Two Articles from Latin America on the Movadef Arrests

Peru People’s Movement: We Denounce a New Edition of the Hoax Against Chairman Gonzalo, the Leader of the Party and the Revolution

We are pleased to publish an unofficial and preliminary translation of an important document of the Peru People’s Movement (MPP), originally translated by Dem Volke Dienen.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

The Peru People’s Movement (MPP), an organization generated by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) for the party work abroad, is addressing the proletariat and people of Peru and the international proletariat and peoples of the world to denounce the new edition of the hoax of the so-called “Peace Letters” of the CIA-Peruvian reaction with the service of the rats of the ROL (right opportunist line).

A new edition of the hoax was presented by the former Minister of the Interior Rubén Vargas of the government of Francisco Sagasti, former head of strategic planning of the World Bank, who, among one of his objectives, seeks to break up oppressed countries, a calloused servant of Yankee imperialism, elevated to the temporary presidency of the government of the old landowner-bureaucratic state at the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, by means of a parliamentary coup promoted by the imperialist NGO Legal Defense Institute (IDL) and head of IDL-Reporteros Gustavo Gorriti.

On December 2, 2020, hours before resigning as the Minister of the Interior, Rubén Vargas had announced the capture of 72 people accused of being linked to the PCP through the “Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (Movadef).” The monopoly press at the service of the fascist, genocidal, and land-selling regime now headed by Sagasti, said that “with this announcement presented as a police success, Vargas hoped to reverse the criticism against him. But his situation was already untenable.” That was an attempt to cover the real purpose of this new edition of the hoax against Maoism, Chairman Gonzalo, the PCP, and the People’s War.

But the real purpose of this Yankee-CIA operation is not the one announced, because the origin of this intelligence operation dates from 2015 and is directed by the CIA through Rubén Vargas himself, trained in counter-terrorism and “anti-drug-warfare” in the schools of the CIA and the DEA in the United States itself. Furthermore, according to some newspapers, the high officials of the Ministry of the Interior do not currently report to the current Minister of the Interior José Elice, but to the former Rubé Vargas, that is, a kind of new Vladimiro Montecinos.

This CIA operation is the continuation of the one set up by this spy agency of US imperialism to detain and then infame Chairman Gonzalo, presenting him as the head of the ROL, with the service of these revisionist and capitulationist rats to annihilate the leadership of the Party and the revolution. This ROL is made up of traitors and revisionist renegades who have a vicarious class hatred for Maoism, Chairman Gonzalo, Gonzalo Thought, the Basis of Party unity, the Party, and the People’s War.

The explosiveness of the masses in Peru and the whole world shows the magnificent conditions for the development of the world proletarian revolution. Therefore, this new edition of the hoax has as its concrete objective to avert the culmination of the general reorganization of the Party that will give a new impulse to the People’s War in Peru and to avert the culmination of the reconstitution or constitution, as the case may be, of the Communist Parties in the different countries of the world, mainly in Latin America, as militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties to initiate People’s Wars at a time when the world revolution is entering a new period of revolutions.

The CIA-Peruvian reaction is trying to present the betrayal and total renunciation of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line, the deadly enemy of Maoism and the People’s War, as a tactical question by trying to divert the international proletariat and the peoples of the world from the road; by pretending that parliamentary cretinism, the electoral road, serves to “accumulate forces” for the moment to make the armed struggle or insurrection. The road followed by the ROL in Peru is the bureaucratic road opposed to the democratic road of the People’s War. The path of the ROL is that of betrayal of Maoism, Chairman Gonzalo, the Party, and the People’s War in the service of reaction and imperialism. It is the old service of revisionism to reaction and imperialism to try to postpone the revolution.

This new edition of the hoax seeks to present the grotesque electoral revisionists of “Movadef,” where the miserable rats of the ROL, revisionist and capitulationist, act and group themselves, as “the third instrument of the revolution,” the united front led by the PCP and the propaganda against the PCP and the People’s War as “actions of agitation and armed propaganda” of the “second instrument of the revolution,” the “People’s Guerilla Army” (EGP).

We reject, condemn, and mark with fire these miserable rats who, together with their Yankee CIA bosses and the Peruvian reactionaries, intend to defame Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth, as a revisionist and capitulationist who would be behind the revisionist electoral ogre “Movadef” in order to continue to accuse him of being the author of the CIA’s “Peace Letters” and the right-wing opportunist line.

We call for the continuation of the campaign for Maoism, which is inextricably linked to the campaign to defend the health and life of Chairman Gonzalo!

For the general reorganization of the Party in and for the People’s War!

Long live the People’s War!

Crush revisionism!



Defense Front of the People’s Struggles—Ecuador: Movadef’s Two Deadly Sins

The following is an unofficial translation of the article “LOS DOS PECADOS CAPITALES DE MOVADEF” from the FDLP-EC.

“When the fight is to the death

The faithful resist, the indecisive resign,

The coward betrays … The bourgeois despairs

And the hero fights ”Julius Fucik

In a “mega operation” called “Olimpo”, the repressive apparatus of the Old State of Peru dealt a severe blow to Movadef.

According to the Interior Ministry, 74 members of this organization were captured after 4 years of surveillance, infiltration, and investigations.

Movadef was created in 2009, initially as an organization that was supposed to fight for the freedom of political prisoners in Peru (pro-amnesty), however, it was nothing but an instrument of the ROL that was dedicated to recycling capitulators, trained repentant guerrillas, and with that contingent to do everything possible to destroy the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru, betray the People’s War in Peru with the narrative that it was defeated and, consequently, the need to trace a “new path” for the struggle in Peru where the center or axis of said struggle necessarily passes through participation in electoral, constitutional, and bureaucratic life.

In 2011 they tried to register as a political party before the National Elections Jury, but they were rejected, closing the door to that route, at least circumstantially.



Bored, beaten, and with low morale, the current members of Movadef decided to distance themselves from the Communist Party of Peru and the People’s War. For this, they generated a movement that, with a bang, became one of the most incisive instruments available to the Old bureaucratic landowner State, bureaucratic capitalism, and imperialism to try to counteract and neutralize not only the People’s War in Peru, but also also the spirited impulse of the international proletariat armed with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the contributions of universal validity of Gonzalo Thought, particularly in South America, land of storms and rising revolutions.

To justify their waywardness, they launched an international campaign whose objective was to show us a duplicate Chairman Gonzalo, dejected, defeated, allied with their positions, who had generated letters calling for demobilization and entering a “new stage.” They also railed against the People’s War, of the need to enter a new phase of the struggle marked by reconciliation and, of course, in this scenario they put everything: amnesty, electoral struggle, struggle for rights in the framework of the old democracy, to become spokesmen and instruments of reaction and imperialism by becoming a denial of the PCP, Gonzalo Thought, the people’s war and consequently of the ideology of the proletariat.

They went from arsonists to firefighters, as goes the popular adage. But the treachery of these revisionists always went further. Inside the prisons where many militants of the Party and the Popular Guerrilla Army are held, they have been intimidated or subjected to violence (beatings, threats, and even stabbings) by Movadef’s rats who did not tolerate that a group of consistent guerrillas may blur your revisionist and opportunist farce. And not only that—when they could not with the comrades, they ratted them out to the prison authorities, a behavior that they also brought to the countryside and cities, the denunciation as a political and ideological weapon, fulfilling one of the most vile and execrable roles: informers, snitches.

Movadef also found ways to get their hands on the organizations that were once generated at the service of the People’s War, today, some of them have been turned into true machines for the demobilization of the masses and, finally, fall into the depths of the ravine by sustaining the need that the people in Peru have a “new constitution” endorsing, once again, the bureaucratic path.

They called themselves rascals when they proclaimed that the People’s War was defeated despite having fulfilled the objectives of sweeping away semi-feudality—that is to say, that reaction and imperialism defeated the Popular Guerrilla Army and even so, it succeeded in its first objectives, which was to eliminate semi-feudality, and of course, based on this mischief they raised a new characterization of society, pointing out that Peru stopped being semi-feudal to become a dependent capitalist country. It was clear that the aim of disdaining the People’s War was to create the pretext of not making the revolution.

What were they looking for with this? Serve reaction and imperialism by striking the People’s War, taking away from the proletariat its main ally in the new democratic revolution: the poor peasantry. Obviously, when they characterize Peru as dependent capitalist, the type of revolution to develop has to change. They went from new democratic to socialist, a strategy designed to avert revolution.

Not only did they go against the People’s War, but claimed the way to solve the fundamental problems of society is through reconciliation, peace, the meeting of classes—they yelled like Kautsky, “there is no longer any room for armed struggle for the solution of class conflicts,” and “that it will be ridiculous … to preach a violent disorder” to change society. They turned their backs on the People’s War, on the revolution, they created their “glass ceiling” that was no more than reform and renewed constitutionalism, and they went against those who support the People’s War.

They capitulated, that’s all. They capitulated ideologically and, without being deterministic, from the beginning their destiny was already marked before the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world before those who have remained as traitors, standard bearers of the opportunist line of the right and in fact, counterrevolutionaries, faithful followers of the Prachanda Path in Latin America.



Like every capitulator, demobilized and/or repentant guerrilla, they had to find a way to insert themselves into the old bourgeois-landlord democracy. And of course, timely by then, it was to raise all a revolutionary/democratic paraphernalia to go after the polls and, with them, reintegration into a society whose ruling classes and their repressive apparatuses were never going to forgive them, never, since they once had contributed to or sympathized with the People’s War, with the revolution, and the Old State beat them, not because at this moment they are not functional, on the contrary, even by hitting them they use them to distract the contradictions that exist within the great Peruvian bourgeoisie, the difficulties that the Old State has to cope with both the economic and health crisis, the difficulties they have in hitting the PCP and the people’s war.

From the beginning, Movadef denied the new democratic revolution, the People’s War, just as the populists did in Russia, they preached reconciliation with tsarism, with the Old State, and not only that, but as Bernstein’s putatives they have emphasized the need for reforms as a way of gradually preparing within the of the old society the conditions for a new one.

Opportunistic, treacherous and daring. They call themselves Marxist-Leninist-Maoists and defenders Gonzalo Thought. They want to dirty it, muddy it with their reformist and capitulating diatribes and filth. It is the hitch, you know how much and to what extent Gonzalo Thought and Chairman Gonzalo weigh among the poor peasants, proletariat, and exploited and oppressed masses of Peru.

Of irate and frenzied protesters against all those who defend the life and freedom of Chairman Gonzalo, of those who wield Gonzalo Thought, those of us who defend and support the People’s War in Peru have passed to Jeremiah who claim that their constitutional rights be respected, and denounce to the world that they are persecuted because they “think differently” or that “they are persecuted for ideas.” They exchanged the red book for the old Peruvian Constitution.

Very soon they forgot what the role of the State is and they began to shout along the same lines as Patria Roja and the rest of the opportunists and revisionists of abstract democracy and freedom.


History is full of these kinds of democratic “exercises” attended by resentful and ideologically dejected “revolutionaries.” It happened in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Uruguay, Argentina, somewhat in Ecuador, a lot in Colombia, today, once again in Peru, with the exception of how important it is for reaction and imperialism to show this plot, that of all forms, nothing will be able to erase from the history of the international proletariat and its struggles for the conquest of power the fact that it was in Peru, and precisely with the PCP and the People’s War that Mao Tse-tung Thought became Maoism, that is, a third and superior stage of Marxism, and not only that, but also its contributions of universal validity of Gonzalo Thought, an obstacle to opportunism and revisionism.

Movadef and Fudepp (Front of Unity and Defense of the Peruvian People), bastard sons of capitulation, surrendered body and soul to the old bureaucratic-landlord state, they became slaves of the old democracy, reaction, and imperialism. Today the Old State pays them with the only currency that knows how to do it, with repression, persecution and jail. After this, the new breed will come that will achieve its mission: nominations for sectional, municipal governments, assembly, presidency, etc. A chronicle that has a pre-established script.

In any case, it is important to say it, in no way are we going to side with the reaction and rejoice at this blow they inflict on them. We will always maintain that the people’s executioners must be punished by the people, the traitors of the people must be punished by the people, and it is up to the conscious communists to crush revisionism, in any case these facts allow us to strengthen the certainty that we have of the People’s War, of its validity, of the direction that the PCP gives it amid the reconstitution of its Central Committee, the validity of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought as an all-powerful weapon for the revolution in Peru and the world.




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