Kansas City: KC Tenants Hold Rally Against Evictions

By Nélida Tello

On January 7, the organization KC Tenants held a rally in front of the Jackson County Courthouse as part of the ongoing Zero Eviction January initiative.

The rally held on Thursday was the organization’s second action this month. On January 5, KC Tenants held their first action in which approximately 100 people blocked the west and north doors of the courthouse while others called into the teleconference hearing successfully interrupting 103 eviction hearings scheduled for that day. The January 7, rally disrupted another 219 eviction hearings scheduled for that morning, including 51 teleconference hearings.

Dom Pell, a supporter and volunteer with KC Tenants, told Tribune, “I am now facing my own eviction, but due to the KC Tenants action I took part in my case is among hundreds that have been rescheduled and delayed. The place you live should be guaranteed, it shouldn’t be something that could be taken from you, especially not during a time like this. Evictions should not be happening right now. It’s evil,” he said.

Qadhafi, a KC Tenants organizer, shared with Tribune, “The haves don’t give a damn about the have-nots. They’ve got enough homes in KC to allow every homeless person in the city to stay in a city owned home that’s just sitting there condemned and they won’t do it. They don’t care about people, they care about profit.”

KC Tenants has stated stated that actions will continue to be carried out through the year in defense against evictions.


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