Worker Correspondents: Wage Theft and Racism at UPS Warehouse

By Mike Talavera

A worker correspondent from a UPS warehouse in Charlotte told Tribune of the People that pay among workers has been inconsistent or incomplete and that management racially segregates the workplace.

“I had to wait three weeks just to receive my first paycheck and so did several of my coworkers, despite UPS’s payment period being weekly,” the worker said. “We’re not told about cuts to our pay, and it is not uncommon for some employees to not even receive payment for the week. One of my coworkers worked over 50 hours the previous week, but he was paid close to 30 hours.”

The part-time employees aren’t given breaks, the worker said, and are made to work overtime to the point that they’re working full-time hours but without the benefits.

The worker also said that management divides white and Black workers by the truck-loading areas: PD1 and PD2.

“PD1 is usually fully-staffed, has a manageable workload, and the white employees and supervisors are sent to this area,” the worker said. “PD2 is usually understaffed, and this is where the Black employees are sent and overworked.”


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