Notes on the Elections in Brazil

The following is a repost from German revolutionary news source Dem Volke Dienen.

More than 56 million are boycotting the election farce – 30% of voters reject the false democracy and call for a new way forward.

The election farce failed, and the biggest election boycott in the history of Brazil took place. The resounding rejection of the reactionary elections reached around 56 million people in the second ballot who did not participate or who voted empty or invalid, which corresponds to 30% of the eligible voters. A boycott of 40 million people had already taken place in the first ballot. The 2014 election boycott reached 38 million people. The now first place party, Bolsonaro’s PSL, received 57 million votes in the second ballot. About two-thirds, almost 90 million people, did not vote for first place in this second ballot.

In the state of Minas Gerais, too, the election as governor was a resounding failure: around 6 million people joined the boycott in the first round, which corresponds to 42.8%. The first place candidate Romeu Zema only collected 26.2% (approx. 4 million) of the entire electorate in the first ballot.

In Rondônia, the first place candidate for the state government in the first round, Expedito Júnior of the PSDB, did not even reach 20.5% of the total electorate, while the boycott of the electoral farce reached 38%.

In Teresópolis, a city in Rio de Janeiro, there was a supplementary election for mayor. The result was a fiasco: more than 56.6% did not vote or voted empty or invalid. First place Vinicius Claussen from PPS was only left with 18.6%.

The Brazilian comrades called for a boycott and the response was astonishing. Just a few highlights of the boycott campaigns:

Campinas election sabotage – In the early hours of October 7th, two electronic ballot boxes were sabotaged in Campinas. During the operation, the cables of the machines were cut, and both had to be replaced. The police were called in the morning and isolated the place, but could not identify the possible originators of the action.

Army attacked in Brasnorte, MT – Indigenous peoples attacked army men with arrows in a village in Brasnorte, 580 kilometers from Cuiabá on October 7. The goal of the indigenous peoples was to prevent the electronic ballot boxes from entering the place as part of their rejection of false democracy.

Attack on the electoral forum of São José dos Pinhais, PR – At least four Molotov cocktails were thrown at the electoral forum of São José dos Pinhais in the metropolitan area of ​​Curitiba in the early morning hours of October 4. Security cameras recorded the action and the video circulated on social networks. Inside the forum were the 689 ballot boxes that were to be used in the first ballot of the farce. Although the action was investigated by the military police, federal police, state security departments, etc., it was not possible to identify the participants in the action.

Election propaganda in a small district of Rondônia – In the district of Guaporé, municipality of Chupinguaia, in Rondônia, communist flags were hoisted and the wall of the municipal school Valter José Zanella, the slogan ‘Elections no!’ was painted. The hammer and sickle were also painted on the wall. Leaflets were tied on a stake and, according to the press quoted, their content called on the people not to vote.

Over ten ballot boxes destroyed in Sorocaba, SP – On October 28, a group of people broke into the premises of the Humberto Campos School in SP and destroyed the ballot boxes. The ten ballot boxes were made unusable.