Joe Biden, US Imperialism’s New Chief of Staff

By the Editorial Board

The electoral farce of 2020 is over, concluding with the election of Joe Biden as the next president and chief of staff for US imperialism. Biden has spent a lifetime in service to US imperialism, even before becoming the vice president to Barack Obama, a president who bombed more countries and deported twice as many people as the much reviled and ultra-reactionary Donald Trump, proving that the result of the electoral farce is not a progressive step forward but a continuation of the same policy.

The election closed, as predicted, with the former imperialist chief of staff kicking and screaming, crying fraud, and putting forth the assertion of a ‘stolen election’—just like Clinton did when she ran against him, and just like Al Gore did in his campaign against George W. Bush. This is nothing new nor is it unique to Trump and the Republicans.

The US imperialist ruling class has declared this the most important election ever. They have boasted that more voters participated than ever before—all of this is desperation, to legitimize something illegitimate. The ultimate difference between Biden and Trump is as razor-thin as the margins which separated their vote tallies in the few, key ‘swing states’ over a three day period of vote counting. Both are imperialists as well as symbols of the increasing reactionization of bourgeois democracy, a farce in which every election cycle the administration becomes more backwards than the last.

And what are the revisionists doing? They have been scrambling behind the ultra-reactionaries Joe Biden and his vice president ‘top cop’ Kamala Harris, pledging to “save US democracy” in their own imaginations. US democracy is reactionary, it is bankrupt, and no revisionist chants can resurrect it. Almost without exception, revisionist organizations have raised the specter of ‘Trump’s fascism’ as a Hail Mary ploy to save the Biden campaign, and much of the well-meaning ‘left’ has fallen for it. In doing so these counterfeit ‘socialists’ are helping imperialism save face with bourgeois democracy, something the genuine socialists have no interest in preserving. Their post-election, pre-announcement rallies proved to have almost no turnout beyond their own dwindling, committed membership. Revisionism’s just reward is its own pathetic results at the polls and the fact that they are time and time again carrying water for imperialism. It is a horrific shame to be a revisionist.

Tribune of the People has asserted that revolutionaries do not vote, a correct assertion, especially in the age in which imperialism is completely rotten and can go no further—where it is both tormentor of the world and tirelessly tormented by those who resist it. Still, it limps along, and there are the shameful cretins who dare to cite the great Lenin as an excuse for voting due his 1920 position that Communist Parties should consider using elections to their advantage in the form of participation in parliament or boycott of parliament, depending on the conditions. Something Lenin never said, and in fact something he spent his entire life opposing, is that Communists should tactically support their own imperialists. Biden offers a most excellent example of the correctness of Lenin’s position against the swindlers and counterfeit socialists of the Second International, who like their counterparts today, supported their own imperialist ruling class in what is known as National Chauvinism.

Top among the revisionist trash heap is the Democratic Socialists of America, who consider a Biden victory their own, and somehow distort this horrendous reality as a step forward! They spent the better part of 2020 supporting Bernie Sanders, who, as usual, was sidelined only to come out in support of an even more conservative reactionary than himself—Biden. Sanders’ campaigning was just the appetizer for endorsing Biden. The DSA appeals to youth who lack revolutionary leadership, they are the puppy of the Democrats, and make no mistake, it is the Democrats who hold the leash.

Throughout much of the campaign, these opportunists and swindlers rode on the back of the movement for Black lives, a just, rebellious, and objectively good movement. It is no coincidence that the movement for Black lives has diminished as the election approached—the electoral cretins, true to form, helped kill it by corralling it into legal channels, that is, dead-end capitulation to the ruling class. There are no revolutionaries in the DSA, just as there are only reactionaries in the Democratic Party.

Revolutionaries, and most especially Communists, participated in and led a landmark election boycott, advancing the campaign initiated in 2016. Communist-led election boycotts are not new to the US—in 1919, the newly born Communist Party also boycotted the elections. This year’s election boycott surpassed those of previous years, from coast to coast the message was amplified—Elections No! Revolution Yes! The campaign was carried out with precision, in such a way that even the ruling class, obsessed with legitimizing their fraud were forced to report on it in their largest news monopolies. For what it is worth, the horrors which Biden is poised to unleash upon the world cannot be blamed on the revolutionaries who have fought him from the very start.

A new imperialist chief of staff will conduct the same old vile and evil imperialism from the driver’s seat of the world’s sole hegemonic superpower. He symbolizes war, the rape of nations, systemic racism, drastic economic inequality, a crumbling healthcare and education system, and of course, the great economic crisis of the New Depression—all brought about and preserved by his class. The police who gun Black people down in American streets now belong to Biden and the army which stumbles from grave to grave are now his ‘boys.’

For the many who voted for Biden, scared to death of the imagined ‘fascism’ of Donald Trump, they are right to feel swindled, and many of them will never be conned again. They will have to square up with those who deceived them into this regrettable position, and of course, this has the effect of drawing them into revolutionary politics. They will pick up the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Gonzalo, and they will come to the conclusion that the only way forward is revolution and that they cannot take a step back. They will lend their voices to the battle cry —reconstitute the Communist Party!

The great Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov once said that men will forget the names of all nations, but they will never forget the name Lenin. Let’s learn this well, and fight for that day, when the name America, along with the names Biden and Trump, will be forgotten, when the scrapheap will finally be swept away forever, and everyone will remember the name LENIN.