Los Angeles: Police Arrest 40 Protesters, Press, Legal Observers, Bystanders

By Felipe Vera

As the election concluded on the night of November 3, in response to night protests that went from Downtown to South Central, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) indiscriminately arrested over 40 people, including nearly a dozen legal observers from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), journalists, and other bystanders standing on the sidewalk, waiting for the metro.

Some of the protesters came from a Black Lives Matter event, and were joined later that evening by a group of people in black bloc attire. Upon their arrival, the police quickly began to make arrests. After this, more people gathered and began to take to the streets, heading towards South Central.

Despite hundreds of officers being deployed across the area, people began to trickle in from the surrounding working-class neighborhoods and trains. Here, rebellious youth confronted and agitated against the LAPD. As officers began to push back against the crowd in an attempt to disperse them, they left pockets of people disconnected on street corners.

Gradually, the police continued pushing their reinforcements in order to intimidate, and some protesters decided to run through an alley to avoid being kettled, continuing to march despite being a much smaller group. Those who stayed back as well as those just walking down the street were immediately blocked by the police and arrested.

Using the catch-all charge of ‘failure to disperse,’ LAPD detained and arrested dozens of protesters, legal observers, and journalists as well as bystanders in an attempt to crack down on any post-election demonstrations, in fear of combative actions and ‘violent riots,’ stoked by the state.


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