Week in Struggle: January 8-14


The reactionary media in India has reported several actions in the People’s War led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) which should be taken with a grain of salt, considering that the media regularly lies to cover fake encounters and claim false victories.

In the village of Kothitola, Maharashtra, a police spy was executed—Maoist posters were also found in the area. A report from The Hindu also suggests that base areas in Madhya Pradesh have been further expanded.

Firefights between security forces and alleged People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army members were reported in the villages of Hirmagunda, Chhattisgarh and Kandhamal district, Odisha. In the former, police recovered guns as well as bows and arrows, suggesting that the attack may have been on farmers or tribal people in an attempt to stage a fake encounter. In the latter encounter, police also claimed they recovered weapons but no evidence of such was ever produced.


The Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples (CEBRASPO) and the Brazilian Association of People’s Lawyers (ABRAPO) held an event in Porto Velho, Rondônia denouncing aggressions toward peasants, indigenous people, and quilombolas in the state. The event was attended by popular organizations, lawyers, activists, intellectuals, researchers both in-person and virtually.

Speakers highlighted the criminalization of poor peasants’ struggle for land, especially against Camp Tiago dos Santos, as well as the many indigenous peoples and quilombolas of Rondônia with regard to the invasion of their land, arbitrary arrests, and murder.

Graffiti was also documented at Caixa Econômica locations (a federal bank) in Rio de Janeiro and Pará reading “Vaccine for All Now!” as well as “Elections No, People’s War Yes!”


Activists and supporters associated with the Current of the People Red Sun (Sol Rojista) in Oaxaca held their Regular State Assembly amid the deepening economic crisis and coronavirus pandemic. According to Sol Rojista: “We decided to meet, finally, fulfilling our statutory life and our internal democratic life, to analyze the international, national and state situation, reviewing our forces, making use of criticism and self-criticism, generating a two-line struggle and uniting our forces. ranks, also strengthening the general process of class struggle in the perspective of building the broadest and most combative unity of the proletariat and the people.”

The assembly brought together many people in the region, analyzing the national and international situation, we encourage all of our readers to read the full analysis here.


A demonstration was held in the city of Dessau on the 16 year anniversary of the murder of Oury Jalloh. He was burned to death in a prison cell in 2005, and although the German state has attempted to cover up the killing and protect those responsible, the people have taken to the streets annually to demand justice for his death.

Numerous decentralized actions were carried out in honor of Oury, the following is from Freiburg and reads, “Justice for Oury Jalloh! It Was Murder!” along with an image of his face and a hammer and sickle.


Activists with the Revolutionary Youth have continued their campaign of popular solidarity with the collection of food and other supplies as well as the distribution of revolutionary pamphlets amid the deepening economic crisis and coronavirus pandemic.


Activists with Anti Imperialist Action have continued their propaganda campaign through the use of stickers with slogans including “Stop the Extradition of Liam Campbell,” “For National Liberationa nd Socialist Revolution, Join the People’s Resistance!,” and “Brits Out!” as well as others promoting the youth organization Macradh.

United States


The Tribune of the People Support Committee held a presentation on the Brazilian revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia (AND), specifically its development and the struggles that forged it. Special emphasis was placed on current political situation in Brazil and AND’s role as a collective organizer within the mass movement and the relationship between the newspaper and the peasant movement.

Those in attendance chanted, “Read A Nova Democracia! Don’t Read, Don’t Read Bourgeois Media,” “Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win,” and “Long Live Internationalism!”

Graffiti was also documented in the city condemning Austin Police Department’s killing of Alex Gonzales Jr., with slogans including, “RIP Alex Gonzales & Mike Ramos!,” “APD Killed Again!,” and “We All Saw! We All Heard! APD Are Murderers!”

Elsewhere, graffiti reading, “US Democracy Is Bankrupt!” and “With Elections, the Rich Always Win,” was also seen.


Members of the Tribune Support Committee documented regular distribution activities in the Oxnard area, specifically related to the working conditions of local farmworkers at Boscovich farms who have been denied sick pay in amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Graffiti was also documented reading, “There’s No Hope in Elections, It Is Right to Rebel!”


Graffiti was documented in solidarity with the struggle for justice for Alex Jr., reading, “People’s Justice for Alex Gonzales Jr.!” and “Austin Police Dept. Are Murderers!”

Graffiti with the slogans, “US Democracy Is Bankrupt!” and “The Working Class Can Have Only One Party, Reconstitute the Communist Party!” were also seen.

Promotional posters for Tribune of the People were also seen around Charlotte and El Paso.

El Paso



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