Pittsburgh: UNDM Hosts Fundraiser for Activists and Tenants Despite Police Intimidation

By Blake Garrison

On Saturday, the United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM) chapter in Pittsburgh hosted a yard sale to raise money for activists and tenants facing state repression for fighting evictions, which garnered over $500 despite interference from police, for tenants and activists facing charges.

As the yard sale was being set up in a local park, three police cruisers arrived to demand a permit for use of the public space. The police admitted they had known about the event for over a week.

“They wanted to shut us down just in the nick of time that we would have to pack up out of there and wouldn’t have time to do anything but cancel it,” said a UNDM activist. “They hate us, because we actively agitate against them and resist them when they come to evict, and they want to foil our work.”

The yard sale was relocated to a private residence, where donations of clothes, household items, homemade baked goods, and artwork raised over $500.

“We have an urgent need for funds for the activists facing repression and weren’t going to let a little more [repression] stop us,” said a UNDM member. “We still have dozens of beautiful pieces of art that we will be selling in the coming weeks to support the Anti-Repression Fund, thanks to many self-proclaimed Artists Against Eviction.”

Details on this art sale will be posted on UNDM’s webpage.


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