Oxnard: Student Journalists Protest School Administration Repression

By Serran Soledad

On Tuesday, Revolutionary Student News (RSN) and Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group held a protest outside of Oxnard High School, in response to recent threats of police repression from the school administration and being escorted off campus for distributing copies of RSN’s paper to their student peers.

Around 25 youth, activists, and community members gathered in front of the school, which sits in the middle of an agricultural field. Protesters flew signs denouncing the ongoing censorship of student journalists and in support of the broader struggle to get rid of the campus police, who are given the misleading name of ‘Student Resource Officers (SROs).’

Supporters of RSN read poems and excerpts from the newspaper through a microphone, speaking on the importance of having an outlet to politically educate their peers on US imperialism.

Copies of the paper along with informational leaflets were distributed to passing drivers and students entering the campus for food distribution. Just a few minutes into the action, faculty members Jennifer Brickey and Marsha Cordes appeared from the school and approached the protesters. Both Brickey and Cordes immediately began trying to justify the administration’s threats, and questioned whether the students who were escorted off campus even attended Oxnard High School.

Brickey in particular grew visibly frustrated as the crowd of protesters challenged her for interrupting a student speaker giving her testimony. Rather than support RSN, she claimed the problem was that the students were “rude” and not willing to have dialogue with the administration.

“I think calling the police on students is a bigger issue than being rude,” responded one protester.

When enforcers of reaction like Cordes, Brickey, and the rest of the OHS administration ask for ‘peace’ from high school students, what they really want is for the students to bow and submit to being silenced.

“With this event we wanted to show we won’t be intimidated by their repression, we’re gonna fight back,” one supporter of RSN told Tribune of the People.

Tuesday’s action was concluded when a banner reading “Students Will Not Be Censored, Silenced, Stopped!” was taped up on the Oxnard High School entrance sign.

The condemnation levied against these progressive students exposes the ruling class school system’s function within capitalist society—churn out new workers to be exploited without question or resistance. Despite this fact, and the administration’s continued attempts at silencing their voices, students and supporters of RSN have not been deterred.


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