Pittsburgh: Protesters Abandon March Promoting Electoral Farce, 3 Arrested

By Peter Cherry

On late Wednesday afternoon, as election results remain unresolved in the state of Pennsylvania, there was a rally and march against President Trump at the County Courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh demanding to “count every vote”, which culminated in a break off march which condemned the electoral farce and both candidates as two parts of the same ruling class.

The protest was initially organized by Socialist Alternative, a revisionist organization which runs candidates in capitalist elections and that supports “progressive” Democrats.

As organizers of the reformist rally demanded that all votes in the presidential election be counted, one rebellious protester burned an American flag and was told to stop by rally leaders. In response, members of Tribune of the People Support Committee began to agitate against the distinctions the organizers were making between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ protestors.

After one speaker took to the microphone and condemned Biden and emphasized the importance of the election boycott, she called on the crowd to take to the streets. Soon after approximately 50 members of the rally broke away. A Socialist Alternative organizer pleaded for the crowd to stay, shouting “the DSA still has to speak!” which fell on deaf ears as half the march departed.

Proceeding north through downtown Pittsburgh, the crowd merged near the PPG Paints Arena. Road barriers and fences were drawn out onto the road to block traffic as motorcycle police pursued the rally.

Protesters chanted, ‘Every four years the ruling class chooses, no matter who wins, the working class loses!’ as it moved towards the highway, but the contingent turned back into downtown Pittsburgh with riot police in tow.

As the splinter protest converged back to where it originated at the County Courthouse, the speaker declared an end to the rally and urged people to split safely into groups, calling for people to join combative organizations to continue the struggle against imperialism. As the crowd broke up and headed home, the police apprehended three protestors, falsely attributing the debris on the road and graffiti on the County Courthouse to them.

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