Week in Struggle: December 11-17


In Istanbul, a Justice and Development Party (AKP) office, the party of fascist president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was hit with gunfire by Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) militants. In a statement from the TKP/ML, the action was dedicated to the TİKKO guerrillas who were martyred in Dersim.

TKP/ML militants also set fire to a building for the Ensar Foundation, controlled by the AKP and recently exposed for being involved in child sexual abuse, in honor of recently fallen women guerrillas Rosa and Asmin. In a statement from TKP/ML, they write:

“The Ensar Foundation, one of the extensions of the rotten fascist order, came to the fore with sexual abuse attacks against children and settled on our target. While child abuse and femicide are increasing day by day, institutions such as the Ensar Foundation are nourished by this understanding and produce it. The most heinous attacks and tortures of children, women and revolutionary fighters are a systematic policy of the fascist order.

“Turkish fascism is scaling its attacks on revolutionary women in every field. We know this from the massacres of our women comrades who fight the most, from the torture fed by the patriarchal system. Finally, comrades Rosa and Asmin, who were martyred in Dersim, symbolized as the guide of women’s liberation struggle. The decapitation of Comrade Asmin was the naked truth of the inhuman torture inflicted on our female comrade.”

The TKP/ML TIKKO guerrilla Ferdi Tosun (Muharrem), who was killed in the air bombardment of Dersim Alibogaz at the same time as Comrade Deniz, was commemorated at his funeral in Sarıgazi Party and Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery. The cemetery was surrounded by dozens of armored vehicles, helicopters, and hundreds of riot police for hours.


In the Unidos com Deus Venceremos peasant area in North Minas Gerais, peasants led by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) held an act in commemoration of Cleomar Rodrigues, a leader of the LCP who was murdered by landowners 6 years ago for his part in the struggle for land. The event was attended by numerous other popular organizations, including the Popular Women’s Movement (MFP), Worker’s League (LO), the Sanitary Defense Committee, and other organizations.

Representatives from popular organizations gave speeches on Cleomar and his dedication to the agrarian revolution, anti-imperialism, the election boycott, and other popular campaigns. Additionally, permanent fixtures made of wood and metal were installed commemorating Cleomar with the slogan, “Cleomar Lives!”

A Nova Democracia has also published additional wall paintings dedicated to Friedrich Engels for the 200th anniversary of his birth. The displays read, “Proletarians of All Countries, Unite! Long Live 200 Years of Friedrich Engels! Down with Revisionism! Long Live Maoism!”

Numerous displays of graffiti have also been documented promoting the election boycott across the country with slogans such as “Elections No! Revolution/People’s War Yes!,” “Don’t Vote! The Election is a Farce!,” “Down with the Electoral Farce!,” “Defend the Life and Health of Chairman Gonzalo!,” and “Vaccine for the People!”


In Medellín, activists of several popular organizations including the Student Movement in Service of the People (MESP) and the Revolutionary Youth League (LJR), among others, held an event reflecting on the political struggles and mass rebellions of 2020, highlighting lessons learned and setting a course for 2021. Presentations emphasized the need for revolutionary action and popular mobilization, as well as the damaging effects of opportunism from so-called ‘opposition’ parties, who only wish to keep the people from rebelling.


In Stollberg, revolutionary activists hung a banner in honor of recently-deceased Comrade Joselo, militant of the Communist Party of Ecuador (Red Sun) (PCE-SR) and a tireless fighter for the people, in the immediate vicinity of the Ecuadorian consulate. The banner read, “Comrade Joselo, Present in the Struggle!”


Activists from Austria recently released a video from the numerous actions that were held celebrating the 200th anniversary of Friedrich Engels birthday, including demonstrations and several statements emphasizing his continuing importance to the struggle for Communism.


Several banner drops were carried out by activists from Revolutionary Youth (JR) in Saint-Étienne, Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon, demanding the immediate release of Lebanese political prisoner of the French State, Georges Abdallah.

Another banner was also documented in Saint-Étienne reading, “We will not Pay for the Crisis, We will Revolt!”


Graffiti in a working class neighborhood of Copenhagen was documented reading, “Honor and Glory to Comrade Joselo! Long live the PCE-SR!”


Socialist Republicans and activists from Anti-Imperialist Action held a white-line picket in solidarity with Irish Republican prisoners in the border town of Crossmaglen, in Armagh. The event corresponded the 64th anniversary of the initiation of Operation Harvest, a guerrilla campaign carried out by the Irish Republican Army against British targets in Northern Ireland. The picket highlighted the fact that Irish Republicans are still being held as political prisoners as a direct result of the British occupation.

United States


Popular Women’s Movement-Movimiento Femenino Popular (PWM-MFP) gave a presentation on the life of Friedrich Engels and emphasized his essential contribution to the fight against women’s oppression in his work The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State. Presenters tied his Marxist analysis to current conditions, and asserted that it is right to rebel and the only way to women’s emancipation is revolution.

United Neighborhood Defense Movement has continued to protest the “Ultimate Drive-in” movie theater, put on by Presidium Group, the developers behind the gentrifying Domain On Riverside project, for the second weekend in a row. Activists led chants and shined flashlights into the theater to disrupt the screening. Residents and activists talked to the Tribune about why they are fighting against displacement in the Riverside area.

The Tribune Support Committee in Austin hosted a study focused on the lives of the great revolutionary figures Engels and Stalin in honor of their birthdays, and attendees also studied maps of the Battle of Stalingrad and discussed how, as Mao pointed out in an article at the time, it was a turning point not just for the war but for humanity. Those present also took a photo with a solidarity banner with Yeni Demokrasi and called for the release of its Editor-in-Chief, Tupa Apaydin, who was just sentenced to 30 months in prison by the fascist Turkish state.

Graffiti was also documented in solidarity with fallen guerillas of the People’s War in Turkey, which read, “Deniz, Serzan, Ozgur, Rosa, Asmin, Revolutionaries Never Die!”

Other displays of graffiti with slogans including, “There Is no Hope in Elections! It Is Right to Rebel!,” “US Democracy Is Bankrupt!,” and “With Elections, the Rich Always Win!,” were also documented.


A banner was documented overlooking downtown Pittsburgh in honor of the 200th anniversary of Friedrich Engels’ birth, the banner read, “Long Live the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Frederick Engels!”

Elsewhere graffiti was seen with the slogans “US Democracy is Bankrupt,” “There Is No Hope in Elections! It Is Right to Rebel!,” and “Every Four Years the Ruling Class Chooses, No Matter who Wins, the Working Class Loses!”


The Tribune Support Committee in Charlotte hosted a cultural event on the peasant struggle in Brazil this past Saturday.  Attendees studied and discussed the heroic Battle of Corumbiara as well as the struggles of Camp Tiago Dos Santos and Camp Manoel Ribeiro against the constant onslaught of terror from the Brazilian Military Police. Tribune supporters also discussed the parallels to the eviction crisis in the United States, and the role of revolutionary violence in fighting imperialist exploitation of the environment.

Los Angeles

Graffiti was documented in the Los Angeles area with the slogans, “Long Live the Work of Marx-Engels!,” “Smash Revisionism! Long Live Maoism!,” and “Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!”

Elsewhere Tribune promotional materials were also seen.

Kansas City

Graffiti reading, “Crush Revisionism! Long Live Maoism!” and “Proletarians of All Countries Unite!” was documented in Kansas City.


In Houston, graffiti reading, “Long Live 200 Years of Friedrich Engels! Proletarians of All Countries Unite!” was documented.

Promotional posters for Tribune were also seen in the city


Graffiti was documented with the slogan “US Democracy is Bankrupt!”

Tribune of the People promotional posters and stickers were also seen throughout the city.


Large blocks of Tribune promotional posters have been consistently documented in Orlando as well.

St. Louis

Posters propagating the 200 year anniversary of Friedrich Engels birth were also seen around St. Louis, the posters read, “1820-1875, Long Live the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Frederick Engels.”

Promotional stickers for Tribune were also documented in St. Louis.


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