Week in Struggle: February 12-18


The People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), has faced off with various state forces over the past month. On February 11, PLGA militants ambushed 50 members of the Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF), a Special Assault Team (SAT), and district police force in the Lugupahari forest area in Jharkhand state, injuring two officers. Earlier in the month, a Special Task Forces (STF) officer was killed by the detonation of an improvised explosive device near Raipur, Chhattisgarh.


In Porto Velho, graffiti was seen painted on a replica of the Statue of Liberty, symbolizing US imperialism, as well as other symbols of reaction like billboards with the faces of Bolsonaro and Governor Marcos Rocha, with the slogan, “Vaccines for the people now!” The slogan was seen in other parts of the city as well.

The A Nova Democracia support committee in Curitiba documented the distribution of the newspaper at a popular bus stop in the center of the city. Members denounced the government’s genocidal policy against the Brazilian people during the coronavirus pandemic, demanding that the people have immediate access to the vaccine as well as financial aid checks to help people as prices of goods increase.


Militants of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) and the Red Front Collective carried out an action in honor of TKP/ML’s Party and Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Week, which included fireworks and a banner reading, “Long Live the Victory of the People’s War in Turkey and the leadership of TKP/ML!”

Earlier this week, the heroic February fights of 1934 were celebrated with a commemorative event in Vienna. The event commemorated the armed struggle against fascism in the country, with the fights of 1934 being the first armed uprising against fascism in all of Europe. A speech explaining the importance of the uprising was given, two stories detailing the events of the fight were recited, and numerous red flags and a banner reading, “The great lesson of February 1934-unity!’ were documented.


In Oaxaca, the People’s Current Red Sun has continued hosting  regional and sectorial assemblies in the regions of Central Valles, South Sierra and High Mixteca. At these assemblies, leaders disseminate the decisions of the Ordinary State Assembly held earlier this year as well as spread information on the upcoming Statewide Day of Struggle.

The People’s Youth Brigades and the Popular Student Movement spoke to people about the deepening bureaucratic crisis in Mexico, the role of the state as administrators of the misery of the people and state repression against people’s movements, lastly youth spoke of the electoral farce making it clear that the ruling is only interested in legitimizing itself and not serving the needs of people.

United States

In response to the ruling class’s actions during the winter storm graffiti reading, “No disaster is natural under capitalism” and “Under capitalism, there are no natural disasters” with hammer and sickles went up across the city. Other graffiti read, “Capitalists cause your problems! Socialist revolution solves them!”

Graffiti in honor of Alex Jr., was seen in the city, it called on the people of Austin to get organized defend themselves against police killings. The graffiti read, “APD Killed Again! Organize and Defend! RIP Alex Gonzales!!!”


Revolutionary Student News handed out prints of their first newsletter to youth at a local shopping center, explaining the importance of fighting to over throw imperialism and the role of youth in this.


Graffiti reading, “The capitalists cause your problems! Socialist revolution solves them!” And “The working class can only have one party, reconstitute the Communist Party!” Alongside a hammer and sickle were seen.

Los Angeles

Various slogans were seen throughout the city, “The capitalists cause your problems! Socialist revolution solves them,” “New President! Same Imperialism,” and “In response to imperialist crisis organize for revolution” alongside a hammer and sickle.

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Charlotte, NC
Orlando, FL


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