Week in Struggle: December 18-24


In Goiânia and Porto Velho, graffiti was documented celebrating the 142 year anniversary of the birth of the great Josef Stalin.

Graffiti celebrating the anniversary of Chairman Mao’s death was also found in Porto Velho reading, “Long live Chairman Mao Tsetung! Long live Maoism!”

Graffiti signed by the Women’s Movement Anita Garibaldi (MFAG) in memory of comrade Remís Carla, activist with Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) and Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR) who was killed in December 2017. The graffiti read, “Comrade Remis Carla, Present in the Struggle!”

Graffiti reading, “All Support to Tiago dos Santos Camp and the LCP! Long Live the Agrarian Revolution!!” was also documented in Porto Velho.


Revolutionaries in Bogota commemorated the 55 year anniversary of the Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist) [PCC (ml)]. The writing reads, “Long Live the 55 years of the PCC(ml), Up Maoism and Down with Revisionism!”

In Medellín, a similar action was carried out celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of Colombia, a banner was dropped reading, “Long Live 90 Years since the foundation of the Communist Party of Colombia. Long Live Maoism! Down with Revisionism!”


Graffiti was seen in Berlin reading “200 Years of Friedrich Engels!”

Graffiti was also documented in Bremen reading, “Long Live the 200th birthday of Friedrich Engels” along with other posters with Engels’ face on them.

Graffiti was also documented in Freiburg under the slogan “Long Live the Work of Marx-Engels! Proletarians of All Countries Unite!”


On December 19, on the occasion of the 75th year of liberation from Nazi fascism, a rally was held with the participation of the Red Women’s Committee. Under the title “Our pioneers are not forgotten,” organizers and attendees highlighted the women who participated in the resistance in their thousands. 


Activists from Revolutionary Youth in Lyon hung a banner in front of a JST manufacturing factory. Activists carried a hammer and sickle flag while the banner read, “Who is essential? Workers, let’s take power!”


Posters have started popping up in the town of Turku, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Friedrich Engels’ borth and reading, “Long live the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels! Long live the work of Marx-Engels! Down with revisionism, long live Maoism! “


Activists with Anti Imperialist Action Ireland carried a banner in solidarity with Lebanese political prisoner of the French State, Georges Abdallah, calling for his immediate release.

United States


Popular Women’s Movement-Movimiento Femenino Popular in Austin held a protest over the weekend in anticipation of the recently-passed Covid Relief Bill by the US Congress. Speakers commented on how the previous CARES Act barely provided any relief to the working women in the country, many of whom are raising families as they face unemployment. The crowd chanted, “We don’t want your crumbs no more! Working women fight for more!”

United Neighborhood Defense Movement in Austin continued its boycott of the Ultimate Drive-in theater, which caters to wealthy newcomers and seeks to displace students and working class residents from the Riverside area. A security guard threatened to mace and taser tenants and activists who held signs and banners promoting the boycott at the entrance of the lot. The protest disrupted the movie by shining lights at the screen, and some prospective attendees turned around after learning about the boycott. The police were called but did not stop the action, and no arrests were made.

Last weekend, the Committee to Support the People’s Struggle in Brazil gave a presentation at a local Brazilian food truck about the election boycott in Brazil, where more than 56 million people rejected the false democracy there and carried out actions including firebombing electoral forums and destroying ballot boxes. This week, CSPSB Members hung a banner along a local pedestrian bridge in solidarity with Camp Osmir Venuto, a revolutionary peasant area in southern Pará, which came under attack by gunmen hired by the big landlords earlier this month. Pamphlets detailing other revolutionary news from Brazil were handed out to passersby.

The Tribune Support Committee in Austin this week visited a construction site, a temp agency for day laborers, and a store to distribute goodie bags in honor of Mao Zedong’s upcoming birthday. The gifts were decorated with a portrait of Mao and included Mandarin oranges, a quotation from Mao, and a Tribune of the People sticker. Upon hearing how Mao was a great leader and teacher of the working class, one worker exclaimed “We are the working class!” Another said, “we workers make everything in the world!”

Graffiti commemorating the 200 year anniversary of Friedrich Engels’ birth was seen reading, “Long Live the Work of Marx-Engels, Crush Revisionism! Long Live Maoism!”

Numerous displays of graffiti were also documented for the 127 year anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao. Slogans included, “Mao Zedong Will Never Die! The Fight Goes On!,” “Maoism Will Guide the Revolution!,” and “Long Live Mao Zedong!” A banner signed by MFP was also seen accompanied by fireworks.

Elsewhere, graffiti was documented reading, “US Democracy is Bankrupt!” and “There is No Hope in Elections, It Is Right to Rebel!”


Serve the People Pittsburgh, a family member of Romir Talley, and community members at large gathered to commemorate the life of Romir Talley on December 22. The event marked the one year anniversary of his death at the hands of Wilkinsburg police officer Robert Gowans. Activists reiterated demands for the firing and charging of Officer Robert Gowans and for Mayor Marita Garret to step down for covering up the details surrounding his death.

Graffiti was seen in Pittsburgh commemorating Chairman Mao’s birthday with the slogans, “Long Live Chairman Mao Zedong! Maoism Will Guide the Revolution!” and “Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Principally Maoism!” along with Mao’s face.

Elsewhere graffiti commemorating the six recently fallen guerrillas of the People’s War in Turkey was documented, reading, “Honor and Glory to Comrades Deniz, Muharrem, Nubar, Rosa, Özgür, Asmin.”

Los Angeles

Several banner drops have been documented around Los Angeles with pictures of Mao’s face on them as well s slogans such as, “Long Live Chairman Mao Zedong,” “Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Principally Maoism,” and “Mao Zedong Will Never Die, the Struggle Continues.”


Activists from Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group (OxRevStudy) held a movie screening at Rio Lindo Park on Saturday, to raise funds for a tenant facing a legal battle against her ex-landlord, stemming from a protest that occurred earlier this year.

T-shirts reading “Organize, Study, Fight, Repeat!” were printed and sold as well as pozole, a traditional Mexican soup, and champurrado, a traditional rice beverage as organizers screened a holiday film for the community. The youth took turns hitting a pig piñata fashioned with a police hat and sash bearing the name “Benites” on its side, representing the Oxnard Police Department’s new Chief of Police, Jason Benites.

A member of OxRevStudy spoke on why funds were being raised, tying the housing struggle back to the Marxist philosopher Friedrich Engels, who’s 200th birthday had recently passed. Details of his contributions to Marxism were gone over, specifically on the subject of private property.

“Turning workers into homeowners will not transform society. We must attack capitalism to achieve any sort of long-term housing for the working class”, an activist from OxRevStudy told Tribune.

Graffiti was documented in Oxnard for Chairman Mao’s birthday with the slogans “Long Live Mao Zedong” and “Maoism Will Guide the Revolution,” as well as a banner drop reading, “Mao Zedong Will Never Die!” Elsewhere graffiti on a billboard was seen reading, “Proletarians of All Countries Unite!

Kansas City

Graffiti was also documented in Kansas City reading, “Long Live the Work of Marx-Engels!” and “Long Live Mao Zedong!”

St. Louis

Graffiti reading, “Long Live Mao Zedong” was also documented in St. Louis


In Houston graffiti was documented reading “Long Live the Work of Marx-Engels” along with a hammer and sickle.

New England

Tribune promotional posters and stickers have also been seen around the Worcester area.


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