Election Boycott Concludes by Making National Headlines

By Ed Dalton

As the 2020 elections close, so too does the nationwide election boycott raised by revolutionaries. The Election Boycott Campaign can only be considered a success as it made national headlines throughout major monopoly media outlets this week, including the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, Daily Mail, and others.

Actions in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Houston raised the profile of the campaign to a new level. In cities across the US, the Election Boycott Campaign bloomed, even outside of the gaze of the ruling class-owned media, 20 red banners were hung across the working class city of Pittsburgh on election day, a 20 foot banner was constructed for an election boycott related event in Oxnard, and slogans were painted on walls far and wide expressing the slogans “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” and “Don’t Vote Fight for Revolution!”

The Harris County Democratic Party headquarters in Houston was spray painted with the election boycott slogans “Elections No Revolution Yes!” and “Don’t Vote!” as well as a hammer and sickle and red paint was splashed across the front door. According to media reports the building’s locks were also super glued shut.

In Kansas City, election boycott graffiti reading, “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution,” and “Death to US Imperialism” was spray painted on the side of the National World War I Museum and Memorial. The memorial was being used as a polling station, and it was a fitting location as it represents an imperialist war fought for the redivision and plunder of the spoils of the world.

In Pittsburgh, three politicians, including two incumbent Democrats and a Republican candidate, had their offices and house spray painted with election boycott slogans. “Elections No Revolution Yes!” and hammer and sickles were spray painted on Representative Mike Doyle’s office and congressional candidate Sean Parnell’s garage, while “Don’t Vote Fight for Revolution!” was spray painted on Representative Conor Lamb’s office.

While the Election Boycott Campaign has come to a grand close, the combative and militant fight against electoral cretinism and reactionary bourgeois democracy can only intensify, as no matter the results of electoral farce, the people will still rise to combat and resist exploitation and oppression inherent in the US. The current election proves just how bankrupt and reactionary US bourgeois democracy is—the imperialist in charge after the results are called must be combated even more aggressively than his predecessors.


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