Week in Struggle: December 4-10


Yeni Demokrasi recently reported that, according to local sources, a TIKKO landmine operation in Dersim Ovacık in late November killed one military office and 11 more soldiers of the reactionary Turkish army. The original report from the government claimed that only four soldiers had been “slightly” wounded.

The bodies of recently-fallen guerrillas in the People’s War in Turkey, TKP/ML Central Committee member and political commissioner of Dersim Comrade Nubar, TIKKO Dersim district commander Comrade Özgür, and People’s Warrior Comrade Asmin, were recently buried after a lengthy dispute with the reactionary Old State which refused to release the bodies. Asmin was buried in the village of Pertek while Nubar and Özgür were buried in Istanbul-Sarıgazi. All the funerals took place under heavy repression by armed police, who tried to prevent the ceremonies from taking place.


The A Nova Democracia Support Committees in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói distributed approximately 100 copies of the newspaper at the busy João Goulart Bus Terminal in Niterói, agitating against the elections and promoting the election boycott. The Fortaleza Support Committee also distributed around 100 newspapers at the Messejana Integration Terminal.


In Hamburg, approximately 2000 people mobilized against the “Rondenbarg Trial,” referring to a group of protesters who were arrested during a spontaneous demonstration during the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017. According to Dem Volke Dienen, the defendants are facing heavy prison sentences for simply walking along with the demonstration. Revolutionaries carried a banner reading, “Against the FRG Police State: Combat and Resist!”


Revolutionaries in Austria also carried out numerous actions commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels, including graffiti, demonstrations, and photos with supporters. They raised the slogans:”Down with Revisionism! Long Live Maoism!” and “200 Years, Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!”


The Revolutionary Youth (JR) shared a photo with a banner reading, “Friedrich Engels 200 Years,” as well as a statement that included the slogans “Long live the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels! Proletarians of all countries, unite! Down with revisionism! Long live Maoism!”

Activists with JR also held several solidarity actions with recently deceased Ecuadorian Communist Comrade Joselo. Banners included the slogans: “Comrade Joselo: We Will Win!,” “Honor and Glory to Comrade Joselo, Long Live the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun!,” and “Comrade Joselo Present! In the Heart of the Class Struggle and the Oppressed Peoples of the World!”

JR activists have also been participating in the ongoing demonstrations against the “global security” law, which forbids the filming of police under the guise of protecting them from “harm.” Slogans raised include “It Is Right to Rebel!,” “Give Back Blow for Blow!,” “Against Repression, Revolution!,” and “Facing the Law of “Global Security,” Broad Retaliation!”

The revolutionaries also paid homage to Comrades Pierre and Catherine, both of whom hold a great significance for the communist movement in the French state. Banners read, “Our Comrade Pierre Is in the Struggles of the Proletariat! He is Immortal!,” as well as “Comrade Catherine/Pierre, Present!”


Activists with the Struggle Committee in Trondheim participated in a demonstration against welfare cuts under the slogan “Stop the cuts! Let the capitalists pay for their own crisis!” The budget cuts include mental health and substance abuse care as well as children’s services.


Revolutionary activists in Tampere held a flash demonstration in front of Town Hall on Finnish Independence Day against imperialism and fascism. They carried red flags with the Maoist hammer and sickle as well as a banner reading “No Peace Without Justice, Dare to Struggle!” along with a fist smashing the symbols of several fascist groups.


Socialist Republicans held a commemoration for the four martyrs executed by Free State forces in 1922, Liam Mellows, Rory Ó Connor, Dick Barrett, and Joe Mckelvey, in Castletown, Wexford. The event included a Republican color guard as well as a banner reading “Irish Citizen Army, with Arms in Our Hands We Will Steer Our Own Course and Carve Our Own Future!”


Graffiti has been documented from the Revolutionary Student Movement in Toronto commemorating Comrade Joselo with the slogan, “Honour and Glory to Comrade Joselo! Long Live the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun!” Elsewhere, more graffiti was seen in solidarity with the peasant struggle in Brazil, reading, “Long Live the League of Poor Peasants!” and “Long Live the Agrarian Revolution!”

United States


Graffiti commemorating Engels’s 200th anniversary of the birth was seen in Austin with the slogans, “Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!” “Long Live the Work of Marx-Engels!” and “Crush Revisionism! Long Live Maoism!” alongside a hammer and sickle.

The Tribune Support Committee in Austin hosted a presentation on the People’s War in India this week. The event coincided with the announcement earlier this month of the 20th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA), under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). The speakers educated the audience on the history of India and the People’s War there , emphasizing the need for international solidarity, and called for the release of political prisoners Varavara Rao and GN Saibaba.

United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM) members and activists disrupted a Presidium owned drive-in movie the day it inaugurated in Riverside by flashing lights at the movie screen, yelling chants, and giving speeches against Presidium. The speeches denounced Presidium’s continued effort to gentrify Riverside. The disruption of the drive-in theater is the third action the Austin UNDM chapter has taken against Presidium in December.

Kansas City

Graffiti was documented in Kansas City reading, “US Democracy is Bankrupt” along with a hammer and sickle.


Graffiti was also seen in Oxnard reading, “Long Live Chairman Gonzalo.”


In Houston, graffiti was documented with the slogans “There is No Hope in Elections!” and “It Is Right to Rebel!”

Posters promoting Tribune of the People as a revolutionary news source were also seen in Pittsburgh and Charlotte.




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