Music: You Ain’t Done Nothin’ if You Ain’t Been Called Red Guards

Tribune of the People is pleased to release a song from musician comrades in Pittsburgh. This song is dedicated to the comrades in Austin, Texas who are struggling to serve the people in the most difficult conditions: the convergence of the new depression, the pandemic, and what is nearing systemic collapse of infrastructure with arctic weather conditions. Revolutionaries smile and sing in the middle of hard struggle. We hope this song reaches our comrades and revitalizes their revolutionary optimism.

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You Ain’t Done Nothing if You Ain’t Been Called Red Guards

When I first moved to Pittsburgh, I didn’t have a clue
about the state of politics, or just what I should do
but I knew my job was shitty, underpaid and over-stressed.
I blamed myself, felt powerless, and daily was depressed.

Then my friend invited me to study Chairman Mao
And I finally felt some hope in life, the same hope I feel now.
But when I told my other friend, her view of me was marred.
She said, “I don’t want a single thing to do with the Red Guards!”

Well you ain’t done nothing if you ain’t been called Red Guards
When you actually organize to fight that’s when the rumors start
so just wear it as a badge of pride, and keep on struggling hard
Cause you ain’t been doing nothing if you ain’t been called Red Guards!

I went down to my landlord’s house, to teach him a lesson
About the power of the tenants when we organize to win.
Well, the tenants all were rallied there, but activists were slim,
Just cause someone said that Red Guards was in UNDM!


When Communist graffiti goes up all over town,
some people say, “That’s Red Guards!” and try to tear it down.
But have they ever turned their fists on this oppressive state?
No! They’re the ones who tell us just be patient, chill, and wait!


At this evening’s protest, my neighbor went to jail.
The papers called him “red guard,” and then they raised his bail.
All of this red baitin’, it only serves the state.
Tell me what side are you on, if you and cops collaborate?


Heard some gossip that the Red Guards once attacked the DSA
Well, those bastards had it coming, I’ve got one more thing to say.
That the red rose grows in the bouquet of the bourgeoisie
so if Red Guards chose to prune it, they’ll hear no complaint from me!


Well I wish I was a red guard, so that when I was through
being accused of all these red guard things I didn’t do.
I could take a little credit, but I smile now because
I keep getting accused of being what I wish I was!


Yes, they’ll keep calling us red guards and we fight because we’re poor
This song’s reached it’s conclusion, and now it is no more.


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