Germany: Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg March Attacked by State

By Ed Dalton

The 102nd anniversary of the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, founders of the Communist Party of Germany, known as the Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg (LLL) March was commemorated this year by approximately 1,000 observers in defiance of coronavirus restrictions, and attacked with reactionary violence by the old German state.

The revolutionary website Dem Volke Dienen (DVD, trans: “Serve the People”) reports that more than 30 marchers were hospitalized or jailed, with the whereabouts of some militants still unknown. DVD reports, “The descendants of the Freikorps murderers, then as now under a Social Democratic government, vented their unbridled fascist anger on those who honored the leaders of the working class.”

Every year, the revisionists and ruling-class media seek to lay claims on the legacy of Luxemburg, many of which highlight her anti-war stance during the first imperialist world war, proclaiming her a pacifist, and ignoring her support for the revolutionary violence of the proletariat and revolutionaries in the uprisings she helped to lead and inspire. On the anniversary of her death, a death at the hands of social democrats, it is more important than ever that revolutionaries uphold her real legacy. The fights with the police are a fitting tribute to the memory of three great revolutionaries: Lenin, Liebknecht, and Luxemburg.

The majority of revisionists who take part in the yearly commemoration had this year attempted to postpone the event until March, but the revolutionaries were undaunted and proceeded to honor our class leaders with class combat.

DVD reports: “Result: … Several comrades with severe fractures in the hospital, fighters tortured at the hands of the thugs of imperialism, children of the working class threatened with death by the Übermenschen [supermen]. And why? Because they fought back, because they fought back, they hit back and [they] stood their ground. [Because] that’s what the Reds do.”

The revolutionaries provide a pledge when stating, “Imperialist pigs, you will reap what you sow! With interest.”

It is not at all uncommon for adherents to social democracy to seek to claim Luxemburg in the most shameful act, when their ideology and their governments still mount attacks against her supporters and her ideas. It must be made clear that Comrade Luxemburg was a Communist of a high stature, remembered by the great Lenin as the eagle of her Party.


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