Brazil: People’s Assembly in the Manoel Ribeiro Area, ‘The blood Spilled in Santa Elina Flows in our Veins!’

The following is an unofficial translation from A Nova Democracia, sharing a statement from Committee for the Defense of the Agrarian Revolution (CDRA),

Below, we reproduce a note issued by the Committee for the Defense of the Agrarian Revolution (CDRA) composed of peasants from the Manoel Ribeiro Area where they reject the wave of lies, criminalization and repression against poor peasants fighting for land in Rondônia.

We, families of the Revolutionary Area Manoel Ribeiro, who since August 2020 have occupied the lands of the Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm, in the municipality of Chupinguaia / RO, the last part of the old Santa Elina farm to be taken over, have come out in public to repudiate the wave of lies, criminalization and repression against poor peasants fighting for land in Rondônia.

At the beginning of October, there were murders of military police in the district of Nova Mutum-Paraná, north of Rondônia, in an action clearly carried out by armed gangs of the landowner Galo Velho in order to incriminate the peasants of the Tiago dos Santos camp and launch against them the bloodthirsty savagery of the killer police and their bosses, guardians of the latifundium. Such a setup, widely parroted by the lying press, the spokesman for the police and the landowner, gave the expected results, and in the following days the military police carried out a criminal war operation against the families who were camped and working there. Throwing gas bombs from the helicopter, shooting rubber bullets, aiming rifles and submachine guns dumped on everyone. The repressive troops hit and humiliated men and women and terrorized children, destroyed shacks and basic necessities, stole the small savings of families, cell phones and other valuables earned with a lot of sweat from honest work. In addition, the helicopter dropped bullet casings of various calibers on the Camp, utilizing fraudulent expertise to incriminate the peasants, their leaders and the LCP.

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Down with the crude assembly of the RO government and its PM of demonization of peasants fighting for land to make evictions, arrests and massacres

Note No. 2 of the National LCP Commission to rural and city workers and the general public

Not satisfied, the civil police, the military police, as well as armed gangs of the landowners have intensified the repression with persecution, imprisonment and the murders of several peasants.

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Here at Camp Manoel Ribeiro, the military police never stopped chasing and intimidating families, with frequent inroads around the area, drones and helicopters flyovers. And now the military police have recently made attempts to infiltrate inside the camp and hvs been blocking the road just outside the area, arbitrarily approaching everyone.

After they evicted the families of Camp Tiago dos Santos, they want to take advantage of all the hysteria fabricated against the struggle for land to now turn with all their strength against the families of the Camp Manoel Ribeiro.

But the gentlemen are mistaken, if they think they will be able to repeat here the same thing that they applied to our peasant brothers in the north.

We have no illusions about this rotten old state that defends only the interests of the rich and powerful by covering up its crimes against the poor and its thefts from thousands of acres of common land. We know very well that the only thing it has to offer us is the life of misery and exploitation in the cities, or under the clutches of some landowner. We know that you only have to offer deceit and oppression. It only offers us clubs, gas bombs, rubber and tin bullets, prison, murders and massacres. We know all of this very well, we have seen it happen against our brothers and against ourselves, many, many times. It was here in these lands that today are under our possession that they cowardly shed the blood of many, including little Vanessa, only 7 years old.

From this old state, we expect nothing in favor of the people. It is symbolic that PM-RO officers, directly responsible for the murders and tortures of peasants in 1995 on the old Santa Elina farm, in what became known as the “Corumbiara massacre” not only went unpunished but were successively promoted. There is the current security secretary of the state government, Colonel José Hélio Cysneiros Pachá, and the military police commander, Colonel Mauro Ronaldo Flores, who is currently competing for positions in the political sty through electoral farce. Both participated actively, and with a command function, in the criminal events of August 1995 in Corumbiara, and today they are there as authorities and alleged “representatives of the people.”

Enough! We will not bow our heads anymore! We want what is rightfully ours! Here we want only a piece of land to live, work and make a living from our families with dignity, but our struggle goes further, we want justice, a new democracy power and a new Brazil for our children and grandchildren.

We want to live in peace, but if they offer us war, they will have war! We will not leave our lands! We are united and organized! If they move a war apparatus against us, to try to get us out of the earth, be sure that we will resist with nails, teeth, and in any way we can. If iron and fire evict us from our lands, we will return tomorrow again, having learned how to face them, because the law of the people, confirmed by history all over the world, is to fight and fail, to fight and fail again, fight again until you obtain the complete and definitive victory against your executioners, exploiters and oppressors! The longer our victory takes, the higher the price these landowning thieves of the common land will pay!

These lands are watered with the blood of peasants who heroically resisted and fought for them in 1995 and of indigenous peoples slaughtered by landowners and their old state. And if necessary, we will add our blood to those heroes. Just like the fighters of Santa Elina in 1995, today 25 years later we shout firmly: Even when the pressure rises, this land is ours!

Down with the criminal collusion of the government, justice and police with the landowner thieves of the Common Land!

Down with the criminalization of the struggle for land!

End of persecutions, evictions, arrests, murders and disappearances!

Conquer the land, destroy the latifundium!

Long live the Agrarian Revolution, death to the landowners!

The lands of ancient Santa Elina belong to the people!

Long live the Tiago dos Santos Camp!

Long live the League of Poor Peasants of Brazil!

People’s Assembly of Camp Manoel Ribeiro

CDRA – Committee for the Defense of the Agrarian Revolution

October 28, 2020


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