Comment on the Arrest of 77 Movadef Rats of the ROL

Photo credit: ANDINA/Ministry of Interior of Peru

By the Editorial Board

On December 2, 74 members of the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (Movadef) were arrested in Peru by the reactionary Old State. Over the next few days, more arrests would take place including some of the organization’s top leadership.

First, it is necessary to condemn revisionism and mark it with fire. This is the only attitude revolutionaries can have regarding Movadef. This firm Maoist attitude is not altered by the arrest of more than 77 rats and traitors by the reactionary Old Peruvian State.

Secondly, revolutionaries demand that the people and the revolution exact their own justice—therefore, it is impossible to celebrate such arrests. The revolution does not rely upon the Old State and never will. Reaction, in its desperation to preserve its dying order, will exchange friendly fire—such is the case with the arrest of the rats and traitors to the people. The administration of the Old State is simply trying to polish its image by going after its fair-weather friends.

The right opportunist line (ROL) in Peru, headed by the traitorous vermin of Movadef, has a history of crimes against the people. The fact that their crimes are only against the people and the revolution has no bearing at all on them being easy targets for the Old State. Being targeted earns them no solidarity and no support. It must be recalled that these vermin have colluded with the Old State for their failed “new constituent assembly.” They have exchanged the blood of the people to appease the Old State by developing snitch networks and tormenting prisoners of war with the use of reactionary violence wherever they had the chance. They are capitulators, reactionaries, and revisionists—the thing is to fight them tirelessly.

Other right opportunists internationally, such as the International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS), have wasted no time producing a statement of solidarity for these rats. However, they lack the honesty to even mention that it is Movadef they are supporting and will only go so far as to call the arrested “the Detainees of the Olimpo operation,” in hopes that those who rightfully detest Movadef might be deceived into lending them support.

The motivation of the Old State is clear: the arrests of Movadef are further efforts to promote to the public the lie that Chairman Gonzalo (Abimael Guzman) is himself a capitulator, traitor, and leader of the ROL—this is a desperate ruse to strike a blow and slander his reputation to discredit him. This is made clear in a statement from the General Director of the National Police of Peru (PNP), Óscar Arriola, who told the reactionary press: “We have arrested six more people after the December 2 operation, among them is Alfredo Crespo. The head of the Shining Path continues to be the terrorist leader Abimael Guzmán and in the visible part is Crespo and other members.”

Crespo, the lawyer who has ‘represented’ Chairman Gonzalo and spent years constructing a lie that he is a capitulator, is one of the fattest rats in the Movadef brood. They have served the Old State to try to save themselves, and now that it is more useful to get rid of them, the Old State only had to go and pick up their network. This is a tale as old as capitulation itself and should not shock anyone.

Important statements have been released by Peru People’s Movement and the Defense Front of the People’s Struggles – Ecuador, which should be read for a better understanding. Translations of these are also available on our site.