Peasants from Camp Tiago dos Santos Retake the Land!

The following is an unofficial translation of the article “Camponeses do Acampamento Tiago dos Santos retomam a terra!” from revolutionary Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia.

By Taís Souza

According to information sent by peasants to the Editorial Board of A Nova Democracia, in the last week, more than 300 families returned to the area of ​​Camp Tiago dos Santos, located in Nova-Mutum Paraná, in the state of Rondônia, where a few days ago an attempt was made to massacre and carry out a violent eviction coupled with torture, disappearances, and arrests of workers who lived there.

In addition to these families, according to reports, many more are arriving and the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) will reorganize the camp.

This fact occurs after a reactionary campaign promoted by the latifundio (large landowners) in collusion with the Old State, of criminalization and persecution against the peasant camp and against the LCP, which concluded in a cowardly eviction occurring the morning of October 10.

At the time, the peasants denounced that the military took money, goods, and documents, destroyed shacks, gardens, and other creations. They also reported physical and moral assaults, with people disappeared. They forced people to leave the camp with only a bag of belongings and started to destroy the families’ shacks.

During the eviction, the masses vigorously raised the LCP flags and proclaimed slogans against the latifundio. According to the note issued by the LCP, on October 15, several peasants from Camp Tiago dos Santos were executed in the middle of the forest or disappeared; several other supporters were detained and arrested. However, the massacre that the bloodthirsty reactionaries intended, like Corumbiara, was stopped by families, by solidarity around the world, by the popular masses that mobilized.

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