New Online Art Store for Austin’s Targeted Three

By Dmitri Sans

The Tribune of the People Support Committee in Austin, which hosted an art show last month to raise money for the Targeted Three, has now set up an online store to sell the remaining donated art pieces to continue to fundraise for these persecuted community activists. The artwork for sale includes original paintings, illustrations, photography, and more.

The Targeted Three were the first since Minneapolis police murdered George Floyd to be labeled as “members of Antifa” as a pretense for their arrest, an invention by the police to further criminalize the movement for Black Lives. They are facing trumped up charges and need all the support of Tribune readers.

The online store will stay up until the last piece is sold. Please browse the site and buy this art to support the Targeted Three, and if not please find other ways to express solidarity with them, which is ultimately more important.

Visit the website here: