!”

Numerous instances of election boycott graffiti were also seen around the city, in addition to an electronic road sign that was reprogrammed to read, “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution!”

Kansas City

Graffiti in solidarity with Camp Tiago dos Santos in Brazil was seen reading, “Support the Peasant Struggle in Rondônia!”

Graffiti in solidarity with the CPI (Maoist) was also seen reading, “Long Live the People’s War in India.”

Another display of graffiti denounced Kansas City police officer Blayne Newton, who was filmed kneeling on the back of Deja Stallings, a pregnant Black woman. The graffiti read, “Officer Newton = Enemy of the People!”

Election boycott banners were also seen, reading, “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution!” and “Election No, Revolution Yes.”

Los Angeles

Election boycott graffiti reading, “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution,” along with a hammer and sickle, was documented in Chinatown.

Elsewhere, a poster campaign was carried out promoting Tribune of the People; the posters read, “Tribune of the People: a Revolutionary News Service. The Voices of Rebellion will not be Silenced!”

Posters promoting solidarity with Camp Tiago dos Santos and the peasant struggle in Rondônia were also seen around the city.


Graffiti promoting the election boycott were seen around the city with the slogans, “Elections, No! Revolution, Yes!” and “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution!”


The Charlotte Support Committee hosted a cultural event that included a speech on a people’s history of Charlotte.  A speaker gave a presentation on Charlotte’s growth as a mill town and how a program of “urban renewal” during the 60’s and 70’s led to the destruction of a prosperous Black neighborhood called Brooklyn, in the area that is now uptown Charlotte. 


In Wheeling, West Virginia, activists carried out an act in solidarity with Camp Tiago dos Santos, carrying a banner reading, “Defend the League of Poor Peasants Brazil.”

Elsewhere, election boycott banners were documented with the slogans “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” and “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution!”


In Tacoma, Washington, election boycott graffiti was seen reading, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” and “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution!”


Promotional posters for Tribune of the People were also documented in a popular neighborhood in Wichita, Kansas.


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