Austin: Police Murder Another Man in Riverside

This is a developing story, Tribune of the People will offer updates as facts emerge.

By Dmitri Sans

Picture of Alexander from social media, identity confirmed by family

Last night, the Austin Police Department shot another man, identified as 27-year-old Alexander Gonzales, to death a few blocks from where they gunned down Mike Ramos last year, a case that sparked citywide protest. A police officer in an unmarked vehicle shot at the man driving in southeast Austin, causing him to crash on the side of the road, according to witnesses. It was when other uniformed officers arrived that the situation escalated, and within minutes police shot the man several times, killing him as he went to go check on an infant in the back of the car. Police also injured a woman in the passenger seat, who can be heard crying for her baby in an uncut version of video of the shooting filmed by a nearby apartment tenant obtained by the Tribune:

APD Chief Brian Manley claims that the off-duty officer was cut off by the victim’s vehicle and that the victim “flashed a gun.” The off-duty officer, instead of removing himself from the situation and calling it in, fired at the vehicle. The police and ruling-class media have already begun to spin this story as it develops. What we know is that the victim was gunned down as he went to check on his injured partner with their infant in the back seat and that he was shot multiple times by the police as he reached into the back of the car where the infant was located.

One witness expressed anger at how ruling class media had blamed the driver while exonerating the police officer. “I hope this city riots,” she told the Tribune.

The injured woman is a 33-year-old Latina who was hospitalized in stable condition. The infant was unharmed but is now in the hands of social services who claim that they will release the infant to family.