India: 5,000 Rebel Workers Destroy Apple Third-Party Factory

The following is an unofficial translation of the article “Índia: 5 mil trabalhadores rebelados destroem fábrica terceirizada da Apple” from Anova Democracia

By Giovanna Schaidhauer

The iPhone factory in Karnataka, India, run by Taiwan’s technology monopoly, Wistron Corporation, was destroyed on December 12 by 5,000 overexploited workers after the company failed to pay them their wages and increased their working hours.

Several videos were posted on the internet that captured the workers’ rebellion by destroying assembly units, offices, and cars parked on the site, breaking windows, setting fire to signs, machines, and shouting slogans against the company. Workers also confiscated Apple computers and smartphones.

The outsourced workers, hired by six different companies, had been promised a salary of 16,000 rupees, but received only 12,000 (approximately $163), in addition to staying one month with the payment of wages late. Workers were also forced to work overtime without receiving extra pay.

Monopoly Criminalizes Overexploited Workers

In a complaint against the workers, Wistron accused more than 5,000 hired workers and about 2,000 “unknown people” of “property destruction.” The cost for the monopoly was 4.38 billion rupees (nearly $60 million).

The police arrested 149 workers, while the persecution and investigation of others continued.

Wistron, whose workers are not unionized, said in a statement that they were “deeply shocked by the violence” and blamed “unknown people … with unclear intentions.”

See the videos of the factory outlet rebellion here: 


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