A Nova Democracia: The Dollars and Boots Behind Political Power

Cover photo: “Surrounded by the military, Donald Trump signs the law that increases spending on the military-industrial complex – White House / Stephanie Chasez”

The following is an unofficial translation of the article “USA: Os dólares e coturnos por trás do Poder político” from the revolutionary Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia

By Giovanna Schaidhauer

In November 2020, the Yankee electoral farce was repeated, a moment when the promiscuous relationship between finance capital and the state of the hegemonic imperialist country opens wide through the multimillion dollar donations from the world’s largest billionaires to the candidates’ electoral funds. They are a group of corporations with enormous power, coming from the oil industry to the great bankers and ‘warlords,’ who converge to define, among contention and collusion, the new head of imperialism that will lead the country towards the interests of these corporations.

Joe Biden or Donald Trump, ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican,’ will have to fulfill the new reactionary tasks that present themselves in the face of this unprecedented crisis. Among them, that only through an unparalleled domination of world sources and routes of energy and other raw materials can the Yankee imperialists face the colossal economic, social, political, and moral crisis that threatens to blow up the entire capitalist system.

Who Pays for the Expensive Campaigns and Why

To guarantee the largest share of the world in shambles, monopolies are linked to one or another candidate (or more than one) through the “Super PACs” (Political Action Committees), a 5072 organization that functions as hidden funds, independent of the candidates’ official campaigns, which collect unlimited amounts from corporations, unions, associations, and individuals, many times higher than those of official campaigns, and are not obliged to disclose the origin of this money.

According to press reports from the Forbes and New York Times (NYT) press monopolies, Biden’s campaign had already raised, by August 2020, the equivalent of $990 million and, in September alone, broke the fundraising record with $383 million! If you look at the illustrious lords who made big donations, we find names like Connie Ballmer (wife of former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer), Laurene Powell Jobs (widow of Steve Jobs, late Apple tycoon), Dustin Moskovitz (cofounder of Facebook), and Eric Schmidt (former president of Google), all connected to the main monopolies and trusts today.

In fact, in 2016, Eric Schmidt became the leader of the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Council (board of which Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had participated in the past). Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google, the ‘Big Five,’ are considered by the Yankee State to be indispensable for “national security,” due to the obtaining of private and privileged data from the masses of the world that they facilitate. These large corporations, in turn, profit from the technology and military research given to them for providing their service, the clearest example of which is facial recognition, originating with and for the purpose of the military, incorporated into smartphones. Naturally, all this mutual relationship between the apparatuses of the imperialist state and such monopolistic megacorporations is mediated by elections, by the governments on duty and, consequently, by the shady relations between these governments and the corporations.

In addition to the names related to information technology, in the Biden campaign there is, for example, Judy Dimon (wife of Jamie Dimon, president of the largest bank in the USA, JPMorgan Chase, which works with, none other, than the Association of the United States Army!), and Eli Broad (Director of The Broad Foundations, whose project is to “unlink” 50% of public schools in Los Angeles and make them for-profit institutions). There is also Daniel Och, a financial speculator involved in one of the biggest bribery scandals in the world: the company Och-Ziff Capital Management, which he owns, helped businessman Dan Gertler, a Zionist who funds the Israeli Army, to bribe civil servants of Democratic Republic of the Congo to have privileged access to mining, natural gas, and oil businesses.

Among the personalities who support Biden in organizing his election campaign is Steve Ricchetti, who spent years as a registered lobbyist, and is paid for both by the Democratic Party campaign and by AT&T, the Yankee telecommunications monopoly. In addition, Biden’s campaign strategy chief, Anita Dunn, worked for AT&T until September 2020, according to NYT information.

AT&T has already been involved in scandals with leaked documents that revealed that the monopoly had created a secret room in an office to give the National Security Agency (NSA) access to its fiber optic internet cables. Avril Haines, a former CIA and NSA employee during the Obama administration, and a former consultant with the data analysis firm Palantir, also started working in September on the Biden transition team. Let us say that the ‘Democrat’ is well advised by what is most reactionary and powerful in the midst of Yankee imperialism.

Another person involved in Biden’s presidential campaign and an active participant in Democratic Party politics is Stuart Eizenstat, the White House’s chief domestic policy advisor during the Jimmy Carter administration (1977-1981), as well as Special Adviser on Holocaust Issues during the administration by Barack Obama (2009-2017). As a lawyer, Eizenstat represented fossil fuel monopolies such as Shell, as well as defense-related companies such as Caterpillar, Raytheon, BAE Systems, and Boeing, among others.

In 2012, Eizenstat lobbied Congress and the Obama administration for Caterpillar on “the US government’s relations with a report by the United Nations Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories.” Caterpillar is responsible for selling bulldozers to Israel, which in turn use them to kill Palestinians and demolish their homes.

Donald Trump’s ‘Friends’

In the case of ‘Republican’ Donald Trump, more than $1.3 billion has already been raised for his campaign, and among the investors are Peter Thiel, whose company Palantir Technologies has 12 government institutions as clients, including the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Armed Forces. This monopoly also supports the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies in conjunction with the genocidal US Army.

There are other great tycoons related to the military-industrial complex, such as Charles B. Johnson (former Executive Director of Franklin Templeton Investments, an investment fund valued at more than $700 billion that manages $200 million for arms manufacturing companies), Linden Blue (co-founder of General Atomics, manufacturer of war drones for Yankee imperialism), among others.

In addition, as a bargain for his re-election in 2020, Trump has increased defense spending granted to the Pentagon (headquarters of the Yankee Department of Defense) for three consecutive years. Last year, the Pentagon released its biggest budget request of all time, forwarded directly by Trump to the Yankee Congress. Under that budget, $718 billion would go to the warmongering institution, as confirmed by a US military agent for Foreign Policy magazine.

The increase in spending on ‘national defense’ (actually spending on imperialist war around the world) accompanies significant cuts in the areas of education, health, and social services in general. That is, to the detriment of the interests of the popular masses.

That same year, at a meeting with his top supporters at his Florida resort, Trump boasted that Pentagon spending had increased “by $2.5 trillion during his government.”

Among the spending for the Pentagon is the intention of the ultra-reactionary president to use an additional $7.2 billion in financing to finish building the wall on the border with Mexico, five times more than Congress had authorized. The Pentagon and Trump also awarded contracts totaling $1.6 billion for the construction of part of the wall to Fisher Sand and Gravel, a monopoly construction company whose owner is one of Trump’s supporters.

Extreme Militarization of Political Power

The Pentagon’s ever-increasing budget, exorbitant spending on building the border wall against the wishes of Congress, which can do nothing in the face of a puppet government of the Pentagon and hooked on bayonets (and its impotence is demonstrated in a thousand facts) makes evident the process of concentration of power in the executive branch. More precisely: increasing concentration, ultimately, in the hands of high military posts, and their subjection to them. It is about the extreme militarization of political power and the restriction of all democratic rights to a level acceptable to the ruling classes.

The previously presented can be summed up by Marx and Engels, in the Communist Party Manifesto, that the State is “a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie” and, even more exact is Lenin’s phrase, written in Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, that monopolists stole the freedom of citizens and converted their countries into the prison of workers: “Imperialism is, in general, a striving towards violence and reaction.”


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