Santa Paula: Community Protests New Imperialist Administration, Calls for End to Child Detention Centers

By Serran Soledad

On Wednesday, the Brown Berets of Santa Paula, with the support of various Ventura County-based community organizations, led 50 people on a march in the agricultural city located just 65 miles north of Los Angeles.

The protest, which demanded the release of the estimated 48,000 undocumented youth confined in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities, was part of a national call to action, in which Brown Beret chapters across the US protested and carried out banner drops in an attempt to put pressure on the Biden/Harris administration.

Before the march began, a SWAT team, complete with SUVs and a militarized Jeep, was deployed into Teague Park, where the protest was set to start.

Santa Paula police swept the park with dogs in what looked like a brief search for evidence, with skeptical community members perceiving it as an attempt to intimidate them with a large show of force.

This reactionary posturing failing to deter anyone, the march commenced, passing through multiple working-class neighborhoods. Danza Azteca drums and protest chants rang out, drawing onlookers out from their homes to show support.

 “They put the kids in a cage! Now they feel the people’s rage!” yelled the crowd, as they made their way up a freeway overpass.

Once on the overpass, rallying and chanting, demonstrators taped up banners reading, “No More Kids in Cages” and “Melt ICE with Revolution.”

Police stationed themselves on both ends of the freeway, as the march made its way into another residential neighborhood, stopping at a cul-de-sac where dozens of community members looked on, some raising their fists and joining in the chants.

The presence of police grew larger as the sun set and the protest reached its final stretch. Approximately 10 to 15 police SUVs covered both ends of the Harvard Boulevard strip, with some tailing directly behind the march.

The protest was concluded with Brown Beret members highlighting the need for continued pressure on the Biden/Harris administration, two pandering imperialists who have levied much of their support based on promises of liberal reform and the “restoration of American democracy.”

When asked whether conditions for undocumented youth would likely change under the Biden administration, a Brown Beret officer told Tribune of the People, “I don’t think so—the way the system works is like a giant wheel. Just because one president comes out, and all his laws and system is somewhat thrown out, I believe the system is still a system, it’s a revolving wheel.”


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