Week in Struggle: October 30-November 5


Several displays of graffiti were documented in Curitiba with slogans like, “All Support to the Families of Camp Tiago dos Santos!,” “Long Live the League of Poor Peasants!,” “Long Live the Agrarian Revolution!,” and “Down with the Militarization of the Amazon!” All were signed by the Revolutionary Front for Defense of the Rights of the People (FRDDP).

Graffiti was also seen in the rural area of ​​São João da Ponte, in Minas Gerais, reading, “Long Live the Agrarian Revolution, Death to the Latifundio (large landowners)!” and “Long Live the Heroic Resistance of the Peasants of Santa Elina!”

Graffiti was also documented on the bridge over the São Francisco River in Januária, Minas Gerais, reading, “Long Live the Heroic Resistance of the Peasants of Santa Elina!” and “Death to the Latifundio.”

At a demonstration against the imposition of distance learning in Rio de Janeiro, student activists raised banners slogans against the government policy, reading, “Down with Distance Education, Return to School only with a Vaccine.” Banners in solidarity with the peasant struggle were also seen, reading, “Down with the Criminalization of the Struggle for Land,” and “All Support to Camp Tiago dos Santos and the LCP!”


The Revolutionary Youth (JR) in Clermont-Ferrand carried out a banner drop in solidarity with Irish Republican Liam Campbell, who is currently facing extradition to Lithuania. The banner read, “Stop the Extradition of Liam Campbell” along with a hammer and sickle, Irish flag, and orange and green smoke bombs.

JR activists in Saint-Étienne raised a banner reading, “Who is essential? Workers, let’s take power!” with a hammer and sickle flag. In Lyon, they carried a banner reading, “We will not pay for their crisis, let’s revolt!”


Activists held a solidarity demonstration with the workers of the Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten at the headquarters in Oslo. They carried a banner reading, “Solidarity with the Workers of Hurtigruten, Combat and Resist!” and pasted a sign on the front door reading, “Struggle and Resistance to Exploitation and Oppression.”

Elsewhere in the city, a banner drop in solidarity with the fallen fighters of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist was documented reading, “Honor and Glory to the Martyrs Nubar, Rosa, Özgür, and Asmin.”

In Bergen, a banner drop was documented in the bay outside of one of Hurtigruten’s ships reading, “Solidarity with the Workers of Hurtigruten – Combat and Resist.”

In Trondheim, posters went up in solidarity with the four martyred combatants of the TKP/ML and graffiti was documented reading, “People’s War in India!” along with a hammer and sickle.

In Kristiansand posters and stickers from the Struggle Committee were seen reading, “All Power to the People” and “Nazi Free Zone.”


Activists in Stockholm erected a poster in solidarity with the peasant struggle in Brazil reading, “Stand with the Brazilian People’s Camp, Solidarity with the LCP.”


Anti Imperialist Action Ireland unveiled a new mural in Dublin with their logo, along with a video calling for those interesting in rebuilding a militant Socialist Republican Movement to join.

They also published a video as part of their ongoing campaign to destroy poppy wreaths, symbols of Unionism and British Imperialism throughout the country.

United States


Wall art posted on social media by Popular Women’s Movement (PWM-MFP) was documented depicting the Democratic candidate for vice president, Kamala Harris, having a “BLM” hat and “Feminist” shirt torn away from her, revealing a police badge underneath. It read, “New Face, Same Enemy. Oppressors that Look like US Don’t Fight for Us!” and another slogan next to it read, “Ditch the Politicians, Fight for Revolution!” Elsewhere, another display of wall art was documented with a woman worker raising her fist while stepping on a ballot box, reading, “Working Women Know All Politicians Are Our Enemy! Our Place is in the Fight for Revolution! Boycott the Sham Elections!”

A banner was hung from the highway sign for Riverside Dr. on Interstate 35, which read, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!”

Elsewhere a large dumpster was photographed with graffiti reading, “Ballots Here.”

Throughout the city, numerous displays of graffiti reading, “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution!” were documented.

Campaign signs for various candidates were also crossed out in red paint around polling stations.


In Pittsburgh, three politicians, including two incumbent Democrats and a Republican candidate, had their offices and house spray painted with election boycott slogans. “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” and hammer and sickles were spray painted on Representative Mike Doyle’s office and congressional candidate Sean Parnell’s garage, while “Don’t Vote Fight for Revolution!” was spray painted on Representative Conor Lamb’s office.

On November 2 and 3, 20 red and yellow banners were placed around the city reading, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!”

Protesters, including activists from Serve the People, disrupted a ‘unity’ ‘community prayer’ event hosted by Mayor Bill Peduto with the chants “Justice for Antwon Rose! Justice for Romir Talley! Justice for Walter Wallace Junior!”

Kansas City

Election boycott graffiti reading, “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution,” and “Death to US Imperialism” was spray painted on the side of the National World War I Museum and Memorial. The memorial was being used as a polling station, and it was a fitting location as it represents an imperialist war fought for the redivision and plunder of the spoils of the world.

Posters were also seen throughout the city reading, “Every Four Years, the Ruling Class Chooses, Every Four Years, the Working Class Loses. Don’t Vote—Fight for Revolution!” Yard signs reading, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” were also documented around the city, especially at polling places.

Several instances of graffiti with the election boycott slogans “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution!” and “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” were documented.

Graffiti in solidarity with the fallen fighter of the TKP/ML was also seen, which read, “Glory to Nubar, Rosa, Özgür, and Asmin.”


The Harris County Democratic Party headquarters in Houston was spray painted with the election boycott slogans “Elections No Revolution Yes!” and “Don’t Vote!” as well as a hammer and sickle, and red paint was splashed across the front door. According to media reports the building’s locks were also super glued shut.


The Tribune of the People Support Committee in Oxnard held a fundraiser which included food, games, Halloween costumes, and a screening of the film ‘Medium Cool,’ which follows a reporter on his transformation from decadent bourgeois journalist to a reporter who honestly covers the people’s struggles from their perspective. The event also included a 30 foot banner reading, “Boycott the Elections” which attendees took a group photo in front of.

Los Angeles

A large art display depicting pigs in the likeness of Trump and Biden with a burning ballot box and hammer and sickle, reading, “Every Four Years, the Ruling Class Chooses, No Matter Who Wins, the Working lass Loses” was seen on a billboard.

Graffiti with the election boycott slogans “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution!” and “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” were also seen around LA and the surrounding area, including Vernon.

Graffiti reading, “Solidarity with the People’s War in India” was also documented.

San Fernando Valley

Activists from People’s Struggle SFV also created an ofrenda for Black lives and revolutionaries on the occasion of Dia de los Muertos. Signs read, “Honor and Glory, Fighting in their Memory, Revolutionaries, Servants of the People, Loved Ones,” and “The Blood Does Not Drown the Revolution, It Waters It.”


Hundreds of flyers promoting Tribune of the People and the LCP’s struggle for land in Brazil have been documented around Orlando.


Images documenting promotional flyers as well as the distribution of print issues of Tribune of the People have also been received from Providence, Rhode Island.


Flyers promoting Tribune have also been seen around Wheeling, West Virginia.