Opinion: Support the Family of Alex Gonzales Jr.

By Ed Dalton

The ruling class media wasted no time after Alex Jr. was murdered by the Austin Police Department, they presented the statement of the police as if it were an uncontested fact. As the days go by and the working class Gonzales family grieves the loss of their beautiful son, it becomes clearer that the statements of APD are not facts, but a spin taken by the media to absolve the APD of any offense. So-called ‘journalists’ add insult to injury, desperate to protect the police who murder the youth of the working class.

The Gonzales family is a more trustworthy source in this writer’s opinion, it was not them who gunned down our city’s working class men and women for decades and more. It was not them who allowed the killers of Mike Ramos to walk free all this time. How do they remember Alex Jr.? As a young man with a newborn baby whom he loved. They know, and our readers should know, that Alex Jr. was accosted by the off-duty APD officer in a civilian vehicle, out of uniform. They knew Alex Jr. and what type of man he was, they know that his first act, which can be seen in the video was to go check on his partner, who was just shot by this officer, and his second act, was to go to his newborn son, only two months old. It was at this moment that Alex Jr. was shot multiple times by APD.

What new father under such attack would not rush to the aid of his child? In the video of the murder no gun can be seen in the hand of Alex Jr. The on-duty police who arrived again took the word of their co-conspirator as fact, and they did so selectively. The off-duty officer can be heard stating that the gun is in the driver’s seat when he calls in to 911, however they shot in as he reached into the back seat to check on his infant child. The police murdered Alex Jr. with out any interest in neutralizing a potential threat, they sought to kill a target and to make sure he was dead by firing more than ten rounds at Alex Jr., his partner and the mother of his son, and his newborn baby boy. The callous act should bring our readers to the brink of tears.

The media that regurgitates the claims of the police as fact is the same media who stereotype young Latino men like Alex Jr. as gangsters, as criminal elements without father figures, etc. Now Alex Jr.’s son will not have his father, except in his heart. Alex Jr. had a father, Alex Sr., and he had a mother and a sister, all of whom are determined to fight for him. Tribune of the People has determined to stand with the Gonzales family and is fully committed to their fight. This means first defending the memory of Alex Jr. from the further attack of the police and their collaborating media friends.

Alex Jr. stood between his partner and his child as APD fired bullet after bullet at them, he was a hero, defending his young family. The entire community must rally around the Gonzales family, including Alex Jr.’s newborn baby, who lives in no small part due to the choices Alex Jr. made that awful night.

Supporting the Gonzales family means supporting the fight against police murders, it means siding with the honest working people who lose their loved ones on top of struggling to make ends meet. Tribune of the People has raised the call for support. There are those who can take to the street, to the courts, and to to the press, and there are those who can donate as well, all of this helps accomplish realizing self-defense against the police.

Please donate what you can, the donations go directly to the family whom have vowed to fight—your donations are a political statement that these brave fighters are not alone, that Alex Jr. was not alone. The family is suffering, and we must come together to help them through every possible means.

The APD is guilty of another slaying. APD Chief Brian Manley is guilty of the highest crimes, and Austin City Planner Spencer Cronk has already revealed himself to be an enemy of the people. The vermin at the police union are perhaps the worst of this lot, if you are angry about yet another community member being murdered, start with these class enemies, but do not stop there.