Oxnard: Activists Protest Second Police Shooting In A Month

By Serran Soledad

Last Friday, around 20 people gathered for a protest led by Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group(OxRevStudy). The impromptu action was held in response to the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Javier Magana, who was killed by Ventura Police following a vehicle pursuit the previous night.

The action began as activists gave speeches condemning the shooting and attempts by the ruling class media to justify yet another death at the hands of local Law Enforcement by claiming Magana was armed.

This was the second police killing in Ventura County within a month; the first being Austin Manzano, a 24-year-old autistic man who attempted suicide by cop while brandishing a fake gun. Manzano was shot by Ventura Sheriffs using AR-15 rifles within two minutes of their arrival. He died of complications from the gunshot wounds in the hospital.

Activists holding road flares and a large banner reading, “Combat Police Terror With Revolution,” led the protest from Plaza Park through Downtown.

A supporter of OxRevStudy agitated, explaining to community members at nearby restaurants and businesses what had just happened. At one point a man and a woman stood up from a dinner patio and stuck their fists up in a show of support.

Before circling back to the park, the protest made a stop at the Police Station where activists gave speeches. One speaker explained, “whether its Democrats or a Republicans in office, we know only revolution will rid us of police terror forever!”

Recent reports from the bourgeois news, claim Magana ran from his vehicle and was shot after allegedly firing his gun, then aiming it at the police officer who was chasing him.

When asked about the report, an OxRevStudy supporter told Tribune, “We don’t know what really happened. We are relying on the word of the police who often blatantly lie to justify murder. But even if he was armed and did shoot back, I can see why. He was being pursued. He was being hunted down. When the police terrorize us every day, and kill us without hesitation, people are going to shoot back. That’s the people telling you that they’ve had enough.”


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