Austin: Gabriel Gutierrez Identified as Off-Duty Police Officer Involved in Alex Gonzales Jr.’s Murder

By Noah Long

Luis Serrato pictured with Chief of Police Brian Manley and parents, Norma and Luis Sr. Serrato, at Serrato’s 139th cadet graduation

Update 3:00PM: The Office of the District Attorney of Austin, released the name of the on-duty police officer, responsible for the death of Alex, on January 14 as Luis Serrato who’s been with the Austin Police Department for two years.

A Tribune investigation has confirmed Gabriel Andreas Gutierrez as the identity of the off-duty officer involved in the events that led to Alex Gonzales Jr.’s murder by police in the Riverside area of East Austin.

In bystander video obtained by Tribune, Gutierrez can be heard stating his badge number, AP8063, in a phone call to police dispatch prior to the arrival of on-duty officers.

While both cars were parked on Wickersham Lane, Gutierrez can be heard yelling at Gonzales, “Don’t make me shoot you again, it’s the police,” followed by, “I don’t know if the passenger is shot or not, she’s lying on the ground.” The dispatcher’s response is inaudible, but Gutierrez tells him, “Yes sir, my AP’s 8063.”

A current police roster confirmed the number belongs to Gutierrez, and the public information office also confirmed the number belongs to an officer with the last name Gutierrez. A cadet eligibility form from 2015 confirms that Gutierrez has been with the force for 5 years, a detail confirmed by Chief Brian Manley in a previous press conference, though he failed to name Gutierrez.

Additional bystander video obtained by Tribune shows Gutierrez from a closer perspective, pacing as police officers gathered around Gonzales’s lifeless body and approach his injured partner, Jessica Arellano, and his infant son. The up close video also shows APD officers handcuffing Gonzales’ after he was already presumed dead.

APD and the bourgeois media have been attempting to hide all the facts of Gonzales murder, especially the identities of the murderous police involved in killing Gonzales in cold blood.

It is clear that Gonzales was shot at while driving, making Officer Gutierrez the likely culprit, as he warns Gonzales in the video, “Don’t make me shoot you again!”

Gonzales father has said that there were numerous bullet wounds in Gonzales’s body. Many of those shots apparently occurred when on-duty police officers arrived, immediately escalating the situation as Gonzales attempted to check on his partner and child, then unleashing a barrage of bullets. The other shots are assumed to have occurred in the road rage incident prior.

Tribune expresses its continued support for the family of Alex Jr. and condemns the monopoly media and police’s collusion to hide the identities of the police officers who hunt and kill the people. Our paper does not seek to protect the enemies of the people, and stands with all those resisting police violence and demanding justice for the sons and daughters of the working class killed and brutalized by the state’s repressive forces.


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