Week in Struggle: November 6-12


Last week, a Commandant of the Western Ghat Zonal Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), Vulmurugan, was killed by the Thunderbolt commando unit in Kerala, overseen by the revisionist Communist Party of India (Marxist) government. In response, several democratic groups protested his murder due to the frequency of fake encounters in the area and the fact that local people’s testimony differs significantly from police accounts.

Initially, the family was prevented from viewing his body until popular outrage pushed the government to concede. According to his family, his body had over 10 bullet wounds as well as evidence of torture.


The peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro held a celebration for Children’s Day with the aid of peasants from neighboring revolutionary areas under the slogan “Long live the children of the people!” The day was complete with snacks, games, songs, and a cake with the initials of the League of Poor Peasants (LCP), reading, “Happy Children’s Day” and “Camp Manoel Ribeiro.”

Attendees also watched video with pictures depicting the two month struggle at the camp, as well as international solidarity videos from the United States, Mexico and France. In addition to celebrating Children’s Day, the camp also commemorated the death of Vanessa dos Santos, who was murdered at the age of seven by the Military Police during the Battle of Corumbiara in 1995.

Peasants organized by the LCP in North Minas Gerais and South Bahia produced a video in solidarity with the Camps Tiago dos Santos and Manoel Ribeiro. In the video, they denounce the Military Police eviction of the peasants at Camp Tiago dos Santos, commemorate the six-year anniversary of the murder of LCP leader Cleomar Rodrigues, and celebrate the heroic peasant resistance on the former Santa Elina farm, especially those at Camp Manoel Ribeiro.

They end the video by chanting, “It is land, it is land for those who work and live on it, and now is the agrarian revolution! It is death, it is death to the landowner, and long live the peasant and worker power!”

Graffiti signed by the LCP was documented in Northern Minas Gerais with election boycott slogans like, “Don’t Vote! Fight!” and, “Elections No! Revolution Yes!” as well as slogans of the peasant struggle like, “Long Live the Agrarian Revolution!” and “Cleomar Lives! Death to the Latifundio!”


In Bremen, two displays of graffiti were documented commemorating the death of Comrade Joselo, a founder and outstanding combatant of the Communist Party of Ecuador – Sol Rojo (PCE-SR). The graffiti read, “Honor and Glory to Comrade Joselo! Long Live the PCE-SR!”



Activists in Oslo celebrated the founding of the Communist Party of Norway at a monument for the members of the Central Committee who were murdered during the Nazi occupation of Norway. Attendees placed a bouquet of red carnations at the memorial and carried banners reading, “Bring Back the Communist Party of Norway,” and “Comrade Joselo, Present in the Struggle!” in commemoration of the recently-deceased Ecuadorian communist leader Comrade Joselo.

Elsewhere in Oslo, graffiti reading, “Bring Back the Communist Party of Norway” and, “Long Live Maoism” was also docuumented.


Graffiti was also documented in Trondheim reading, “Bring Back the NKP!” and “Long Live Maoism!” along with the hammer and sickle.


A banner drop was carried out in Tønsberg reading, “Bring Back the Communist Party of Norway.”


A banner was also erected in Bergen commemorating of the fallen fighters of the People’s War in Turkey, reading, “Honor and Glory to the Martyrs Nubar, Rosa, Özgür and Asmin.”


Graffiti was seen in Turku reading, “Without Power, All is Illusory” and “Long Live Lenin and the October Revolution!”

Posters commemorating the Great Socialist October Revolution were also seen in Tampere reading, “Without Power, All is Illusory” along with a depiction of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman statue, a well-known example of Soviet realist art.


Several instances of graffiti have been documented in North Dublin and Newbridge in County Kildare, denouncing the Irish Garda Commissioner (Chief of Police) Drew Harris, who formerly worked as Deputy Chief Constable for the police in the occupied six counties (Northern Ireland), and has actively collaborated with MI5 (British intelligence service). The graffiti read, “Drew Harris = MI5” and “Brits Out!”, with at least one signed by Anti Imperialist Action Ireland.

Irish Socialist Republicans in South Leinster took part in a commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the death of Kevin Barry, an Irish Republican executed by the British government in 1920. Socialist Republicans delivered speeches and laid a wreath at his memorial.

Socialist Republicans also held an action in solidarity with Lebanese political prisoner of the French state Georges Abdallah with a banner reading, “Freedom for Georges Abdallah” in French and “Freedom Now!” in Irish.

Activists with Anti Imperialist Action Ireland have also been engaged in housing struggles in Dublin, distributing newsletters on the housing situation in the city and agitating against evictions and landlords and in favor of public housing for all.

United States


As part of their national day of action, activists with the United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM) in Austin held a small demonstration at the Riverside Bridge over Interstate 35 with speeches and banners reading, “Organize and Fight Against Evictions!” and “No Politician will Defend our Homes.” They also chanted, “No eviction, no back rent! They won’t get a single cent!”, “Back off landlords, back off cops! Defend your neighbors, defend your blocks!”, and “The working class is here to stay! We won’t go and we won’t pay!”

Following the conclusion of the election, graffiti was documented throughout the city with slogans like, “With Elections the Rich Always Win!”, “US Democracy is Bankrupt!”, “Every Four Years, The Ruling Class Chooses, No Matter Who Wins, the Working Class Loses!”, and “The Working Class Can Only Have One Party, Reconstitute the Communist Party!”

San Marcos

In late October, tenants of Florencia Villas and members of the San Marcos chapter of UNDM came together to paint pumpkins and discuss the need to unite and fight against poor living conditions and landlord harassment. While management attempted to suppress the event by calling the police and coming to directly harass and intimidate attendees, activists and tenants were able to carry out the event and work towards a united tenant movement in the complex.

Kansas City

Graffiti was documented in Kansas City honoring Comrade Joselo, reading, “Comrade Joselo, Present in the Struggle!” along with a hammer and sickle, as well as graffiti reading, “US Democracy is Bankrupt!”


Graffiti was also seen in Charlotte with the slogan, “US Democracy is Bankrupt” with a hammer and sickle.

Tribune of the People Promotion

Posters promoting Tribune of the People as a revolutionary news source were also seen around the cities of Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Austin.



Los Angeles




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