Week in Struggle: January 22-28


Graffiti demanding the whereabouts of Gökhan Güneş, who was kidnapped by the police on January 20 and was not heard from since, was seen in the Gazi District and signed Partizan.

“Where is Gökhan Güneş? Partizan”
“Gökhan’s perpetrator is the fascist Republic of Turkey! Partizan”
“You have him, you will return him! Where is Gökhan Güneş? Partizan”

Last week was the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML)’s “Party and Revolution Martyrs’ Commemoration Week.” Militants gathered at comrade Aşkın Günel’s grave at the Kayabaşı Cemetery and commenced the celebration with a minute of silence. A TKP/ML-TİKKO flag was placed over the grave, while militants spoke, saying “In our party history, no public enemy has gone unpunished! […] Long Live Our Party TKP/ML, Our People’s Army TIKKO and Our Youth Organization TMLGB .”


Graffiti demanding Covid-19 vaccines for everyone were seen in various cities across Brazil. Numerous acts of graffiti read, “Vaccines for everyone, now!” and “Vaccines for the people, now!”


The Defense Front of the People’s Struggles (FDLP-EC) published an election boycott article titled, “No candidate represents the interests of the class and the people.” The article goes on to state, “Do Not Vote, because it is written and history has shown us that in this way only the old democracy is invigorated; because ‘Only scoundrels or simpletons can think that the proletariat must first win a majority in elections carried out under the yoke of the bourgeoisie, under the yoke of wage-slavery, and must then win power. This is the height of stupidity or hypocrisy; it is substituting elections, under the old system and with the old power, for class struggle and revolution. -Lenin’”

Unofficial translation of flyer: “The party rats. Don’t Vote! Combat the democracy of the big bourgeoisie and large landlords.”


Current of the People Red Sun (Sol Rojo) hosted the first round of Regional and Sectorial Assemblies in the Coastal Region of Oaxaca. The assembly shared the resolutions that were agreed upon in the Ordinary State Assembly (AEO) held on on January 10. The assemblies are intended to disseminate the resolutions among supporters, and to prepare the organization for the Statewide Day of Struggle that has been programmed for the near future.

Sol Rojo has also reported that the “Democratic and Popular Youth 2021,” meeting was concluded and attended by young workers, peasants and students. Organizations present at the meeting included the People’s Youth Brigades and the Popular Student Movement. In this democratic event, the youth reviewed their forces, restructured the State Youth Committee and agreed on a series of tasks in order to strengthen the organization and the struggle of the youth. The people’s wars being fought throughout the world were addressed as well as the national liberation movement in Palestine.


In Hamburg, the Alliance Against Imperialist Aggression rallied in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoner Ahmad Sa’adat. The demonstrators demanded that Sa’adat be released after being sentenced to 30 years in prison by an Israeli military tribunal on charges of running an illegal organization and “inciting hatred.”

Dem Volke Dienen reported on graffiti commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels.


Young Revolutionaries of Lyon attended the National Education Officers protest alongside university and high school students. The protesters demonstrated in demand for better living and studying conditions.

On Sunday, a small contingent of young revolutionaries from Guingamp put up posters against French imperialism in Africa. Other flyers denouncing the French state’s failure to contain the Covid-19 pandemic were also put up. Flyers read, “They count their profits, we count our dead,” and “Stop the pillage of Africa.”


In Oslo, graffiti reading, “Long Live the Work of Marx-Engels,” alongside a hammer and sickle, in honor of the 200th birth anniversary of Friedrich Engels.

In Lillesand, the Fighting Committee marched and held a demonstration in front of city hall after city officials in coordination with school administrators attempted to ignore the racism and bullying a Black student faced at school. A banner was left at the city hall reading “Deal with racism and bullying: replace school management”


The memory of the Finnish Labor Revolution of 1918 was raised at a statue commemorating communists who gave their lives during the war, flyers were distributed and posters were put up in Tampere.

In Turku, the 1918 labor revolution was also commemorated with posters and graffiti that read, “Long Live Red Finland” with a hammer and sickle and the date 1/27/1918.


Graffiti Arabic and Danish were seen in Tingbjerg, reading “Free Palestine!


Anti Imperialist Action Ireland reported the distribution of hundreds of copies of the newsletter Phoblacht Abú in Belfast, Armagh and Derry throughout January.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland and Revolutionary Youth posted flyers to recruit those interested in activism in Tallaght. Flyers read, “For National Liberation and Socialism! Join Anti Imperialism Action Ireland.”

United States


Banners and graffiti across Pittsburgh in solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) and Camp Manoel Ribeiro were seen. The slogan, “Land for those who live and work on it,” was included in some of the banners.

Banners and graffiti with the slogan, “New President, Same Imperialism,” and a hammer and sickle were also seen across Pittsburgh.


This week over 20 people attended a presentation hosted by the Tribune Support Committee in Austin on US imperialism, which focused on the January 6 Trump riots as well as President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The talk offered a Marxist analysis of the events, based on Tribune editorials, which countered ruling class narratives that the riots were an ‘attack on democracy’ or an ‘insurrection.’ Instead, the speaker argued that US imperialism was the cause of the political crisis in the country, rooted in an economic crisis of overproduction. The lecture condemned revisionists and opportunists who paint Trump as a ‘fascist’ as an excuse to side with the Democrats, the other main imperialist party. The presentation concluded with a call to unite with the international proletariat against US imperialism, and the crowd chanted “New President, Same Imperialism!” and “In response to Imperialist Crisis, Get Organized for Revolution!”

Graffiti reading, “The Working Class Can Have Only One Party, Reconstitute the Communist Party!” was seen in Austin, alongside a hammer and sickle.

Graffiti reading, “New President. Same Imperialism,” was seen in Austin, a reference to the Biden/Harris administration.

Graffiti exposing Austin Police Department as murderers, and specifically singling out APD officers Gabriel Gutierrez and Luis Serrato as the murderers of Alex Gonzales, the Latino father shot in East Austin earlier this month.

Kansas City

Graffiti reading, “New President, Same Imperialism” was documented in Kansas City.

Saint Louis

A banner with an image depicting President Biden with the slogan, “New President, Same Imperialism,” was seen in Saint Louis.

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