Week in Struggle: November 20-26


Within the same intense aerial bombardment that killed TIKKO (Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey) commander Deniz, it has been reported that another comrade, TKP/ML-TIKKO guerrilla Ferdi Tosun (Muharrem), has also been immortalized in Dersim.

Graffiti signed by the TKP/ML (Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist) and TIKKO was documented in the Gazi district of Istanbul commemorating recently fallen TIKKO commander Cumhur Sinan Oktulmush (Deniz), who was killed in Dersim Alibogazi. Slogans included, “Comrades Deniz, Muharrem, Nubar, Rosa, Özgür Asmin are immortal,” “We are walking with the death martyrs of the party. The war continues, the war will continue!,” “TIKKO fights,” and “Since Ibrahim, our leaders have been on the front lines.”


In Rio de Janeiro, Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR), Red Unit – Revolutionary Youth League (UV-LJR) and Popular Women’s Movement (MFP), carried out an agitation and propaganda action for the boycott of the municipal elections. Activists carried flags with their insignias, as well as a banner from MFP reading, “Don’t Vote! It Is Right to Rebel!”

The activists distributed approximately 2,500 pamphlets promoting the election boycott and instead pushing for the people’s fight for rights and the new democratic revolution. Additionally, the A Nova Democracia Support Committee distributed around 500 newspapers.

The Red Mangrove Collective also carried out actions in support of the election boycott in Recife. On the last day of the campaign, a video was recorded in honor of comrade Cleomar of the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) in solidarity the peasant struggle, mainly in Rondônia, with the chant “Election is a farce, nothing changes, no! Organize the people for revolution!” Posters reading “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution!” were also documented around the city.

In Aparecida de Goiânia, graffiti was seen denouncing the electoral farce and demanding rights for the people. Slogans included, “Elections No, Revolution Yes!,” “National Production, Decent Wages and Work!,” “Emergency Aid of R$1000 Until the End of the Recession!,” and “Vaccine for the People!” Elsewhere, graffiti signed by the MEPR read, “Don’t Vote, Fight!”


The National Union of Health Workers (OSUNTRAMSA) held a march in the center of the Quito against the government’s attempts to fire 2,500 health workers from hospitals and public medical centers. Along with health workers from various provinces, activists from the Defense Front of the People’s Struggles (FDLP) attended, carrying banners reading, “It Is Right to Rebel!” and “Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!”

As a result of the mobilization, the government signed an act promising not to fire the workers as well as to reinstate over 1,500 health workers fired in 2019.


On November 21, several combative protests occurred in major cities like Medellin and Bogota on the one year anniversary of the mass rebellion in Colombia which lasted, at various intensities, from November until the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. The combative demonstrations went against what the opportunistic Unemployment Committee had planned for the day (in line with the wishes of the government), a series of harmless commemorative acts, by taking to the streets. In Medellin, the protest saw the deployment of a massive police contingent, including the Mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron (armored riot police). In Bogota, protesters destroyed a police car as well as motorcycles.


In the city of Nezahualcóyotl, activists from Current of the People Red Sun (Sol Rojo) led an action with street vendors outside of city hall demanding respect for work, the right to work in the street, and an end to repression and harassment by local authorities. Many of these informal workers have been thrust from the semifeudal countryside and found themselves forced into informal work due to a lack of worker’s rights and facing unemployment in the city’s major industries.

The mobilization signals an important landmark in that it is the first in the area and represents the growth and development of the revolutionary organization outside of Oaxaca. Demonstrators also carried a banner reading, “Truth and Justice! Ayotzinapa 6 Years, Present Dr. Sernas Alive.”

Activists with Sol Rojo, along with the Popular Democratic Front and the International Network of Oaxacan Indigenous People, held an action denouncing the fourth report of the state’s governor, which included expanding and modernizing communication technology used by security agencies in the area with the goal of repressing the people and protecting the imperialist megaprojects in the region. The same organizations also held a road blockade of the access to the Port of Salina Cruz, representing the starting point of one such megaproject, the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.


On November 25, commemorating the annual Day Against Violence Against Women, demonstrations were held in both Bremen and Hamburg with each including hundreds of participants. Revolutionary activists in both cities carried banners reading, “Women struggle and fight back! Against the state of emergency and patriarchal violence!,” highlighting the effect that the COVID-19 emergency measures have resulted in an increase in domestic violence.

The Red Women’s Committee also a video on the occasion of November 25.

Activists in Bremen also held an educational event on violence against women, pointing to the COVID-19 lockdown measures as an exacerbating factor in domestic violence cases. A speaker also exposed the state’s recent campaign attempting to stem this increase in domestic violence for not investing any real resources into materially stopping the problem, but only raising awareness and calling on neighbors to denounce such behavior.

In Berlin, activists carried out agitation and distribution of flyers promoting the the Day Against Violence Against Women. Elsewhere in the city, graffiti was documented reading, “Women, Struggle and Fight Back!” as well as “Proletarian Feminism* for Communism.”

*Tribune of the People does not endorse the term ‘Proletarian Feminism’ as Maoism already contains the tools necessary for the emancipation of women*


Activists with the Revolutionary Youth (JR) in Caen participated in a rally against the law of global security, which would ban filming police, making cases of police brutality all the more difficult to prove. They carried a banner reading, “Against the Police State, for the Revolution, Let’s Give Blow for Blow.”

On November 25 in Lyon, a banner was erected for the Day Against Violence Against Women, which read, “Exploited Women, Battered Women: It Is Time to Revolt.”

Activists with JR also commemorated the death of Comrade Joselo with a banner reading, “Comrade Joselo, Present!”


In Trondheim, a large banner was documented hanging from a bridge reading, “Comrades Nubar, Özgür, Rosa and Asmin are Immortal!,” in solidarity with the recently-fallen combatants in the People’s War in Turkey.

An action was also held in Kristiansand in solidarity with women in Poland who are currently fighting abortion restrictions. Participants included the Struggle Committee, women’s organizations, and members of the local Polish community. Attendees held torches and signs with slogans for women’s rights, including, “Smash Patriarchy, Combat and Resist.”

A propaganda campaign was also carried out in Bergen with posters reading, “Combat and Resist!” along with information on the current economic crisis and its effect on workers.


In Turku, several actions were carried out as part of the Day Against Violence Against Women. Activists agitated with a banner reading, “It Is Right to Rebel Against Imperialism and Patriarchy.”

Graffiti was also documented with the slogans, “For Socialist Revolution!,” “No to Violence Against Women!,” and “Against Imperialism and Patriarchy!”

Posters in solidarity with recently deceased Ecuadorian Communist, Comrade Joselo, were documented in Tampere, reading “Comrade Joselo Lives On in the Struggle!”


The Red Women’s Committee in Vienna organized an act of popular solidarity and aid for women and families on November 25. Activists distributed children’s books and toys, clothing for children and women, educational materials, tea, and coffee, as women and families have faced increased hardship due to the economic crisis exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

United States


The United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM) chapter in Austin held actions at Presidium Group-owned apartment complexes Quad West and Quad East, recently renamed Vibe and Collective. Activists gave speeches at each apartment lobby stating that the change in name was a move by Presidium to ignore the tenants’ demands and mitigate bad publicity. The speeches were concluded by releasing cockroaches and other insects in both lobbies to replicate the conditions tenants are forced to live in. Activists then pasted posters with demands made to Presidium alongside calls for tenants to join UNDM.

Graffiti was documented in Austin with the slogans, “With Elections, the Racists/Rich Always Win,” “US Democracy is Bankrupt,” “Every Four Years the Ruling Class Chooses, No Matter Who Wins the Working Class Loses,” and “There Is no Hope in Elections, It Is Right to Rebel”


The Tribune Support Committee in Charlotte held an educational event and political discussion on Joe Biden, emphasizing history as a reactionary and collaboration with the highest levels of the US imperialist ruling class.  Attendees discussed the current economic crisis, and studied “Tech Execs, Defense Industry, Intelligence Officials Form Core of Biden’s Transition Team” and “Joe Biden, US Imperialism’s New Chief of Staff.”


Graffiti was seen in Houston with the slogans, “Every Four Years the Ruling Class Chooses, No Matter Who Wins the Working Class Loses,” and “US Democracy is Bankrupt.”

Kansas City

Graffit was seen in Kansas City reading, “There Is No Hope in Elections, It Is Right to Rebel” and “US Democracy is Bankrupt.”

Elsewhere, posters promoting Tribune were also documented.

Los Angeles

Promotional posters reading, “A Revolutionary News Source, Tribune of the People! The Voice of Rebellion Will Not Be Silenced!” were seen around Boyle Heights and Vernon.


Promotional posters for Tribune of the People were documented in Orlando.


Large blocks of posters promoting Tribune were also documented in Providence, RI.


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