Austin: Bourgeois News Finally Identifies Officer Gabriel Gutierrez, Involved in Murder of Alex Gonzales Jr.

By the Editorial Board

Nearly three weeks ago, after our own investigation, Tribune of the People was the first news outlet to reveal the identity of Officer Gabriel Gutierrez as the plainclothes Austin police officer who murdered Alex Gonzales Jr. It wasn’t until Thursday, February 4, after Chief Brian Manley released the name to the media, that the bourgeois news was willing to identify the officer.

Officer Gabriel Gutierrez

Using bystander video to investigate, Tribune was able to acquire the badge number of Gutierrez as he told it to dispatch, and used a current police roster to confirm this link.

Ironically, the bourgeois news also had access to the same bystander footage, but left this section off any publication and hid any information to intentionally protect Officer Gutierrez and Austin Police Department. Even in this release of information, the Austin-American Statesman buried Gutierrez’s name as part of a release of other officer identities who had shot civilians in the past month.

Gutierrez is the plainclothes police officer who, on January 5, chased down Alex Jr. in a fit of road rage, and shot at Gonzales, his partner, and their two-month old infant while driving—these bullets hit Alex Jr. as well as his partner. After stopping, Gutierrez continued to threaten the wounded Alex Jr., telling him, “Don’t make me shoot you again!” until his police backup arrived. Officer Luis Serrato unleashed a barrage of bullets on Alex Jr. as he went to check on his infant in the back seat, delivering the killing shots.

Officer Luis Serrato pictured with Chief of Police Brian Manley and parents, Norma and Luis Sr. Serrato, at Serrato’s 139th cadet graduation

The bourgeois media’s delayed revelation comes in the week following another vigil held by the Gonzales family at the the site where Gutierrez and Serrato murdered Alex Jr.

The bourgeois news directly collaborates with the police in order to serve the ruling class agenda to excuse and cover up police crimes. Withholding this vital information also serves their agenda of repressing protest and rebellion against police brutality by keeping the community in the dark, deprived of the facts.

Tribune was also the first outlet to reveal the name of Army Sergeant Daniel Perry, the the reactionary murderer of Garrett Foster during a protest against police brutality in late July 2020. Bourgeois news was forced to acknowledge this fact after Perry’s own lawyer quickly confirmed Tribune‘s reporting.

Tribune raises our work not as a matter for boasting, but to reiterate the criminal nature of the monopoly media which misleads the people and obscures the truth in service of the ruling class, as well as to redouble our commitment to serving the proletariat through our reporting.


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