Elections In USA: Cajoling People Into Accepting The Lesser Of Two Evils!

The following are excerpts from a longer analysis published by Yeni Demokrasi , a New Democratic news outlet from Turkey, on the US elections and the opportunist trends serving to legitimize them. We post this selection to encourage discussion on the issues related to the Communist Party of the Philippines congratulating President-elect Joe Biden after he won the election.

In the recent US presidential elections, the position taken by the progressive-revolutionary and even some forces who call themselves “maoists” showed the extent of the liquidationist, reformist process and the siege to the independent political action and identity of the proletariat. During the elections between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the whole world turned its eyes to this competition and focused on the scoreboard that will come out of the ballot box. The main axis of the election debate was formed through the perception of a struggle between Trump, who represents “fascism, militarism, racism, misogyny and reactionism”, and Biden, who can be considered as the best of evil against it, that will remain “bound by bourgeois democratic norms.” That is to say, the issue was defined not as a struggle between two reactionary cliques of the monopoly imperialist bourgeoisie, but as a struggle between representatives of two separate values.


Firstly, two types of government are needed for the imperialist-capitalist system to maintain its dictatorship. One is bourgeois democracy and the other is fascism. Fascism was born as a child of the imperialist era. The partially progressive gunpowder of the monopolized bourgeoisie in the competitive capitalist period is now exhausted, and its system has acquired a structure that conceived of comprehensive and multidimensional crises. This situation has brought the bourgeois reaction’s need for the most reactionary, aggressive, chauvinistic and rotten form of government in order to manage its national interests, the crisis structure of its capital. Fascism in its most rigid form is defined as “the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, chauvinistic, most imperialist elements of finance capital”. This is also another form of the dictatorship of the bourgeois ruling classes. A systematic form of government that the monopoly bourgeoisie had to add to the option of bourgeois democracy in the imperialist era. The transition of an imperialist-capitalist system with bourgeois democracy to fascism can be possible with the compulsory push of historical conditions, accompanied by very bloody, big political crises that are not easy to evolve. As the system changes shape, it realizes this in a difficult, bloody way that carries great contradictions in its heart. In that case, the convenience of a series of developments is sought, such as the extent of the contradiction between the ruling class cliques, the positioning of the masses, the re-establishment of the balance of power, the nature of international contradictions. This is especially valid for a dominant imperialist power.

Secondly, fascism is not a concept that can be explained by the fascist nature of a person. In this context, the fact that chauvinist, reactionary, bigoted figures are ministers, prime ministers and presidents in bourgeois democracy does not mean that the system has a fascist character and that system change has taken place. With the result of the “one election” competition, the system does not change shape or take a new shape. Historical experiences are indicative of this. Of course, history has also shown us the following: the execution of a bourgeois dictatorship in the established system with the discourse of “socialism” and the personality structure of a “leader” or the functioning of the same system through a “leader” selected with fascist characteristics. The question is what the interests of the ruling bourgeois classes are. The rules of the established system are whether that leader has created himself within its laws. The transition to fascism, on the other hand, emerges from the fact that the established system is now crumbling, the socio-political-economic contradictions are no longer manageable, and the expectation in the balance of power between the ruling class cliques and the radical change in their future concerns force them to seek another search. The conditions that gave rise to the advent of fascism under the leadership of Hitler in Germany are such conditions. Having lost war, struggling in great crises, the existing system no longer has a response in the masses, the German bourgeoisie aches for new market areas, where socialism has become a threat to the world system and is on the agenda of all oppressed peoples, the search for change in the balance of power in the imperialist rule, the fascist form of dictatorship came to life at the end of a rather bloody, difficult and heavy process. For the imperialist countries with deep-rooted bourgeois democracies to forget the fact that fascism has historically been cursed, to forget that they will tend to prefer this system as a whole, leaving aside bourgeois democracy in conditions of crisis that it is very necessary and unable to cope with, to underestimate the mind and historical consciousness of the bourgeoisie. The problem will be to discuss with a one-sided idealism, in which the superstructure element for political-ideological-cultural traditions is ignored besides economic conditions. In this case, it should be seen that the imperialist systems based on bourgeois democracy will be obliged to prefer fascism, and that historical imperatives and intensifying contradictions will become possible with the emergence of a serious survival problem for them.

Thirdly, in the era of imperialism, the fascist state form is continuous due to the economic and political conditions of semi-colonial semi-feudal countries. Likewise, the transition of semi-colonial semi-feudal countries to “bourgeois democracy” is not related to its will. In the era of imperialism, the problem of democracy in these countries is now a question of revolution, led by the proletariat. The systematic of the revolution that will take place with the unique contributions of Comrade Mao is called the NEW DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION. That is, a democratic revolution that will provide the historical transition conditions to socialism under the leadership of the proletariat. In this context, the transition of the ruling classes from fascism to bourgeois democracy or from bourgeois democracy to fascism is not an easy matter. While the first conditions a revolution under the leadership of the proletariat, the second depends on the crisis of the world system, the extent of the contradiction between imperialist powers and the difficulties experienced by the ruling bourgeois classes.

Fourthly, just as there is no pure democracy in reactionary bourgeois-democratic forms of government, fascistic practices are inherent in the system itself. As the course of developments and the need to manage the crisis, fascistic practices can escalate and become effective even when the bourgeois-democratic form is dominant. This chauvinist, racist and most reactionary aggression based on repression only comes to life without assuming the fascist form that the imperialist system always needs, without going beyond the boundaries of bourgeois-democracy.


In other words, it is wrong to define fascism as the attitude of the leaders, the periodic or certain parts of the system, the attacks in fascistic ways without system change. This trivializes the theoretical definition of fascism. That causes wrong analysis of the objective situation, the conditions of the social revolution, and distorts the consciousness of the masses on the right basis and the struggle against the system with the right tools and methods.


Congratulations from the Communist Party of the Philippines to the US Elections!


With the losing of Trump (Biden won), the Communist Party of the Philippines “congratulated” a subject whom he described as “the people” but whose address is unknown. In its congratulatory message, the CPP stated, “It deserves praise for preventing Trumpian fascism, militarism, racism, misogyny and reaction”, and stated in what context it celebrates the election results. In the other parts of the message, they embellished the uninterrupted imperialist policies of the USA for 75 years with reasons that were not unique in Trump and added the following attacks against the people, which have been implemented since its establishment: “He implemented economic policies that promoted tax cuts and further concentration of wealth in the hands of monopoly capitalists and causing millions of working-class Americans to suffer widespread joblessness, low wages, lack of access to public services, indebtedness, homelessness and other social ills. Under Trump, US imperialist militarism and aggression intensified. He continued to employ and expand economic sanctions against countries asserting independence. He expanded the US “war on terror” to push US military aggression.”

In the final analysis, the CPP sent praise and congratulations to the mass who supported the deceiving and manipulation of the masses in the election race of two reactionary cliques in an imperialist country and one of the reactionary cliques, Biden. That is to say, it is congratulated for the masses to be deceived by a clique and the masses to be deceived. Objectively, the message celebrates this. A picture has been created as if the elections and the parliament or the presidential competition had a unique situation in the imperialist USA that would negate Comrade Lenin’s emphasis on the elections. These elections in the USA determined which clique will oppress, exploit, suppress the people for four years; These elections have determined which imperialist clique will kill the peoples of the world and the oppressed nations, and lead the barbaric and brutal financial, political and military attacks. Nothing more.

The CPP’s perception of Trump’s losing as a success and a tribute to the public, despite the fact that the US elections were politicized as much as possible and took place in a great crisis atmosphere, is directly related to the role they assigned to the elections. The reality of the people being directed to choose one between two reactionary cliques, the energy of struggle, the reaction to the system by the cliques in this electoral atmosphere for the approval of the imperialist policy has almost disappeared. The analysis of “US President-elect Joe Biden rode on the crest of a gigantic wave of democratic mass movement which has engulfed the entire country. The Black Lives Matter movement since the start of May is the latest display of mass opposition following the show of mass resistance by American workers, immigrants, women, youth and other sectors of American society. ” misunderstood the relationship established between the anti-fascist movement and the elections, which should be established from the point of view of the communists. It is a fact that this movement is a movement of anger and reaction, including the crisis of the system that emerged with the epidemic, the scale of reactionary laws, and the new forms of economic aggression. It is a fact that a clique of the US ruling classes manipulated this movement on the grounds of fear of Trump, the specter of fascism and the threat of American democracy, and turned it into a dynamism through elections. Thus, the angry and reactive movement, which has the potential to get out of the system, was drawn into the system through elections, and this movement was put into a position that strengthened itself in the clique struggle by Biden as an imperialist clique. Here, it has been forgotten what the return for Trump’s losing, what kind of result he produced, and that another clique, which embraces itself by “sympathizing with” the demands of the masses, will seize all the revolutionary and progressive energy of this mass movement from the streets and rein in its hands.

The CPP is mistaken with the Trumpian fascism analysis. We have touched on this issue above. Trump and the class he represents do not foresee a change in the form of the system with more fascistic attacks and more racist nature. The policies he followed for 4 years, the insurances that have been put into action in the functioning state mechanism of US imperialism and the necessity of Trump’s obedience to this clearly showed this. In other words, the determination of “fascism” of Trump’s reactionary attacks and strengthening his mass base with these discourses is a sign of incomprehension of the fascism theory of MLM. Trump’s every line that is incompatible with the orientation of US imperialism has led to the fact that the policies of the USA have uncertainties, and the creation of exceptional situations that would be incompatible with the president. However, each time, in the interests of the big imperialist monopolies, it was able to find the direction of the state mechanism. This sometimes came to life at the cost of deceiving Trump (such as not implementing the decision to withdraw troops in Syria – from James Jeffrey’s statements -) and sometimes at the cost of pushing Trump into an incoherent position. On this axis, there is no reference to the four-year Trumpian US policy of changing the regime and the US system and turning it into a fascist character. Trump is essentially no different from previous US presidents. What it realizes is the interests of the US imperialist monopolies. On the other hand, characteristics such as more lumpen, more vulgar, more stupid, more reckless, less level-headed, more utterly utilitarian have no equivalent in the pursued political orientation. Even looking at the recent history, not the period when anti-communist attacks were intense, will guide us to a certain extent. It should be remembered from the line that g.w. Bush followed with the concept of “Either you are from us or you are on the side of terrorism”, to what extent the Patriot Act, which he put into effect in 2001 under the name of international terrorism, increased the dose of the attack. The USA has been the state of imperialist barbarism, a system in which each president has searched for the other for 75 years. This will be understood when one looks at the historical experiences, US presidents and their actions. On this axis, Trump has exactly followed in the footsteps of his predecessors. Biden, on the other hand, will follow Trump’s footsteps by making small touches and creating a traditional state administration style. In this picture, the trick of Trump danger, in a way that obscures the crimes committed by US imperialism in the world in general; It is not the job of the communists to congratulate in oblivion for the losing of one clique and the reality gained by another reactionary clique because of a struggle between cliques. Communists clearly focus on the dangers awaiting the people, not wasting the revolutionary energy of the people in the struggle between the cliques.

Communists Oppose to Backing Up the Revolutionary Energy of the Masses to the System!

The competition between Trump and Biden has magnified the crisis of the US system. It has been revealed that the US imperialism and its democracy, which is a model for the world and leads the world system, are phony. Distrust in the elections was accompanied by a crisis and debate. It is necessary to see Trump’s contribution and influence in this. It is necessary to conclude to what extent the conflict between dominant cliques has grown. In this picture, the communists should support the exposure of US imperialism with all its institutions, formations and cliques, reveal the rotten structure of the system, and the masses to push the revolutionary option in this rottenness.

The CPP’s congratulatory message and attitude will be to obscure the role and mission of the elections. In addition, although CPP wrote a congratulatory message with the criticisms of Biden, being happy with the departure of the loser Trump serves to create an objective expectation from the coming and to develop this consciousness in the masses.

We stand by the US people’s attempt against the epidemic, racism and economic attacks, the anger and resentment carried by the masses. We encourage and warn that this action should not be used by any reactionary clique, strengthening their independent progressive and democratic identity.

“The proletariat alone has the capacity to achieve the complete democratization of the political and social system because it will put the system in the hands of the workers”, “the unification of the democratic aspirations of the working class and the democratic activity of the other classes and groups will weaken the democratic movement, the less determined that it will weaken the political struggle.” On the other hand, if the working class stands out as the vanguard fighter of the struggle for democratic institutions, it will strengthen the democratic movement, strengthen the struggle for political freedom … “Comrade Lenin would be more prone to the talents and political aims of the proletariat. This emphasis on towards should be remembered. Now we can adopt the same approach for the democratic movement of the US people, for an alliance of the oppressed, for their demand and action. The US proletariat has the capacity to democratize the entire system. It is clear that the democratic and progressive movement will weaken at the point where the US democratic movement and the struggling forces falter against the system, come to the game of another reactionary imperialist clique and go hand in hand with this reactionary clique instead of creating a more independent and dynamic movement. The fact that the popular movement was politicized by the election competition and weakened by the Biden clique is obvious. This is a clear and decisive negativity for communists. Turning this negativity into congratulations rather than revealing it undoubtedly has a direct relationship with the point of view on the problem.

In its message, the CPP says that “America’s working class and people must continue to organize and mobilize in order for the Biden government to react quickly to these urgent demands. The conditions are favorable for the proletarian revolutionaries to strengthen their ranks and expand their leadership. ” With this message, the CPP sets a clear expectation criterion, badly giving false advice to the masses of the US and the proletarian vanguard with its mission and responsibility of the “communist vanguard” of another country. Communists do not confine organization and struggle with urgent demands, but firmly attach this struggle to the struggle for power. This other tactic is the complement of everyday policy and a whole strategic line. The CPP gives advice, almost like a reformist movement and subject in the USA, and takes a strange position against the elections unnecessarily. The CPP should demand its own struggle against all the crimes of the imperialist US state and the struggle of the entire US people against these imperialist policies and the attack on them, and should support such struggles. It is a clear deviation from the success achieved through the elections, especially when they wrote this to another reactionary imperialist clique and turned it in favor of the struggle between the cliques, that the Communists pulled out a success story here, it is a false awareness of the people of the United States and its own people, a blunting of their independent political identity.

“Reformist tactics are the least likely to realize real reforms. The most effective way to achieve real reforms is to follow revolutionary class struggle tactics”. Our advice to ourselves and to all the peoples of the world should be this clear line of Comrade Lenin. A line that goes beyond this will not meet urgent demands, nor will the reformer deliver improvements. The issue of uniting with the slogans and borders of the reformist bourgeoisie, let alone with the slogans of a clique of reactionary imperialist monopolies, is an open issue for communists. Comrade Lenin says: “By combining our slogans with the slogans of the reformist bourgeoisie, we weaken the cause of revolution, and consequently also the cause of reform, because in this way we reduce the independence, courage and power of the revolutionary classes.” So what happened in the US elections? A clique of reactionary classes backed up the reformist bourgeoisie and encouraged it to follow a line of action involving unification. Biden obviously used this in the elections and achieved results. At the point where the communists make clear against this faltering class attitude of the reformist bourgeoisie, they will more strongly determine how and to what extent it will fight against the representatives of the counter-revolutionary classes. Otherwise, the reactionary cliques will face the danger of losing all their identity and independence in the worst state of class collaboration with wrong tactics in the power struggle. This is what the CPP has done. While the fusion of the US proletariat and the popular masses with the Biden line in the elections and the blood supply to it is a matter of criticism, warning and making the lines clearer, the CPP congratulates this.

This line is not a true and good message to anti-imperialists or even the oppressed. To make them mis-conscious at the point of imperialist rulers, at the point of their clique struggles, would be to complicate the already complicated facts rather than clarify them. This attitude will cripple the anti-imperialist line. It will cause ruptures in the struggle and independent actions of the masses, and will open the door to class collaborative reformist lines. Most importantly, it will feed and enlarge the right line that is blowing within the revolutionary-democratic forces around the world.

As A Result

The US elections have been politicized by creating a fear of Trump. Trump, on the other hand, wanted to protect himself by feeding on the anti-communist vein and to ossify the social layer with a strong reactionary ground. On this axis, the US state has won its imperialist monopolies. At one end, Trump with Biden at one end, reaction was fueled by Trump and presented as death to the public, Biden was accepted as “malaria” and the popular opposition was almost peacefully drawn into the system. The process going through is one in which reaction is in a continuous dynamic progress. In this context, by preserving the essence of the given regime of the states, the oppressed are dragged against the cliques that use the reaction relatively more, and against the cliques, which are relatively softer and do not need to clamor, but try to sit at the helm of the same system. Erdogan creating fear in Turkey, one man telling ballads functioning fascism and fascism which continues since 97 years is justified his reactionary clique, clique is dragged after these elections through mass. The liquidationist understanding of all kinds is in the influence and vortex of a line that believes that everything changes with elections and that makes the masses believe, and that makes their struggle and face elections. This is a situation in which the subjects who claim to be progressive-revolutionary-democrat and even communist themselves suffer. The political positioning based on class distinction, the ideological formation is forgotten, instead of the development, empowerment, and power of the independent action and identity of the proletariat and the oppressed, it drags them into a line that is confined to the backed-up tailism and makes them believe that the system will change even if elected. This is also what happens in the US elections.


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