Ft. Worth: 100-Car Pile-up in Wintry Conditions a Result of Capitalist Mismanagement

Photo Credit: ABC video footage

By David Martinez

Around 6 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, February 11, a massive 133 vehicle pile-up crash took place on Interstate 35-W in Ft. Worth as icy conditions and low temperatures arrived in North Texas. So far, six people are confirmed dead and 36 have been hospitalized, with the possibility of more fatalities. Reports from later in the morning said some drivers were possibly still stuck in vehicles, hours after the initial crash.

The incident is not an ‘unavoidable’ accident due to weather, but a demonstration of US capitalism’s drive for profits that keeps roads open and workers out in dangerous conditions rather than adjusting production and distribution to ensure safety for the people. The drivers out at this time primarily consisted of early-morning commuters, freight transport workers, and other workers who cannot take part in “remote work” during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Bourgeois news reported that a notable number of drivers involved in the crash were healthcare workers themselves. One emergency responder on the scene told the local ABC affiliate, “We did see a large number of people that were victims of this accident that were in scrubs, that had hospital IDs on.”

Photos and video show cars stacked on top of each other due to the sheer force of the crash. Small vehicles were obliterated underneath semitrucks, and entire semitrailers were twisted and mangled in a mash of metal and glass.

One video originally published on TikTok shows a FedEx semitrailer ramming into the pile-up at full-speed, unable to stop due to the ‘black ice’ conditions that can occur on roadways. FedEx notoriously has little concern for its workers, conducting routine work speedups in its warehouses and rushing drivers to meet distribution demands.

North of Austin, in the suburb of Leander, a 26-car pileup occurred on State Highway 45. No fatalities were reported, but numerous drivers were taken to the hospital. The same evening, there was a 6-car pile-up in the exact same location.

The National Weather Service has issued ‘do not travel’ warnings, but these are meaningless to capitalism’s anarchic production, and private industry is under no obligation to heed these announcements.

Snow and ice are sporadic and inconsistent in the Texas climate, but this is no excuse for the negligence. A rational society would be well-prepared for such conditions and efficiently deploy suitable plans to adapt the infrastructure, or otherwise pause production and distribution activities in order to allow time for improved conditions, but capitalism is compelled to put exploitation and the pursuit of profit before all other concerns. The bourgeois state and services operate according to this agenda of the monopoly capitalists, at the expense of workers, necessitating an entirely new system run by workers themselves.


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