Austin: ‘Reconstitute the Communist Party’ Graffiti at Democratic Party Offices

Photo Source: @angrysong on twitter

By David Martinez

On Wednesday morning, it was reported that the offices of the Travis County Democratic Party (TCDP) based in Austin, Texas were painted with graffiti reading “The working class can have only 1 Party” and “Reconstitute the Communist Party”, and the front door window broken in multiple spots.

Bourgeois news said the Democratic Party reported the incident to the police. The TCDP is also using the action as an opportunity to fundraise. TCDP’s chair, Katie Naranjo, claimed, “Extremists resort to violent behavior and destruction when they cannot win hearts and minds on the merit of their policies.”

The Democratic Party works to maintain the decrepit bourgeois US state and to manage the affairs of imperialists. Communist Parties around the world are conducting People’s Wars, or are in the midst of constituting or reconstituting in order to launch People’s War, to sweep away the old societies, conquer power, and abolish the exploitation that parties like the Democrats and their ruling class backers depend on. No matter the bluster of Democratic Party officials, they serve a dying system and a doomed class.

Photos: @angrysong on twitter


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