Week in Struggle: October 23-29


Last week revolutionary intellectual and political prisoner of the Indian state, GN Saibaba, announced that he would be going on hunger strike due to prison officials refusing to deliver mail, medicine, clothing, and books from his family. The day before the initiation of the hunger strike, prison officials met with Saibaba and accepted all his demands.

The quick concession to Saibaba’s demands was undoubtedly influenced by the overwhelming support from democrats in India and the international solidarity campaign, led by the Committee for the Defense and Freedom of Dr. GN Saibaba, calling for his release and denouncing both the false charges against him and the terrible conditions under which he has been imprisoned.


The Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the People released a statement as part of the coalition of other popular democratic organizations named the Diaspora Against Fascism in India, denouncing numerous actions of the Modi regime including the withdrawal of autonomy in Kashmir, discrimination against Muslims, preventative arrests of activists, and violent state repression of protesters, among others.

Over the past two months, teachers and students from public schools in Curitiba and Pinhais have been organizing actions as part of a campaign to cancel the school year until the end of the pandemic. They have denounced the measures of the Brazilian state, especially the imposition of ‘distance learning,’ intended to make public education even more precarious for the poorest sections of society. The first actions were organized by the Secondary Front Against EaD (distance learning), including the distribution of pamphlets and the erection of banners reading, “For the cancellation of the school year! We require face-to-face replacement!”

The teachers have been supported by the Class Movement of Education Workers, who distributed over one thousand copies of the text “Defeating the imposition of distance education in public schools,” and the Sanitary Committee in Defense of Pinhais, who carried out actions with banners, posters, and a children’s day activity including workshops, educational games, and cultural activities.

Additionally, there have been numerous graffiti actions signed by the Red Unit – Revolutionary Youth League (UV-LJR) with the slogan “For the cancellation of the school year! We require face-to-face replacement!”

Graffiti from the Revolutionary Front was also documented reading, “Neither Bolsonaro, nor Mourão, nor the corrupt congress and judiciary! Out with the reactionary armed forces! Long live the new democratic revolution!”

Graffiti signed by the Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) was also documented in Aparecida de Goiânia reading, “All support to Camp Tiago dos Santos and the LCP (Poor Peasants League)!” Elsewhere in the city, graffiti from the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement was seen supporting the international campaign to boycott elections, reading, “Don’t Vote, Fight!”


The Committee of Poor Peasants (CCP) released a statement announcing the strengthening of their campaign to retake land in Imbabura. The statement reads:

“With joy and determination, the Committee of Poor Peasants works tirelessly to create the infrastructural conditions necessary to effectively position itself on a property recovered under the slogan of ‘LAND FOR THOSE WHO WORK IT.’

The political tasks carried out by the CCP regarding the taking of land not only involve the taking of the property, but also the organization and defense of it by all possible means!”


An important national meeting of democratic and revolutionary organizations took place including Current of the People Red Sun (Sol Rojo), among others. The mobilization centered its lines of action around ending the war against the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), ending the aggression and repression against communities and organizations of resistance, the re-nationalization of the national energy industry, the fair social tariff, and access to electricity as a human right.


As part of a national day of mobilization, various popular and revolutionary organizations, including the Revolutionary Youth League (LJR) and the Student Movement in Service of the People (MESP), held a combative demonstration in Medellín against the reactionary Colombian state. As part of the protest, a contingent of revolutionary youth carried out graffiti actions with messages of rebellion. Later in the march, a reactionary employee of Blintech, angered by the pasting of posters, shoved a street vendor, and when violently confronted by protesters, drew a firearm before being surrounded and ultimately fleeing the scene.


In Bremerhaven, antifascists held a counterdemonstration against the fascist National Democratic Party of Germany and “The Right.” The fascists were vastly outnumbered by counterprotesters, who numbered around 700, and had to be kept from the fascists by two rows of barricades and a large number of police. Several clashes between antifascists and the police were noted as the repressive forces of the state did everything possible to protect the fascists, including nearly beating a young woman into the harbor.


Revolutionaries in Vienna held a presentation on the election boycott covering a number of issues, most importantly the increasing degeneration of living conditions in the ‘most livable city in the world’ and the inability of ruling class parties to reverse this.

Numerous poster campaigns were carried out in the city promoting the election boycott and other signs and posters were defaced with graffiti supporting the boycott campaign.


Numerous propaganda campaigns have been carried out across the country, including the cities of Oslo, Kristiansand, Bergen, and Trondheim. Activists have pasted posters in solidarity with the fallen fighters of the Communist Part of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML), Comrades Rosa, Nubar, Asmin and Özgür.

A poster campaign has also been carried out demanding a stop to the extradition of Irish Republican Liam Campbell.

The Struggle Committee has also been posting flyers detailing tips on protesters’ rights when being interrogated by the police, as well as posters and stickers promoting antifascism and calling for solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers.


In Tampere, a campaign in solidarity with the fallen fighters of the TKP/ML has been carried out with posters reading, “Up the TKP/ML! Rosa, Nubar, Asmin and Özgür are immortal!” with the insignias of the TKP/ML and the Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey (TIKKO).


In Gothenburg, Proletarian Action carried out a campaign in solidarity with the LCP and Camp Tiago dos Santos. Graffiti reading, “Support the struggle of the poor peasants, long live the LCP,” as well as posters and a banner bearing the same slogan were documented.


In Lannemezan, activists with Revolutionary Youth (JR) held a demonstration outside of the prison in which Georges Abdallah is being held. Demonstrators carried red flags with the hammer and sickle, red smoke bombs, and a banner reading, “Freedom for Georges Abdallah!”

In Lyon, activists with JR held additional solidarity actions with a banner and posters demanding freedom for Abdallah and Palestinian flags.


In Dublin, activists with Anti Imperialist Action (AIA) participated in an eviction defense protest along with other housing struggle organizations to stop the forced eviction of an 81-year-old man. The resistance of neighbors and activists resulted in the eviction being halted.

Activists with AIA also carried out a solidarity action demanding the release of Georges Abdallah.

Activists also carried out a banner drop over a highway in Arklow against the extradition of Irish Republican Liam Campbell.

United States


This week at a Brazilian food truck in East Austin, the Committee to Support the People’s Struggle in Brazil (CSPSB) gave a presentation about recent events in the state of Rondônia and the peasant movement led by the LCP. Speeches were given describing how hundreds of peasants this week took back the Tiago Dos Santos Camp on the former Santa Elina farm after being evicted by Military Police earlier this month. Attendees enjoyed Brazilian food and beverages, and CSPSB newsletters were distributed with more information about the peasant struggle. The night ended with a call for more actions to be carried out in Austin to show international solidarity with the heroic peasant resistance in Brazil.

Election boycott propaganda was seen around the city, including a string of letters hung along the bridge over Towne Lake reading, “Elections No, Revolution Yes.” Elsewhere graffiti with election boycott slogans were also documented as well as election signs that had been painted over with spray paint.

Graffiti in solidarity with the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was also documented, reading, “Long live People’s War in India!”


Graffiti reading “Don’t Vote, Fight For Revolution!” was spotted in downtown Oxnard, covering the office of the Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats, a local chapter of the Democratic Party.


The United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM) released a video statement in solidarity with Camp Tiago dos Santos. In a statement posted to social media, UNDM wrote:

“The struggle for land in Brazil and the struggle for housing in the United States are deeply related, we send our complete solidarity to all those across the globe struggling for a better world.

In Pittsburgh, a UNDM member who was illegally evicted back in June shares his perspective on how our struggles are linked and why we must support each other from afar. (The tenant and UNDM mobilized his community to successfully stop his eviction and the member is still in his home today!)”

On October 24, the Pittsburgh Tribune of the People Support Committee tabled at “Alleycat Race” put on by Filler Collective, an anarchist literature distribution group. The event revolved around raising money for those who have been arrested in protests since the May Uprisings. The support committee distributed Tribune print materials, and hung a banner reading, “Drop all charges! Down with state repression! It is right to rebel!”

Several displays of graffiti were also seen around the city in solidarity with the LCP and Camp Tiago dos Santos with slogans like “Long live Camp Tiago dos Santos!” and “Long live the LCP!”

Actions were also carried out in solidarity with the fallen fighters of the People’s War in Turkey. Graffiti reading, “Honor and glory to Comrades Nubar, Rosa, Özgür, & Asmin!” and a banner reading, “Honor and glory to Comrades Özgür, & Asmin! Long live the People’s War in Turkey!” were documented.

Election boycott graffiti was also seen at the CCAC Homewood, where most voting was done in the City of Pittsburgh, the night before drop off mail in ballots were to occur there.


In Houston, graffiti supporting the election boycott campaign was also seen.

St. Louis

Actions in solidarity with the LCP were seen in St. Louis, with graffiti reading, “Long live the LCP! Support the struggle in Brazil!” as well as posters in support of Camp Tiago dos Santos.

Graffiti and posters reading, “Don’t vote! Fight for revolution!” and “Elections no! Revolution yes!” were also documented.

Kansas City

Graffiti calling for people’s justice for Deja Stallings, Donnie Sanders, and Ryan Stokes, all of whom were victims of police violence, was documented in Kansas City. The graffiti read, “People’s justice for Deja, Donnie, and Ryan!”


A banner reading, “Defend the League of Poor Peasants Brazil” was hung outside a sports field in Wheeling, West Virginia.


Large amounts of posters promoting Tribune of the People have been seen around the city of Orlando, especially in the University of Central Florida area.


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