Vindicate the Role of Stalin

Tribune of the People commemorates December 18th, the Birthday of Comrade Stalin by providing the following unofficial translations.

Stalin, the Steel Communist

The following is an unofficial translation from the 10th volume of the journal It is Right to Rebel, published by the Revolutionary and Popular Student Front in Chile, which we present here as an introduction to Chairman Gonzalo’s speech on Comrade Stalin.

Continuing with the articles on the 100 years of the October Revolution, we want to vindicate the role of Stalin, great revolutionary and follower of Lenin and Marx.

Stalin, the son of a shoemaker and a Bolshevik militant since the age of 16, worked hard together with the poor people of Russia, fought boldly against Tsarism and firmly spread Marxism.

After joining the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party led by Lenin, he fought to prepare and lead the Revolution of 1917, and after his triumph, he fought in defense of the conquests of the proletarian revolution.

Under the leadership of Stalin, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) and the Soviet people persisted in the line of socialist industrialization, achieving in 20 years overwhelming advances that 200 years delayed the bourgeoisie in Great Britain.

The people and the Army, led by Stalin, won the great victory against Nazi-fascism, burying the Second Imperialist World War.

For these reasons, rampant imperialist disinformation campaigns have tried to bury the successes of Stalin’s leadership.

Campaigns that consisted of lies invented by the Nazi German Propaganda Minister Goebbels and later developed by CIA agent Conquest. They went out of their way to distort reality, inflating the death count and the number of prisoners.

These lies elaborated directly by imperialism are the common source that Trotskyism and anarco-communism shamefully promote along with all the reactionary parties such as the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) or National Renewal (RN); and they are told as truths in the Ministry of Education’s history books.

The revisionism of Nikita Khrushchev, then his counterrevolutionary coup d’état on 1956, attempted to tear the great image of Stalin from the hearts of the people of the Soviet Union and the entire world, promoting the false “fight against the cult of personality” where he struggled to leave him as “the worst dictator in Russia,” thus opening the way for the restoration of capitalism in Russia.

Our duty as revolutionaries is to investigate for ourselves, take a stand for the truth and expose the great lies with which imperialism seeks to muddy the experiences that the people of the world have had to try to stop the revolution.

Our Tribute to the Battle of Stalingrad: Chairman Gonzalo on World War II and the Role of Comrade Stalin

The following is an unofficial translation of a speech given by Chairman Gonzalo at the I Congress of the PCP.

The World Revolution:

Lenin had to act at a juncture in which the revolution could only be made in one country and in only one, the USSR; and I think it is a greatness in him, to have established that thesis, to have laid the foundations for the moment to be fulfilled, and I think it is a merit of c. Stalin for having captured it.

We don’t have to be stingy, we have to recognize; once again, much is said about comrade Stalin but little is understood what he has done, it is not seen. Was Lenin not willing to go and command the revolution in Germany, knowing that there was no head capable of leading it? Of course he knew perfectly well; but he came to understand that the revolution could only take place in the USSR and that it was only possible to do that; but he never abandoned the world revolution, rather he conceived the Bolshevik revolution, Soviet as part of the world revolution and that it should serve the world revolution and saw it as a nexus, then, to raise up the oppressed nations and unify the two great movements, this was his thought.

That is why he says that the revolution is not going to be simply the revolution in the advanced countries, that is foolish, it has to be combined with the revolution in the backward countries, because this is how imperialism will sink; he establishes lines, concrete long-term lines, I think masterful. If one reads Lenin carefully, one can see that he turns his eyes towards the backward countries, not because he does not want revolution in the center of imperialism, no, that is not the problem, but that he sees the reality and the perspective of the world.

Chairman Mao, in the other circumstance where the revolution is already developing, has, in our opinion, come to equilibrium; he has thought about the question of the strategy of the world revolution. So the Chairman already foresees all those things, I think then he thinks about the revolution in terms of unity; hence, he comes to suggest that China is the basis for serving the world revolution.

The Second World War

World War II is an event of transcendence in the history of the world, it strictly began in 1939 and ended in 1945 – sorry if I enter these expressions, I think it is necessary to at least remember them, because sometimes I think that some comrades may not know; if I am wrong, it is preferable to take the risk than to not know. It is a world war in which on the one hand there is imperialist robbery, the dispute for world hegemony that Germany demanded for itself under Hitler; but on the other hand it is the defense of socialism and development of the revolution, yes, it is very clear and correct that the war then waged by the USSR was a great patriotic war. I insist, sometimes comrades, we fight revisionism implacably and we already want to forget certain things; it was a just war of defense, a great patriotic war, that’s how it was defined with all correctness, that’s why; and the development of the world revolution because in addition to that glorious heroic defense that cost the USSR 20 million men, we have an anti-imperialist struggle that will unfold in oppressed nations, mainly in China. And why do we say mainly in China? It is good to remember that in China 60% of the Japanese army was retained for a long time; that is why we do not agree when simply talking about the western front, the eastern front, but taking everything as what was fought in Europe, and seeing the problem of the east, which is a great fighting front and a great revolutionary front, it is wrong, in our opinion, when it is tried to reduce it to the action of western imperialists and mainly the United States, this has not been the case. It is the great war of resistance of oppressed nations, like China, like Korea, like Burma, like Indonesia, the Philippines, etc., where precisely the imperialists fled like rats and it was the people of those nations who took up arms; those who were lucky enough to have a Communist Party triumphed and advanced and those who did not, at least in a transitional way escaped being colonies, for example Indonesia, which, as a result of that war, ceased to be a colony of Holland.

In that war there was a sinister plan: the crusade against the USSR, and I underline the word crusade because of its medieval roots that clearly expresses its reactionary heart and because that is how it was raised by Hitler himself, as an anti-Bolshevik crusade, because the black dream they had it was to sweep the USSR off the face of the earth; futile, a dream of glass, it crashed against the power of the dictatorship of the proletariat, with the leadership of the party and of comrade Stalin, of the Russian proletariat, of the Russian people. Comrades, heroic pages!: Stalingrad, the greatest warfare in cities, warfare in the streets, the one that generates the most deaths. There they fought not only house by house but room by room; they are chapters that have shook the world. 

There, too, the dirty, devious game of the imperialist allies has been clearly seen: the United States, England, I am not talking about France because it was occupied – and it was in 18 days-, devious that delayed the opening of the invasion of Europe by the north to strike at the heart of Germany, looking for fascist Germany to defeat the USSR. We all know, and it must be remembered, comrades, that the fascist offensive led by the Nazis to which the Italian fascists, the Franco Spanish fascists contributed and used all the economic power of the subjugated Europe, launched a million and a half men, the cream of the crop of the German army, 75% of its air force, penetrated. But comrade Stalin had wisely handled diplomacy greatly and with subtlety – these are things that – forgetting the German-Soviet pact was necessary – some say, but that did not save the USSR from the invasion, they do not know what they are talking about, it was one thing to buy time and another thing was that Germany would necessarily hit the USSR, reason: it could not continue advancing in the West with a powerful enemy at its back and with a fierce and very rich land of fabulous potential; yes, comrades, that must be recognized, we must understand reality as it is because that is how we even understand what these social-imperialists and a population of more than 200 million are based on today, that was inevitable.

There it is necessary to emphasize the sagacity and penetration of the Soviet intelligence service, that was intelligence service! Which they came to know on the day of the invasion; they say that it was of no use – I think these are stupid belches. What could Russia do in the face of such an attack, apply a strategic defense and that is what was done – we as communists and already managing a people’s war understand that it is a strategic defense- and that was what was done, together with scorched earth, to leave nothing, bare earth; and they had the audacity, the high decision to blow up monumental works like that famous dam that connects the Volga with the Don that cost so many years of effort, it was blown up! The Germans never dreamed, they thought that this work would not be blown up because it was too important and it had cost a lot of effort. Comrades, the dictatorship of the proletariat was at stake, the revolution was at stake, we cannot waste time nor can we simply allow ourselves to be hindered as Chairman Mao says, by defending inches of land, or pots; that’s how we are, then, the communists.

They crashed at the gates of Leningrad, at the gates of Moscow, and at Stalingrad; but not only was scorched earth left behind, guerrillas and even individual men were left with a good rifle and a good amount of ammunition and their vodka for the cold, and to annihilate one of those, the Germans had to lose 40 men, that is the average comrades. It was not therefore easy as the Germans believed; think, comrades, that this offensive is a high-quality military plan, thus, the highest and most enlightened German military leaders drew up that plan and the German school has a tradition of war many times proven: in three months they were going to conquer the USSR, in three months.

Comrade Stalin’s foresight had already taken measures since the thirties when there is the great transformation of the field and the industry, they had already transferred factories beyond the Urals, even foreseeing the possibility of leaving even Moscow, because it is true, everything was ready in case they could not ultimately defend Moscow, even if that was the decision taken, it was already planned to move the leadership and the center to the Urals; thus, the first thing that was done was to take measures for the transfer of Lenin because he could not fall into the dirty hands of the miserable children of hell, he could not fall. But the order, what was it then, comrades? After they had penetrated to the aforementioned doors, the order was not to go back any further! You will say, and how were those plans to go to the Urals? Comrades, there is always a plan in case it fails, you never make a single plan, that is intoned, you have plans for various circumstances and even extreme ones. It is very memorable and must always be highlighted as November 7, anniversary of the revolution, they had nowhere to celebrate it and it was already considered impossible to fulfill it; comrade Stalin said: “to the station!” “but there is no platform, there are no seats,” comrade Stalin stood on a drawer and gave the speech celebrating the revolution and said: ¨How many were we when we conquered power, what strength did we have when we rejected the immediate imperialist aggression to the October revolution? Few and weak! Compared to what we are today, therefore they will not defeat us, we will crush them! And we will annihilate the beast in its own den, in Berlin,” did he say that? Comrades, these are things that one must remember, just like that, comrade Stalin cannot be prosecuted, that is why the Party says we must see World War II.

It is well known how after that came the great resistance, the breakdown of the German lines, the pocket of Stalingrad where the commanders (Germans asked Hitler for authorization to capitulate) but Hitler here, he told them, the Aryans do not retreat, the Aryans They cannot be defeated by barbarians, by Mongols by inferiors yes, but those inferiors, barbarians, Mongols, hunted them like rats and had to surrender.

It is good to always reiterate this: Stalin, a war manager with skill and wisdom, always had the moral element in mind and made all the defeated, surrendered Nazis parade and throw their flags, their eagles, their swastikas at the foot of the Lenin mausoleum; not only a great military defeat, a great moral defeat! Nazi arrogance, pride had been sunk in the mud and trampled on, it was the greatest moral blow they received! That was the beginning of the breakdown of the Nazi army. The other resistance of the 300 thousand of the heroic race that would prevent the access of the Russians to Germany, the Soviet offensive of the Red Army made it blow up into a thousand pieces and blew up 300 thousand more men; Germany was undone, of course, comrades. That is when the imperialist Westerners rush to land in Normandy why? Because the Red Army, the Communists and Communism were advancing threateningly over all of Europe, that was it; but we know well that at the beginning of May, the Red Army took over Berlin and in the Reichstag, the corporate parliament that they had, they nailed the red flag with the hammer and sickle, the photographs remain for eternal memory. Hitler committed suicide, as we well know, he was even cremated because he knew what would come if he remained, they would not forgive him; Westerners, they may have, but the USSR was not going to forgive him.

The other great front, in the East, has China as its center, where the Japanese army was mired in a sea of masses, weakened, undermined by guerrilla warfare; various oppressed nations took up arms against them; the Westerners “supported” only to later return, it is good to remember MacArthur, the best cadet that West Point has had, that is, the United States military school, one of the highest strategists that the United States has given, he had his barracks in the Philippines, what did he do? He left saying his famous phrase “I will return!” Yes, when they defeat the Japanese, that is the part that he did not say. So when did they return? When the Japanese were weakened, undermined by the fighting in China and in the various oppressed nations of the East. It is therefore the oppressed peoples who have resisted the Japanese beast that once again returns to its old ways. Think about this simply so that you can see what it has cost the United States, one hundred thousand soldiers, it is all that World War II has cost, most of them killed in the East, you see, and before the fear that having concluded the war on the European western front, and as the agreements said, the USSR would have to turn its front against Japan, before the fear that the Red Army would expand, then they had to use the atomic bomb; yes, it is clear how politics direct the war, the Japanese were going to be crushed, they could not resist, justifications that they want to give us today are justifications. 

That great event of World War II shook the world already marked to men and gave good results; not everywhere yes, but it even gave mediated fruits, for example, France and Italy, reason: revisionists, allowed triumph to be snatched from them, the fruits of victory having guerrillas of 500 thousand men, 300 thousand men, forged in that heroic resistance of the class and the European people that must also be taken into account. Thus, World War II is an event of great significance. The prestige of the USSR rose highly on earth, just look at the newspapers of the time, you of course were not born yet, that is the advantage of being older; I remember, comrades, when the victory, yes, I was in the Callao, the port that you know, just here, right? How the sirens of factories and ships sounded when Germany surrendered! Because the war was already won there, the other thing was to finish it, it was a worldwide hubbub, as I also remember, as if I saw it today, how the pages of the newspapers were already raising the atomic bomb like a stick to scare the fearful wondering: there is a risk of disintegration, the earth will disintegrate? It is silly because if there had been so much risk, would scientists have dropped the atomic bomb? It makes no sense, that is not seeing the political essence that directs the war, the weapons are used based on political objectives; a bomb killed a whopping 80 thousand people in Hiroshima; Nagasaki was 145 thousand and yet Hiroshima is celebrated or remembered far more because it was the first time, but in Nagasaki there were 145 thousand, more, these are facts, then, of transcendence that are shaping the minds of people in those noisy times.


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