Week in Struggle: January 29-February 4


The comrades of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist shared a video titled “Five Knives Stuck In Our Heart, Our Heart Will Beat Harder,” commemorating the ten year anniversary of the martyrdom of five Party members and combatants in Dersim, including Central Committee member Sefagul Kesgin (Eylem), Tikko Dersim Regional Commander Nurshen Arslan (Emel), Tikko unit commanders Gulizar Ozkan (Özlem), Fatma Acar (Dilek) and Tikko fighter Derya Aras (Sevda).


The Current of the People Red Sun (Sol Rojista) have continued their Regional and Sectorial Assemblies as part of their most recent Regular State Assembly, meant to publicize the resolutions among the intermediate groups and prepare for the upcoming Statewide Day of Struggle.

A video was also produced celebrating the State Meeting of the “Democratic and Popular Youth,” which included the Popular Youth Brigades and the Popular Student Movement. The meeting covered the tasks of the revolutionary youth movement both in Oaxaca and the Mexican state as a whole, in an effort to build the People’s Front along with other popular and revolutionary organizations.


Antifascists held a rally to commemorate the 76th Holocaust Remembrance Day in Weizenkirchen, at the site of a state memorial to 13 SS soldiers who were killed in 1945. In rejection of the state’s commemoration of Nazi occupation, the demonstrators carried banners reading “Death to Fascism and Imperialism! Freedom for the People!” and “No More State Funding for the Right-Wing Extremist Scene in Upper Austria.”

Solidarity photos were also sent from antifascists in other parts of Austria with posters reading, “In Memory of the Victims of Nazi Fascism! We Drove the Fight to the End!,” “Long Live the Red Army!,” and “Death to Fascism! Freedom for the People!”


The Revolutionary Youth in Lyon participated in the ongoing protests against the Global Security Law, carrying banners that read, “Against Repression, Revolution!” and “Against the Global Security Law, Proletarian Response!”

The Revolutionary Youth of Caen, Saint-Étienne, and Rennes attended demonstrations in solidarity with workers’ struggle for wages. As part of these demonstrations, they put forward a class line and distributed the revolutionary newspaper La Cause du Peuple. They raised a banner reading, “Read La Cause du Peuple.”


Activists with Anti Imperialist Action participated in a picket for construction workers in Dublin who have been blacklisted after speaking out against builder practices of undermining workers’ wages by relying on outside agencies to bring in cheap labor. The workers have demanded that builders hire from the communities they work in, with a good deal of support from local residents.

Graffiti was documented in Dublin’s North Inner City reading, “Drew Harris MI5, Brits Out.” The slogan is a reference to Jeremy Andrew Harris, the current Commissioner of Ireland’s police force, who formerly worked as Chief Constable of the police in Northern Ireland as a servant of British imperialism.

Activists with AIA have continued their campaign commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Hunger Strike of 1981, which resulted in the death of ten Irish Republicans including Bobby Sands. The hunger strikes were carried out to demand the reinstatement of political prisoner status for Republican prisoners in Northern Ireland after it was withdrawn by the British imperialists.

United States


Graffiti was seen in Austin in solidarity with the peasants in Camp Manoel Ribeiro led by the League of Poor Peasants reading, “Conquer the Land! Destroy the Latifundium (large landowners)! Long Live Camp Manoel Ribeiro in Brazil!”

Elsewhere in the city, graffiti was documented with the slogans, “New President, Same Imperialism!,” “In Response to Imperialist Crisis, get Organized for Socialist Revolution!,” “Capitalists Cause your Problems, Socialist Revolution Solves Them!,” and “The Working Class Can Only Have One Party! Reconstitute the Communist Party!”

Los Angeles

The LA chapter of the United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM) held an anti-eviction presentation at McArthur Park attended by tenants and activists. The presentation incorporated knowledge gained through the past several months of UNDM’s struggle against evictions and centered on the formation of anti-eviction squads. A banner hung over the event reading, “Landlords Bring Court Orders and Cops, We Bring Anti-Eviction Squads.”


Graffiti in solidarity with Camp Manoel Ribeiro was also documented in Pittsburgh with the slogan “Support the Resistance of Camp Manoel Ribeiro! Long Live the League of Poor Peasants!”

Kansas City

Graffiti in solidarity with the fallen comrades in the People’s War in Turkey was documented in Kansas City, reading, “Comrades Denis, Muharrem, Nubar, Özgür, Rosa, and Asmin Are Immortal!”

Elsewhere graffiti was seen with the slogan “New President, Same Imperialism!”

St. Louis

Banner drops were documented in St. Louis with the slogans “New President, Same Imperialism,” and “The Capitalists Cause your Problems, Socialist Revolution Solves Them.”

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