Turkey: English Translation of the Decisions of TKP/ML’s 1st Congress

Tribune of the People is pleased to share the decisions of the 1st Congress of the TKP/ML, held in 2019, and recently translated into English. We encourage our readers to read the full document, available here: ON THE PATH OF THE 1st CONGRESS, GIRD ON PROLETARIAN REVOLUTIONISM, CHALLANGE LIQUIDATIONISM, RAISE THE GUERILLA WARFARE!

TKP / ML was founded in 1972 by İbrahim Kaypakkaya and has since held its post among the international proletariat. About a year after the establishment of the party, Kaypakkaya was murdered by the fascist Turkish state, and many leading cadres were arrested. Despite the murder of Kaypakkaya, the Party never stopped fighting to reorganize and continued without interruption towards the line of the People’s War, giving hundreds of martyrs to the cause and waving the red flag in the most difficult of times. For this reason, the successful completion of the 1st Congress is a historic moment, not just for the Turkish proletariat but for the International Communist Movement.


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