Our Unalterable Goal

By the Editorial Board

The ultimate and unalterable goal of all revolutionaries is Communism. Communism is the natural process of human development; it is the ideal of billions of working people. It is the most perfect, most revolutionary, and most rational social system. Ideologically, Communism is the doctrine of the liberation of the proletariat.

The proletariat are those who have nothing else to sell besides their labor power—that is, their ability to work. It is the final class in human history, the revolutionary class. Why is it the proletariat and not another class? Because it is the proletariat that produces everything the world needs, and the rest of humanity can only be liberated when the proletariat liberates itself. Likewise, this producing class cannot liberate itself without liberating the other toilers and oppressed in humanity.

Communism is impossible without socialist revolution. What is revolution? A violent act in which one class overthrows another. And what is socialism? A new society in which production has come under public ownership; working people have become the masters of society and enterprise; Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has become the guiding ideology of society; the proletariat is in control of the New State via its Communist Party; and the New State becomes a weapon to combat and suppress counter-revolution—this includes mass mobilizations which continue the socialist revolution under the rule of the workers’ state.

Socialism has elements of Communism within it, but it is not the same thing as Communism; it is more precisely Communism’s first stage. In the socialist revolution, the current ruling class, the exploiting class living off the labor of other classes—the bourgeoisie—are finally overthrown. Even with their overthrow, their influence on ideology, the economy, and politics will persist for a long time: they remain dangerous—the resistance of the bourgeoisie and counter-revolutionaries becomes sharper. Even with the establishment of the socialist New State, certain disparities will also persist and must be increasingly restricted as the socialist revolution continues. These are the remnants of the old society infecting the new. Such contradictions as those between urban and rural workers, between mental and manual laborers, etc. can serve as the basis for the new bourgeoisie to bring back the old exploitation and rig up capitalism with capitalist restoration. These capitalist remnants are distinct to socialism and will not be able to persist in Communist society.

The proletariat must wage tireless struggle—revolution to wipe away all aspects of the old society everywhere—eliminating the old production relations and all social relations stemming from them. In this way, socialist society becomes preparation for Communist society; victorious class struggle, power for the proletariat, and the continuation of socialist revolution transform the people in a profound way. The whole world must enter Communism or no one can, while socialism has been achieved before and will be achieved again; even if it is constructed in only one country at first, it will inspire socialist revolution in more countries, representing a great leap in the world proletarian revolution.

Communism is the most rational concept known to man, a society which has eliminated all class and disparities. In Communist society there are no rich or poor; it is a kingdom of eternal harmony, and all the people possess the highest level of Communist ideology and moral standards. The highest energy of labor activism and productive enthusiasm has been unlocked and freed from the fetters of class society. Laboring is no longer something people do to get what they want and need, but something they need and want to do. This requires certain conditions:

1. The thorough elimination of all classes and all class disparities and all laws which protect these disparities. The elimination of the disparities between rural areas and cities, between mental and manual laborers, between men and women, etc. When these have been eliminated, the prospects for capitalist restoration will also have been eliminated. This does not mean that there will be no contradictions in Communist society; the revolution must continue even then.

2. The establishment of a complete system of ownership over the means of production by the whole people. This new system of ownership will increase and improve production at the fastest pace. Socialism prepares the conditions for this leap. Society will produce enough to take care of every human being on the planet.

3. In Communist society the productive forces will make a new great leap. The people will have developed a drastically greater ability to conquer nature. The people will fully utilize all natural resources to the full benefit of all people. At this time commodity production and money will finally no longer exist. Communist society is the most enterprising of all societies.

4. The sweeping away of all bourgeois ideology and thought, and all self-interest. The people of the world will transform themselves with the ideology of the proletariat and take on an entirely new appearance: new thought, new customs, new culture, new habits. While contradictions among the people will persist, these will not become antagonistic and will not appear as they do in class society.

5. Because the means of production have come under the ownership of the whole people, and because all socially necessary products will be abundantly available to all, the distribution of all consumer goods will no longer be based on one’s labor contribution to society but entirely on one’s needs.

6. The state will wither away. States are a product of class society; without class struggle, the state will no longer exist and will naturally disappear. Along with its disappearance comes the disappearance of nations.

The Need to Fight False Socialism and False Communism as Real Capitalism

Falsified socialists hold that socialism can come into being or that Communists can come to power by completely peaceful means—they use Communist or socialist cover for their capitalist ideas and actions—these are called revisionists. Marxism’s historical victories and theoretical clarity have forced some enemies to disguise themselves as Marxists. When Communists have not come to power, the revisionist seeks to prevent revolution, and when Communists have come to power, the revisionists seek to restore capitalism.

The false socialist and false communist revisionists seek to diminish the role of class struggle. They rely on bourgeois moralism, and ideas about “human nature” and “production first.” False socialism and false communism are not only lies—they are reactionary (i.e., seeking to force things in a backward, counter-revolutionary direction).

Revisionism seeks to further divide the working class in the interests of the bourgeoisie, to erase the class character of the state, and promote elections and participation in the bourgeois state as a viable road to socialism. No matter their nefarious acts, Communism is the irresistible destination of human history: it will triumph all over the world.

The proletariat must use force to conquer political power for itself—it must grasp revolutionary violence to transform the world; this is a universal law without any exceptions, and not a matter of inclination or preference. It must continue the socialist revolution by fighting all the way until Communism. Communism is inevitable, but revolutionaries must be prepared to cross a river of blood to get there. The revisionist will seek to undermine these laws with every available means. They refuse to recognize the validity of class struggle and revolutionary violence and seek to promote false change through empty charity and elections, always appealing to the false morality of the bourgeoisie. This false morality seeks to maintain reactionary violence by disarming the proletariat of revolutionary violence.

Revisionism is the main danger for socialist revolution, because it arises within the revolutionary forces themselves and mobilizes the bourgeoisie and bourgeois ideology to destroy and impede the revolutionary process; it seeks to bewilder and confuse people while trafficking in their struggles to re-route them back into the control of the current ruling class. For this reason, imperialism, capitalism, reaction, and revisionism must all be fought inseparably, and implacably—that is to say, they must be fought at the same time and relentlessly.


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