The Events of January 6 in the Bowels of Yankee Imperialism

The following is an unofficial translation of the article “Os acontecimentos de 6 de janeiro nas entranhas do imperialismo ianquefrom the Brazilian revolutionary news source A Nova Democracia

By Jailson de Souza

The events of January 6 in the US Capitol are symptoms of the chronic illness that the imperialist system suffers in its general crisis of decomposition, all the more so at this moment, of a serious general crisis of relative overproduction.

The great concentration and centralization of capital in the hands of a handful of monopolists, an inevitable process that produces cyclical crises successively more serious than the previous ones, generates a corresponding process in the political system, namely, the centralization and concentration of political power in the imperialist state, a restriction of rights and a distortion of its much-publicized, hypocritical democracy. An insatiable regime that produces miseries and worsens all its contradictions can only be sustained with a political shock regime. The Trump phenomenon is the son of this sinister process of the march to barbarism to which all humanity is subjected to in the era of imperialism. However, it is not the only one. One only has to look at the the thousand and one crimes of the continuous genocide promoted by Yankee imperialism prior to Donald Trump to prove this fact.Correctly understanding those events – and those that will come after it – is key to reaffirming the nature of imperialism and to deeply understand its economic and political tendency.

Seeing fascism in Trump is the perfect trap of reaction to legitimize in the public’s opinion the old genocidal “democratic” order of imperialism. Trump does not advocate a fascist corporate restructuring of society, nor does he oppose the reactionary demoliberal regime, of which he is an essential defender. What Trump predicts is the same as predicted by all politicians of the imperialist reaction in this historic period: concentration and centralization of political power, restriction of rights and tightening of criminal laws at the expense of much-acclaimed individual freedoms. This is a process in continuous march that has as its main promoters the forces of the Yankee establishment (with emphasis on the high military and Pentagon command), which, by the way, have an explicit preference in such a situation for the Democratic Party Mafia, the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The denunciation of fraud in the elections in the USA and in all countries under the control of monopoly capital, far from frightening democrats and revolutionaries around the world as a threat to Yankee “democracy”, should be seen as proof of their fundamental theses. After all, this is the democracy of the monopolies, be under no illusion of this. Electoral farce is achieved through fraud of all kinds and at various levels and degrees; the denunciation of its fraudulent character, made now and then by a reactionary who is not satisfied with his electoral defeat, is nothing more than the truth which, in regular situations, is too inconvenient to be said. The fact that such complaints come out of the reactionaries’ mouth is also symptomatic of the serious crisis of the imperialist system at the center of the unique hegemonic superpower (the USA). We must state that the situation of political and institutional instability, the result of the upheavals in the economy and the subsequent struggle between the different sectors and power groups of the imperialist bourgeoisie, allows for these lapses of wisdom, if we wish to call it that.

The action of reactionary militias, and even some fascist elements, in turn, although it converged in the January 6 episode with Trump’s bravado, is a relatively isolated phenomenon. Such militias take advantage of the deviounsness created in the struggle between the ultra-reactionary demoliberals. Trump, although trying to rely on these groups to put pressure on Congress and having in mind as major concern the dire financial prospects that face him at the end of his term, has no commitment to them. He is not an ideological leader. The anger now taking over these political-paramilitary groups for having been abandoned by the clown, Trump (who openly took the last step in his actions to challenge the government transition and now asks his supporters to allow it to be peaceful) is further proof of this fact.

Biden will take over as president of the unique hegemonic superpower, having had behind him since his campaign the most odious and reactionary sectors of the Yankee finance capital and the bureaucratic-military structure of the State, and will push the process of reactionization of the state’s machinery to levels never seen before. We can be sure of that. However, “where there is oppression there is resistance” and the inexorable march of the international political situation leads to disorder, instability and reinforces the main historical and political trend: the World Proletarian Revolution.


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