Week in Struggle: February 5-11


The Hindustan Times recently reported that four police informants were annihilated in the states of Chhattisgarh and Odisha, including a deputy village chief. Maoist forces allegedly left a note condemning the four for providing police with information about five of their comrades who were killed by police gunfire in the village of Sirki, Belghar area, Kandhamal district last September.

People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) combatants (under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist)) reportedly stormed a construction site and set fire to construction vehicles that were working on a road being built in the Lanji area as part of the ‘Road Connectivity Plan in Left Wing Extremism Affected Areas.’ The plan aims to increase the ability of the reactionary Old State to transport troops and equipment to the remote areas where Maoists are based and repress the people’s war.


Posters with the slogan “Our Martyrs Are the Guarantee of our Victory!” were posted in the Gazi District of Istanbul by TKP/ML militants to mark Party and Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Week.


Graffiti has been documented throughout the country with the slogans “Vaccines for the People Now!” and “Emergency aid of R$1000 until the end of the recession! Elections No, Revolution Yes!” accompanied by the hammer and sickle.

The A Nova Democracia (AND) support committee in Maringá carried out agitation at a public transit stop against the electoral farce and demanded COVID vaccines for the people.


The People’s Current Red Sun has continued to host regional and sectorial assemblies in the Mixteca, Cuenca, and Istmo regions of Oaxaca. In these assemblies, the decisions of the Ordinary State Assembly held earlier this year are being disseminated in as well as to spread information on the upcoming Statewide Day of Struggle.


The Committee of Poor Peasants in Imbabura recently shared the following pictures in support of the peasants’ struggle for land in Paragachi. Despite repression, the peasants have seized land and are currently defending it from the landlord-bureaucratic state. The committee raises the slogans “Land for those who work it!,” “Fight to conquer the earth!,” and “Do not vote, prepare the people’s war!” as the electoral farce attempts to push the people into the arms of revisionism and opportunism.


A contingent of militant women including the Red Women’s Committee and the Red-Purple Women’s Collective, an organization of migrant women from Turkey, held a rally in Linz under the slogan “Enough is enough! Not one step back! We won’t pay for your crisis!”

The women gave speeches addressing grievances related to childcare and schooling, which impact women especially, demanding public support. A street theater performance depicted how the failing health system was not caused by the pandemic but was rather the consequence of years of cuts by the ruling class. Another speech called for resistance against imperialism and pointed to the current situation and rebellion in Turkey.


Several banner drops were carried out in Lyon promoting revolutionary French newspaper La Cause du Peuple reading, “Read La Cause du Peuple!” along with their web address.


Tjen Folket Media released the following video composed of combative protests from 2020, they write: “The year 2020 was a turning point. We could observe a double leap: On the one hand the deepening of the general crisis of imperialism and its decomposition, and on the other hand the struggle and resistance of the masses and the revolutionary movement have risen to new heights. With our own eyes, we can se the contours of the downfall of imperialism in the new great wave of proletarian revolution.”

Graffiti was documented in Bergen reading, “Women’s Struggle for Communism!”

The Struggle Committee in Bergen also held an action in solidarity with the struggle for land in Brazil under the slogan “Support the Poor Peasants’ Struggle in Brazil.”

In Kristiansand, the Struggle Committee participated in an action for Sami People’s Day, a group indigenous to Scandinavia, with a banner reading, “Long Live the Struggle of the Sami People!”

A demonstration was held in Trondheim against the government’s new curfew bill. The slogans for the action were “No to curfew!” and “To fight the police state!”


In Copenhagen, a banner was documented at a train station with the slogan “Apply Maoism! Smash Imperialism!”


Anti Imperialist Action documented graffiti in the South Leinster Coiste calling to disband the Police Service of Northern Ireland comparing it to the now dissolved Royal Ulster Constabulary as a British militia meant to dominate the northern 6 counties.

A banner reading “US Imperialists out of Shannon!” was recently documented, highlighting the fact that over 71,000 US troops as well as many British troops have passed throw the city, facilitated by the Irish government.

United States


Several displays of graffiti were seen around the city with the slogans “In Response to Imperialist Crisis, Get Organized for Revolution!” and “The Capitalists Cause your Problems, Socialist Revolution Solves Them!,”


Graffiti was documented in Pittsburgh as well as a banner at the Braddock Steel Mill reading, “The Working Class Can Have Only One Party, Reconstitute the Communist Party!” and “New President, Same Imperialism.”

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